Buying & Shattering Abyss Crystals

If you remember back when I started writing for JMTC, and back before Cataclysms release I put out a little list on what the top 5 items will be to stockpile for Cataclysm would be. One of the 5 items were abyss crystals. Now you might be thinking.. But Mageshadow... these are completely worthless there are new enchants and no one is going to want these stupid crystals. Wrong

These crystals are gold, pure gold. Not only can you make a good tank enchant with them ( +40 Stamina to Bracer ), but you can also shatter them for insane amounts of gold. Wrath enchanting materials have inflated, dusts are 3-5g per, while greater cosmic essences are in the 10-15g range.

According to The Undermine Journal, on most servers abyss crystals are in the 5-20g range ( check out the graph below ). You normally get anywhere from 7-19 dust per shatter and 2-6 Greater Cosmic Essence per shatter. Either way if you buy the crystals for 20g per you're going to be making heaps of gold.

Abyss Crystals Prices on All US Servers - Blue dot = 8g - Red Dot = 10g

Depending on your servers prices, you can make anywhere from 30-50g per crystal. It only takes a couple seconds worth of work shattering these crystals. Price will of course vary from server to server but on most they should be profitable ( with the exception of outliers )

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  1. Going to see how this works on my server, this will be another way for me to get gold out my enchanter.

  2. Nice post!

    I have been benefiting from Abyssal Shatter for a while now.

    Abyss Crystal prices for us are now typically in the 12+ range, but with frequent checking I often find some on sale below that (at least 30 listed under 4g in the past few days - someone must have been emptying out their bank vault!).

    Mostly, I've been plowing the crystals and mats into Berserking scrolls, which are selling for 350g-450g. The dust is now (finally) selling for over 40g per stack.

    I'll also check the bracer stamina enchant price on my server (though I know I bought heaps of those scrolls when they were selling for silver)...thanks for the tip!

  3. I'm selling WotLK enchanting materials for 500%+ markup (compared to the old WotLK prices), while the Crystals are still sold for 7g or so.

    Blessed are those who stocked up on them during the late WotLK era.
    Since the Cataclysm has only begun, I expect the prices to climb even higher.

  4. I stockpiled a lt of these, simply to save bank space.
    But now this is really paying off.
    And it's a sure bet, that those mats will rise more in price.

  5. This is one of my favorite ways to make gold. I made a video about a week ago involving this :)

  6. Don't forget that while You may rush off after reading this post to check your servers prices that it may not be the case on your server today. For example today on mine there are 9 crystals at 80g each. For months I've been buying crystals up at 6g each for just this. If it doesn't work for you today check again in a few days or a few weeks or add them to your snatch list!

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