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Enchanting is one of the best professions in the game gold making wise why? Because there are multiple markets that can be dipped into, there are the leveling enchants, there are the high-end expensive raiding enchants and then of course we have the Bind on Account enchants, and that's not even all, you also have the twink enchanting market. The best part about it all is that every market is profitable, It's simply mind boggling the amount of gold enchanting has made me in the past 6 months.

I'd like to focus on the Bind on Account enchants as these are in my best opinion the best out of the three to craft and sell. There are numerous Bind on Accounts pieces ranging from a chest, weapon, and even cloaks. I want to break it down further and list the best selling enchants by armor type, I will also give a brief description on which enchant is the best out of X enchants.

Chest Enchants

The best enchants out of these four would be greater stats ( +4 stats ), but this is also the hardest enchant to obtain as it is a world drop from vanilla mobs. I personally craft Major Health whenever I'm low on them ( these sell great! ) and I only craft Major Mana whenever I can find cheap Illusion dust. Enchant Chest: Stats ( +3 stats ) sells very awesome as well.

Weapon Enchants
Wow, what a nice list we have here. There are multiple Bind on Account Weapons thus there are multiple enchants that sell very well. I'll start off with casters. Cataclysm changed the stats for casters, Intellect is now the best stat to have anytime ( or most ), soMighty Intellect ( +30 ) is the BiS for casters. People do sometimes prefer Healing Power or Spell Power.

A bunch of classes like the Agility enchants, namely hunters, rogues and feral druids. They're awesome to craft but with Blizzard nerfing Essence of Air drops it's become a little harder to craft.  I also find that the Strength enchant sells very well. Fiery, Icy Chill, Unholy & Lifestealing also sell, but not as well as others.

Cloak Enchants
Sadly there are only two enchants here, and they're both caster-unfriendly. The best would have to be Stealth as it gives a little agility and dodge, while defense only provides 70 armor. The Stealth Enchants is obtained by having exalted reputation with the Cenarian Expedition, read about it here. Subtlety ( as Psynister said in the comments ) said, This is a good enchant for casters, especially in a group environment as it reduces your threat by 2%.

Before I let you guys run off to do your thing, I want to mention one last enchant, enchant boots: Minor Speed. This is an excellent enchant to craft and sell to people who are leveling. A passive 8% run speed bonus is simply awesome if you ask me.

Did I miss any enchants? How is your BOA Market doing?

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  1. # Enchanting Weapon - Mongoose
    # Enchanting Weapon - Major Intellect
    None of these can be used on BoA weapons due to the itemlevel requirement of atleast 35.

  2. You've got the intellect enchants backwards. Mighty Intellect is +22 int and Major is +30 int. However, Major requires a level 35 or above weapon and would not qualify for a BoA weapon enchant.

  3. A really nice list of enchants!

    If you're unsure of what scrolls to sell on your server one tool you can use to investigate now it is back online is called the Undermine Journal (

    It is simple and doesn't take long to learn to use. Simply navigate to their website, select your realm on the front page and then at the top select enchanting, enchants ( Once the page loads it will give you a list of the current value of the enchanting materials for your server and then at the bottom of the page it will calculate a list of what it believes are profitable scrolls for you to sell. For example, on my server you would get a list something like the following:

    The items listed in green are stable and suggested profitable. The items listed in red on the otherhand are considered risky because of price variance (material cost, sale price).

    Once you have decided upon a scroll you might like to sell you can click on it to view more details. The details page provides you with graphs of how many items are available at any time throughout the week, provides heat maps and details of recent sales, and also to some extent information on your competition for this item!

    If you're interested in selling a scroll that isn't listed you can simply search for it using the box at the top of the page. Select the correct scroll from the results and click on it to view the details page for that scroll.

    Please remember that it is a beta tool and it's not perfect yet but if you use it for a little while it can really help you to make an informed decision in a market you don't yet know like the back of your hand :)

  4. Mongoose requires iLvl 35, it's not a BoA enchant.

    Other cloak enchants include
    Lesser Agility (+3 Agi), and Subtlety (-2% Threat).

    Lesser Agility is obviously not as good as Stealth, but it's cheaper to make and still sells well. I find Subtlety useful on my casters while leveling. Strength and Agility classes get Stealth, but my casters get Subtlety.

    Threat reduction doesn't do you any good when you're solo questing (unless you're a pet class), but it's useful if you're doing LFG.

  5. Seems like a lot of errors in this post.

  6. I've done quite some research on which enchants are selling best.
    But with today's addon situation (hint: TSM, former ScrollMaster) I'd rather craft everything that's profitable semi-automatically instead of digging through all those recipes.

    Time is money, friend!

  7. Thank you, I mixed up some of the enchants, it's fixed now though.

    Psynister, thank you for that information, I'm not sure how I missed those two.

  8. Not sure if 2h agil and 1h agil is worth it anymore after the essence of air nerfs. Caused prices to go way up and I'm not sure if there are many people willing to pay that much for a boa chant.

  9. Run speed should sell nicely. But it doesn't. However, I think it's either a lack of awareness or simply that people don't consider certain low level enchants to be worth even looking into buying; no matter what the price. The same goes for intellect and agility to weapons.

    Or maybe there are just not enough new worgen and goblins who buy from the AH. :/

    I might look into "getting rid of" more low level mats by crafting some twink/BoA scrolls again; but there is actually quite a bit of effort involved to put these things up on the market, even with crafting queues.

  10. A major difficulty with many of the enchants is the availability of mats. Specifically essence of air. This mat has become so rare. I have a watch on UMJ to email me when some comes on the AH, but I've only gathered 4 so far. And damned if I'm gonna farm it.

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