Trade Skill Master Guide Part 1 of 3

Today starts of a small mini series of posts that will help you use & understand the newly released addon, Trade Skill Master. Now do keep in mind, this addon isn't for everyone, if you've never used an addon such as Quick Auction or APM, it might be a little rough at the start, but once you've got all the right settings it will same you so much time, you won't even believe it!

Auctioning Items & Groups/Categories
First and foremost, let's start off by teaching you how to have this addon auction off items. You will first and foremost need to configure some settings, make sure you have the addon installed, type /tsm and the big menu will come up, you're going to want the Auctioning Groups/Options button that is to the right hand side, click it and you will see this screen to the right.

This might get a little bit hectic, but stay with me, I'll go slowly :)

Once here, click Catergories/Groups. This is where you're going to want to configure the default prices on items, for example every time you create a new group, the default prices will be used unless you change the manually. I'll give you my default options for posting glyphs with the screenshot to the right.

I'll explain some of the items. Post cap is at three, this mean it posts 3 items of X in a group of 1 ( per auction ). Post Time is set to 48 hours by default, you could set it to 12 or 24, I like 48 though.

I undercut by 1 silver this way I don't loose out on profits. Threshold is set to 5g, this is the lowest you're willing to sell an item at before it posts it at fallback, which in this case is set to 60g.

Once you've got all of that set up, you're ready to start making groups

Click the Catergory/Group tab at the top. Now catergories and groups are different things. Categories can be made to sort out specific Items, for example if you want to categorize your groups by profession, you can make a enchanting category and put all of your scrolls in there, same with Jewelcrafting. You can also sort your glyphs by ink type, or gem colors, or any way that you'd like to categorize your groups.

For this tutorial, I will make a Category named < Engineering Pets >. I will be using engineering pets, more specifically the Pet Bombling Pet. I type in Engineering Pets into the Category box and hit enter, it created a category for me named, of course, engineering pets. Now I want to create a group within that category, so I go back to the Catergory/Group Tab and make a group named Pet Bombling. Now, this group named Pet Bombling is empty, meaning you're going to have to go add the acutal item into the group, so open up your Uncategorized groups and find Pet Bombling, go to Add/Remove Items and find Pet Bombling, and hit add.

This group will now be placed under Uncategorized groups, but I want it in the category of < Engineering Pets >, so i go to that category, and at the top it says Add/Remove Groups, click there and find the group named Pet Bombling. Keep in mind, that you don't have to categorize everything, if you'd like you can leave everything under the uncategorized groups, but I'm simply doing it this time to teach you how to do it.

The item that you just made is going to be posted at the default price, that is unless you change that. Go to the Pet Bombling group, under the category Engineering Pets, and you can change the pricing from there. Set the pricing to whatever you'd like.

I know this seems a bit confusing, so I'll make a short step-by-step guide that entails everything above.

  • Set your default options on pricing, this includes post time, post cap, per auction, fallback & such.
  • Create a group, or category ( if you do want to be organized ) named accordingly to your item that you wish to sell/list at the AH
  • Go to the group, add X item to it, set custom prices if you don't like the default ones that you've set
  • Go to the AH and post the item using TSM
Once you've done all that, you're now ready to go post X item that the Auction House. If you'd like to post more items using this addon repeat the steps above. For glyphs, you can create one big group and add all of your glyphs into it, that's what I currently have Or you can sort the glyphs by ink, and set the prices for each ink time differently according to the pricing you can acquire X ink. One thing to keep in mind is that you can only add items to groups if they're in your bags, otherwise the addon won't pick it up.

Part 2 of this series will be posted wednesday morning, it will entail crafting glyphs and such.

20 comments: on "Trade Skill Master Guide Part 1 of 3"

  1. I just picked up the Addon late last week and I have a question on what I believe is the fallback pricing.

    I'm running into items that when there are no other auctions TSM suggests selling for 5g these items. market value can be 20 - 30 gold if I list them manually.

    Can't wait for crafting tutorials, Thanks for the great work on this!

  2. Just one question.
    Is it possible to import material cost like you could in scrollmaster by just pressing a button after a scan and it would set the prices in your groups?
    Great guide Marcko:D

  3. 5g is the default fallback price... you have to modify it either in the general settings, or in the group settings for the group your auctioning.

  4. 5g its the default fallback so you need to change that, auction options - maximum price settings (fallback)

  5. Hey guys! Cente from TSM here! Make sure you join our IRC chat if you have specific questions. <a href=">Click here.(#Tradeskillmaster@quakenet)</a> #tradeskillmaster is just a hop away from #JMTC, they're on the same server group!

  6. Great Timing, I just started playing with it yesterday but was too busy to get very far. Great intro and looking forward to the next post!


  7. What is the best way to sell scrolls? I can't put them in the same group because there is a vast difference in prices. How would you group scrolls? by price range?

  8. hi, something i dont understand, what does fallback mean in this add on? my example "one ink glyph i do not sell below 15g, so the add on checks to see if anyone is posting under that price! then it will post at 15g but not lower" so does fallback mean that is the cutoff price that it post the glyph at?

