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I got an e-mail today from a reader who asked, which are the best gems to sell, which gem cuts are the most marketable when sold by quantity rather than the value of a gem and it's profit margins. So I thought, there is one site that lists the most popular gem cuts; Wowpopular.

Wowpopular is a great resource to use when you're trying to sell items such as glyphs, gems and enchants, pair this up with a little research on the elitist jerks forums, and you've got yourself a nice list of the best in slot enchants, glyphs, and gems that sell rather well.

I'm going to make a small top 2 list on which gem cuts are the best to sell according to color, do keep in mind that this is simply a list of cuts that people should be buying according to Wowpular and a little research done on the elitist jerks forums




Those will be the gems that will be selling best by quantity, there are some obvious choices in there ( brilliant inferno ruby is BIS for almost all casters ) while some of them really stand out, either way I will be picking up some of the less competitive cuts and see how they sell via quantity instead of price ( the Walmart approach )

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  1. What are your favorite Meta gems as they sell best on my server.

  2. I have to say that spellpen, Stormy Ocean Sapphire owns Rigid on my realm, I also dont know many specs that gem pure hit rating instead of reforging it, Stormy sells like crazy on wednesday when everyone gets their new conquest point gear too

  3. I wouldn't count on wowpopular 100%. Showing certain items in order of popularity doesn't guarantee that those items will sell for max price.

    I tested this with glyphs, trying to sell the most popular ones and crafted a whole bunch of them. It turns out a lot of them weren't that hot on the AH and many prices were downright pathetic.

    Wowpopular is a great resource but I would also check prices on the AH first, before crafting anything.

  4. @rachaels_dad When it comes to metas, things are going to change when 4.0.6 hits and the requirements for a few get adjusted. Chaotic SSD should be one of the most popular, but consider that crit is not the best stat for a number of classes and builds. Familiarise yourself with when people buy gems as well as what actually moves, and go from there.

    I've been skirting the gem market thus far, since there has been just so much damn undercutting on every colour and cut under the sun. But in the long run it will be worth having a few cuts for both diversity and overall profit.

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