Best Gold Guide Now Also the Cheapest

Hey guys and girls, in celebration of breaking the 10,000 readership mark I am very excited to announce that for a limited time only, you can purchase the Cataclysm Gold Guide for just $27! That puts it at the cheapest amount it has ever sold for and believe me, this amazing deal won't last forever!

Included in the current sale of the guide are the following amazing bonuses:

  • TradeskillMaster videos
  • Free Updates For Life (includes even patches and whole expansions)
    Baby Steps Guide
  • Max Profession Spreadsheet
  • Audio Commentary Throughout

And since you're all JMTC fans here, I am offering you the promo code "JMTC" to get you an ADDITIONAL 10% off your purchase.

This deal WILL NOT last forever, get in on it while you can!

6 comments: on "Best Gold Guide Now Also the Cheapest"

  1. Omg, Ive been saving up for a month to get the gold guide, and today, I finally had enough, I click on my JMTC bookmark that Ive had for a year to get it, and WOW, I can't believe how lucky I got with this great deal being published ON THE DAY that I come to get it! I know it'll be the best, albiet most reasonable, money Ill spend.

  2. how long will the discount last? wont get my salery untill the 15'th =(

  3. The more you promote your own gold guide, the more it cheapens the quality and increases the skepticism of your posts. Sorry, not trying to start something here but just don't want to see this site go down a slippery slope.

    I mean, nowadays it seems most of your posts are guest posts, and it's not hard to check if the you can make money through each tip, but I can't help but feel you might be holding back just for your guide readers.

  4. @anonymous no one is holding back. I write the guide and mageshadow writes the blog. I no longer need to spend hours each week writing the posts to prove that I am an excellent teacher and have the wow economic knowledge to help even the higher skilled players achieve success. Now I focus on meta work in the community like the coaching program and helping other bloggers grow their audiences. Part of that is getting guest posts. There's more than enoughto write about solo, but I'd rather promote the growth of the other blogs in this community.

    You view it as a weakness... I view it as strength.

  5. How do we use the promo code? I don't see a place to enter it in. Thanks!

  6. I cant figure out how to use the JMTC code. I tried entering it on the long advertisement page, but nothing happened. When getting to the payment screen, there is also no place to enter it.

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