Teamspeak Meeting Recording 1/28/11

Last nights meeting was fantastic. I did record the meeting last night for those who couldn't attend it, You can either listen to it via stream from 4shared stream, or you can download the .mp3 here at this link - Abug from the IRC also uploaded the meeting to multiupload, there are multiple mirrors there for those who do no wish to use filefront, thank you very much Abug :) . I'm sorry about the quality, there we roughly 50 people in the server, and sometimes we had to take turns talking, my internet was also lagging, so that reduced the quality, again I'm sorry :( All in all, I think the meeting went excellent.

Regarding the time of the meeting it's extremely hard to set up the meeting to please everyone. If I set up the meeting at 7PM EST, people on the west coast are still at work, and people who live in Europe are sleeping, if I start the later, west coast players can join in, but people overseas are again, sleeping ( it's 2-4am depending on the meetings start time ). I will be switching up the times to try to get everyone in once a month, but I can't promise anything. Do keep in mind that these meetings for for 3-4 hours, and I do record them and post them the next day :P

This is being submitted to Itunes & The Zune Marketplace, it's up & waiting for approval, as soon as it's up I'll let you guys know & will update this post.

Any who, I hope you guys enjoy it, I recorded roughly 2 hours of the meeting, A lot of awesome information was tossed up, I'll make a  very short list regarding what topics were discussed:

 That's not even close to all of the topic that were covered, there is a lot of information in there so get ready to hear some of the best information about gold making in world of warcraft! Also, don't forget to check out last weeks recording!

Drop a comment on your thoughts on these meetings, do you like them? Are they fun to listen to?

5 comments: on "Teamspeak Meeting Recording 1/28/11"

  1. These recordings are gold.
    Even if the information isn't new for you specifically.
    Keep them coming.

  2. I didn't listen to the whole thing yet, but you guys seemed to stop short on Wrath enchants. (It sounded like someone else was trying to add more to that topic at one point.) There are other enchants from Wrath that are BiS. I know AP to boots and wrists are BiS for Ret Paladins. I sell them both for 300g on my server. The mats are 20-40g. However, there is a STR enchant coming in the next patch, so it's a bit late to get into the 50 AP to wrist enchant.

  3. I tried listening to it, and its not working. I tried downloading it from multiupload, and it says it's temporarily unavailable...

  4. Aye same cant listen to it any chance of reuploading it would very much appreciate it.

  5. Just got it from multiupload. Don't know if it was a temporary problem but at least it seams so.

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