Trade Skill Master Beta Released!

Trade Skill Master has been released! What is this addon you ask? This addon replaces APM, but in a much better way. It integrates APM & Scrollmaster, thus creating an addon that calculates the best items to craft based on the costs of items, it then puts it into a craft queue. From there you can use the shopping module to buy all of the materials off the Auction House & craft the items. Once you've done that you can use the APM part of the addon to post everything.

This addon has been in development for months, I've personally tested this addon for months. Markco did a post on this addon back in November of 2010, it outlines the basic ideas for this addon, all of which have now become close to true. The addon itself can be found on curse. I will be personally doing an in-depth 3 day mini series on how to properly use and maintain this addon which will be focusing on glyphs, this will be posted at JMTC Monday, January 24, 2010.

I've had this addon for months now and I can safely say that it's 2,000 times better than APM, from the crafting, to shopping, mailing modules, everything is here is just fine tuned to help you make gold with ease. I asked Cente, one of the addon managers/contributors to write up a little something on TSM's Goals and give a short explanation about the addon itself, so please give a welcoming hand to Cente.

" Hello Auctionophiles! Your friendly neighborhood goblins from Auction Profit Master are here to tell you some great news! APM IS DEAD! We’re discontinuing it! Ain’t that great??!? And hey, guess what? All these weeks of minimal updates to APM and Scroll Master have allowed us to create ONE HELLOVA addon! We introduce to you:

TRADE SKILL MASTER! (trumpet fanfare)

The goals of TSM align right with Markco’s original goals of JMTC: that making TONS of gold should be easy and accessible to anyone with the ambition and the motivation to do it. Trade Skill Master combines many of the features you loved in Auction Profit Master with the crafting ability of Sapu’s successful addon Scroll Master, includes some of the features found in Auctioneer and mixes in a heaping dose of new features from our own heads, the minds of the auction blogs we frequent, the #JMTC irc channel, and (most importantly) our testers and fans.

One of the best parts about our addon suite is that we are keeping it all modular-- that is, you can use all the pieces of our addon that you need or you can just use one or two- the choice is yours. And unlike Auctioneer, we strive to make our interfaces as clean-cut and simplistic as possible (“Auc:Util:Scan Button- hmm, wtf IS that anyway?”). We also strive to create memory-light, efficient code that loads on-use whenever possible- your computers will thank us!

We want to be VERY close to the goblin community and are looking forward to responding to the needs of the public! We are anxious to hear feedback from all of you (including, most definitely, the blog authors out there- let us know if you write anything about us so we can add your site to our blog author list). Make sure each of you read the Curse page for instructions on how to get involved!

So, without further hesitation, please try out our addon now! Please keep in mind they’re early betas and might not have all the bugs worked out yet, and we have plenty more features in store! Just My Two Copper/The Gnomish Coin is the very first blog to know about it, so be sure to thank Markco and Mageshadow for their hard work to make sites like these possible!! "

Sapu, who is the lead developer of this addon also has some words to say:
" Our goal is to work hand-in-hand with our community to develop an all-inclusive suite of modules that, when used together, follows our users through every single auction and crafting related function, making them as much gold in as automated of an environment as possible while still following blizz Terms of Service very closely.

Thank you to everybody who has helped out with this project over the last 3 months; especially the many alpha testers who have helped made this addon what it is today.  "

Please do keep in mind that this addon is in BETA - meaning you might hit a few bugs here or there, if so, join the Trade Skill Master IRC ( #Tradeskillmaster ) and report them. The more you report, the less buggy the addon will become!

This addon is going to revolutionize the way people make gold by making it simpler, it's really the new "auctioneer" in my eyes by putting everything all bundled up into one addon. What are your thoughts?

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  1. as much as I'd like to find an auctioneer alternative, it needs to work first :o.

    I just set up my first scan for jewelcrafting and alchemy, then I went and did a shopping scan for prospecting, and all the addon did was list a bunch of alicite (worthless gem) at low prices... what does that have to do with prospecting at all?

  2. CHECK YOUR GROUPS VERY CAREFULLY if you import from Auction Profit Master! For some reason it failed to import my actual group settings for threshold/fallback etc., and if Blizzard hadn't put in that confirmation requirement, I would have posted literally everything at 6g threshold/60g fallback.

  3. @anon, get in IRC and report the bug

  4. Keep in mind folks, we're JUST leaving alpha into a rough beta! Some features outside the crafting cycle don't work as well as we'd like them to! Bear with us, report your problems and we'll make sure we kick all other competition's asses in the future!

  5. can it be is it true can you hear it wayhey wayhoo.

    Been looking forward to this mod, going to hang back until the series by Mr Shadow next week looking forward to hearing all about the wonder.

  6. I read the FAQ and there is not a list of addons that are suggested/required to turn off. Also, I'm curious about how the data is stored and if it can be accessed the same way we accessed the Auctioneer data for use in additional mods. Will my other mods that depend on the Auctioneer data now be getting no fresh data? I run many great AH mods suggested by JMTC and I'm concerned about what the move to TSM will do to them. Markco boasts the snatch list of Auctioneer often.....does TSM have a replacement module/feature?