  9. I am hoping to play with this tomorrow but for JC and maybe Tailoring. I can say this however, from what I have seen so far, very clean interface. But I am still wondering about the AH DB. Is this tracing the Auctioneer Data or is it a stand alone? Yes...I hear ya, ask the authors and not here..

  10. Sapu, Lead developer for TSM here. @the anonymous person a few posts above me, fallback is essentially the price you want to post at when you are the only one posting that item. threshold is the lowest price you want to sell something for. The tooltips have some good info about what each option does if you get confused I'd recommend checking the tooltips first.

    @Nigel, the AuctionDB is an alternative for market value / min buyout data. It is completely independent from auctioneer. However, in all TSM modules that use AuctionDB you also have the choice of using data from Auctioneer.

    @Everybody, feel free to join us in the IRC if you have any questions / comments / funny jokes.

  11. I have wonder all this weekend, why this mod cant buy from npc, while APM could? or is a feature still not inclued?

  12. I downloaded this the day it released--about the 20th hit on Curse at the time. I have been playing around with it ever since so my comments are not knee jerk reactions.

    I find the project too ambitious as it is now. Scroll Master worked well. It was easy to use, simple interface, etc. I find TSM cumbersome, inefficient and hard to manage.

    TSM is (IMHO) over-reaching to hit all the trade skills at once. There are too many nuances in each skill area for this to be terribly efficient or effective.

    I find the inter-dependencies of different materials and how they can be cross-applied to different professions make it more profitable to plot some things outside the addon.

    Example: depending on the materials cost on the AH it is more profitable for me to use herbs to craft flasks than to mill and scribe glyphs or MFCs. I know those break points but I don't know the addon does, which makes it less time efficient for me.

    Also, making groups of certain items (someone else said scrolls, but same is true for glyphs or potions and flasks, whatever) takes a ton of time to set up and manage. It means I simply trade the time I was doing this myself in AH scans for time managing groups.

    Example: depending on the day and time I post I may be able to post a Berserking scroll for a quick 10S undercut at around 425-450g, or if no one else has posted this chant I can post it at 600g and sell it. That swing of about 150g is available b/c I look at the AH and what is for sale. I'm not sure how this addon will account for this type of posting without spending the time managing the group in which Berserking exists, which is just a time trade-off.

    Maybe I am just a control freak (possible) or I haven't read all the guides yet and am missing something (possible) but others have listed some drawbacks that seem important too, like importing pricing and such.

    I like the idea of having a central interface for crafting but I'm not sure TSM is really the solution for me right now. I don't find the auction management function useful at all. In fact, I have found huge discrepancies in pricing between what TSM says and what Auctioneer says.

    I will continue to use TSM and apply info from the guides that are being posted but Gnomeworks and Skillet are just as effective for me right now. I just miss Scroll Master--it was great for what it did.

  13. @Kammler Just remember that it is still in beta, so if anyone is unhappy with its current state they are welcome to wait for a bit while features are added and bugs are ironed out.

    At first, I was a bit annoyed that I couldn't import an entire entourage of groups like the Scrollmaster / APM import option. But after finding time to manually set up all groups individually, I have found that it's not so bad - it's just the setting up part that is time consuming. So finicky!

    I like it. I think it is ambitious, but I also think that it meets that ambition quite substantially.

    I haven't touched the crafting queue system because I haven't got around to crafting enchanting scrolls for Cataclysm - too much pre-Cata stockpiled goods to try and get rid of; but everything else seems pretty solid.

  14. @Gecko--yep, I know. The upside is so awesome that I really WANT this to work, the sooner the better.

    I'm not bashing--sorry if it sounds that way. I just have some questions and have noticed some issues.

    I'm still doing my old processes and testing TSM side by side.

  15. Is there a way like APM to check all of your inventory and which glyphs have been undercut, which glyphs you have none posted, and which glyphs have none posted by anyone like you can with the Summary tool in APM. This is especially a problem for me because my scribe is on a different account from my auction house mules.

  16. it would be nice if you could undercut similar sized stacks. if i'm selling 20s i don't need to undercut the person selling 1s.

  17. I have my bankers/auctioneers on a different account. Can TSM be configured to account for this?

    Restocking has been a real bitch...


  18. Part 2 of this series will be posted wednesday morning, it will entail crafting glyphs and such.

    first reply was January 24, 2011 9:52 AM ... today is April 8, 2011

    SO ! i guess the follow up will something like wednesday morning the last wednesday this century, right ?

  19. As the Anon above me posted, it's been a couple months since this was posted with no followup. As a newcomer to the gold making biz, this looked like it was going to be THE thing to really get me started in the glyph market. I'd really like to cut down on the time I spend at the AH because, well, time is money.

    Where's part 2?

  20. THis is an exceptionally technical addon. The addon contain hundreds of variables that have to be calculated and set before you can start to use it. It is not intuitive in the slightest, error messages point are unhelpful in the extreme.

    I have tried for a couple of hours to:-
    1) purchase the materials needed to make 5 Netherweave bags (I have the Rune Thread in my bag already)
    2) Make the 5 bags
    3) Sell the bags

    Some elements of the above three steps can be done by the addon according to various 'helpful' authors on the web, but in practice, it is so complicated as to be unuseable until you have been helpfully guided through the process.
    Getting help, is like building an igloo in the desert, damn near impossible.

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