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Just My Two Copper will be holding a ventrilo meeting Friday, January 14, 2011. The meeting will start promptly at 8:00PM EST. This meeting is open to everyone that is willing to come. We can talk about anything, from helping you make gold, to even how you're making gold right now. If you don't have a mic, you're still welcome to come and ask your questions/ideas in vent chat, and I'll personally make sure they get answered.

This is a way to communicate with other gold guru's and pick at their thoughts, ask them questions about anything WoW related. It's your way to get help with gold related strategies, so don't miss out!

I will remind everyone throughout the week about this meeting, the more people that show up, the better. I hope to see all of you there!

Also, anyone is welcome to join the JMTC IRC and ask questions at any time!

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  1. Which time zone is EST in? I'm in gmt+10 so i need to figure out what time that would be :P
    Also is the meeting in the IRC or in a vent channel? If it's in a vent channel, what are the details; I couldn't find them anywhere.

  2. EST is -5. I don't know the exact conversions, I'm really horrible with them I know that 7PM EST is ~2am in Europe ( from my previous meetings ).

    Vent into will be posted the day of the event, specifically an hour before the actual event happens, this is so that spammers don't spam the channels and such.

  3. I believe it is mid-day (12pm) for us GMT +10 folks (east coast australia). Correct me if my math is wrong.

  4. hmm, i went to look it up online and there was an EST central america and EST northern america.
    @anonymouse: Hope the floods aren't affecting you too badly, we've had dodgy power for a while :(

  5. If it is Gmt -5, it would be 10am for us at Eastern Australia,

  6. 7pm CST - I plan on joining the Vent chat - can't wait!

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