Ventrilo Meeting Recap

Wow. Just simply wow. It was great, you guys managed to fill a 40 man vent in under 5 minutes of me posting the information. The meeting went great, we shared ways each one of us are making gold, we discussed controlling markets, niche markets, new markets, we talked about everything.

One thing I do wish that I did was record the whole meeting. One user, Nonk, recorded about an hour of the meeting, he uploaded it to filesend and sent it to me. I am having some issues when I try to download the .mp3 file as it says "file not found" or it redirects me to another site which requires a xvid plugin ( of which installed countless times ). Here is the link to the file, if anyone figures it out please leave a comment with a link or something, I spent roughly an hour before I gave up.

In the future I will be hosting the meetings BUT I will most likely not hold the meetings in vent. While it is easy and convenient for Wow players ( as we use vent often ) it does not allow everyone to participate. Within 5 minutes of me putting up my ventrilos information it was full. This vent is a 40 man vent, I can't even begin to imagine how many of you would of showed up if there was enough room. Zerotorescue from the IRC and forums offered me to use his Teamspeak 3 server, which hold an unlimited amount of people ( correct me if I'm wrong ). I will most likely use that for the next meeting, granted it goes require for you to download a new program and all, but it will allow you to participate fully rather than waiting for a user to DC while you try to connect, or a clicking connect 1,000 times.

All in all the meeting went awesome, I enjoyed every second of it. I will be holding meetings like this every Friday night at 8PM EST, don't worry I will remind you every Monday morning, every Wednesday morning and again that Friday Morning & Afternoon. I will start recording these meetings from now on and be posting them the next day at 11am ( Saturday morning ). I'm really excited about this, it's something that you'll be able to listen to on-the go ( Hint hint Podcast! ). I simply cannot wait for the next meeting, I hope to see you all next week!

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  2. "unlimited amount of people"

    The free license allows up to 512 slots to be assigned at one server. Since there are multiple virtual servers actively running, I can set the slots for one of them up to around 425. That would be the user cap; 10 times more than what you had last night and enough to make you go crazy when everybody starts talking simultaneously. In order to get an even larger server you will either need to find a server with a paid TeamSpeak license or consider another type of server (someone might just put a good suggestion in the comments).

  3. throw it up on soundcloud

  4. I would suggest using Mediafire as an upload site for more meeting recordings. Haven't had any issues with it since it was released. Simple and easy to use (but with quite of few advertisements).

    Note:I am not affiliated in any form with Mediafire Company proper, just an experienced user

  5. Bowing to my request for minutes from the meeting.......... or maybe not.

    Thanks for the file, cant d/l it yet mind you but i'm sure that will get sorted.

    Interested to listen in but unfortunately cannot attend any of the chit chats. Damn CET :(

  6. Still getting
    "Oops! This link appears to be broken."
    No reg'd user called Nonk on jmtc, so lets hope he checks here & can fix

  7. I suggest you use, to upload, that way it will keep everyone happy. Your current link is still broken, I look forward to speaking to y'all next week.

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