  7. Any chance of an "Import from ZeroAuctions" feature? I have a lot of item categories I'd rather not have to redo manually.

  8. I have been one of the alpha testers for this addon primarily focusing on glyphs. I went in to the alpha testing phase right before Cata came out with 25k to my name. I have since taken that to 150k using only Trade Skill Master. In the past couple of months the addon has become better & easier to use. I highly recommed this addon to all AH goblins.

  9. I downloaded this from Curse this morning before the post was out. It said 17 hits at that time.

    I installed it and just tried to run with it--didn't read the .pdf b/c I wanted to see how intuitive it was.

    I found several limitations, many frustrations. In fairness, a lot of these were explained in the .pdf which I read later. One of the biggest issues, and the main feature I find intriguing, is the ability to track all my alts crafting in one screen--not available in beta.

    After reading the blog this AM I have to say, replacing Auctioneer is more than likely too much to attempt. At least not now.

    Much of the utility of Auctioneer seems to have no corollary in TSW. Beancounter, actually seeing all the auctions and prices out there, % of market value are all key items that I can't live without.

    Also, what about those of us who use Auctioneer for more than just crafting supplies? How will TSW solve for trending values and identifying non-tradeskill items for flipping? For example, I flipped a Darkmoon card yesterday for 1,100 profit. I can't even figure out how to search for that listing other than specifically typing in the card name--and I found it doing just a regular scan of auctions.

    You might think this is a rant--it is decidedly not. I like TSW's intent and want it to be successful. My primary concern is that the authors not get caught up in replacing something so integral to the gold community that they lose sight of what would make this a must have addon.

    I will continue to use TSW and see how much more it improves its main features.

  10. The way I see it, there are two sides to the gold making storing. 1) Making stuff to sell for a profit. 2) Using the AH alone to make a profit (buying then reselling, buying to d/e then resell, etc). TSM is focused on number 1. If you do both of these things, you will need to use Auctioneer still. Anything that you might need auctioneer for that falls under number 1 though, we are offering a way of doing with TSM.

  11. TSM isn't replacing Auctioneer, that's not what I meant. I still use TSM and Auctioneer together, but TSM has replaced APM, Gnomeworks and any other addon that was used to craft and queue, well at least in my opinion.

  12. @Mageshadow--thanks for the clarification. That helps a lot.

    I used Skillet, then had to move to Gnomeworks when Cataclysm came out. I found Gnomeworks to be cumbersome and was glad when Skillet updated for Cat.

    I would gladly replace both if TSW can do what Scrollmaster did for my business--I went from selling a few scrolls a week to selling 5-6 per day.

    I will continue to use TSW and see how it goes.

  13. Take a look at what Zoxy has been writing about this addon. Although I look forward to Mageshadows results so we can compare, Zoxy has already done some preliminary work on the Beta.

  14. Thanks Sapu and co for finally releasing it. I look forward to giving it a whirl and replacing APM and Scroll Master. Let the enchanting scroll profit-making recommence!

    I think some people were a bit confused about this new addon. It's not an Auctioneer replacement. It should run alongside Auctioneer. What you want it for is to populate a list of craftable items to be sold for profit. Whether you buy reagents off the AH or gather/create them yourself is entirely up to you.

    I'll be sure to check it out when I get a chance to play. :)

  15. I also just realised what the title of this post is. Read it again. For my accent it isn't so bad, but if you have an American accent... yeah. Sounds like a newspaper headline - and not a good one. ;)

  16. @Sapu AWESOME job guys. Great to see it's out of Alpha - so more testing required for this Beta release. Looks very slick so far. Can't wait to have a good sit down to go over properly.

    @Gecko ROFL - think I will stick with the TPM pronunciation.

  17. Do I need altoholic for this to work?

  18. So as far as I can tell this addon replaces/will replace when finished:

    Gnomeworks, LSW, Altoholic, Bulkmail, Enchantrix (for auto DE and ench prices), snatch scan but I want to know if it can replace KTQ with an queueing feature to "top up" your inventory to a specified amount?

  19. Trade Skill Master Questions

    Noob here. Got a few questions. I think I have set up my stuff to craft and sell correctly. Doing tailoring and enchanting.

    Question 1. I hit restock queue. List of stuff comes up on right hand side under restock queue. Are these the final products that I am gonna sell?. They don't seem to be because some are mats like moonshroud (mats that I have to make ?)

    Question 2. On the left hand side, a heap of mats come up. Are these the mats I need to get from somewhere?

    Question 3. When I make something, by hitting craft next, the list of stuff on the left side under need, goes up by about 20%. For example, I made a clothy thing out of embersilk, the embersilk I need then went from 100 to 150. This continues into the thousands as I make more stuff in my queue. Whats going on ? I have to clear the queue and requeue again to make the list look sensible.

    Question 4. When I search for mats on the AH by hitting Shopping-Crafting Mats, it searches for stuff, occasionally it will search for something and say: "item not found", but I can look in the Browse tab as it searches and there is dozens of them, at good prices.

    Question 5. Is this the right place for these questions ?

    Sorry if I am out of place here.

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