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What is it? the Just My Two Copper Forums. Why? You ask? Because the forums can help anyone from any skill level. If you're just starting out and learning the markets, or if you're an amazing gold guru that knows the markets and makes thousands upon thousands of gold.

I use the forums daily, I constantly check for new strategies on how to make gold, new ways to improve my already impressive ideas and strategies, the forums help me 200%. The information there is invaluable, there is so much information here that your head will explode.

For starters, you can have other gold guru's help you make gold in the Help! I can't make gold portion of the forum, or you can go read about how someone went from being dirt poor to having thousands of gold on hand ready to be spent on whatever they wish/want.

There is also countless of excellent information in the professions forum, from the good old obsidium shuffle, to how to corner people out of a market, everything here is just excellent information

If you sign up and support the forums you can even have your own diary, and access to the awesome MVP & Premium Members section, both of which contain information that is just mind-blowing that is kept secret. This is personally the best part of the forum, it's top-notch information that is posted here before it is put out to the public.

The Verdict? The JMTC forums are there to help everyone who is interested in making gold, it's a resource that in my opinion is underestimated ( like the tutorials page ) and should be used more often. I encourage everyone to use it, weather you're simply starting out, or you're already a gold making guru.

One last thing before I let you go, don't forget to use another excellent resource that's right there. I'm talking about the JMTC IRC and the JMTC Friday Meetings, they're both 100% free and provide an excellent way to obtain information/talk & chat to other gold guru's.

There is a JMTC Meeting tonight, I pushed yesterdays meeting to today as something came up, So I hope to see you all there! (:

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  1. Nice shameless self promo there. :D Speaking of, the new series "Shameless" is actually quite good.

  2. Hi, the forum looks good for sharing tipps. Great idea.

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