Enchanting's Major Hurdle

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I recently leveled up enchanting on my alt so I could DE my own stuff instead of having to tip someone, I was amazed at the lack of a couple materials that are needed in order to level up enchanting. In fact I hit multiple bricks walls and I'm pretty sure if X item was posted on the AH for a 500% mark up I would of bought it.

Now the item that I'm talking about is needed by all and every single enchanter out there who is or has leveled their profession, so right out of the box the demand is there, but the supply wasn't thus creating a gold making opportunity.

What is this brick wall that you're talking about mage? Could it be rods? Could it be raw enchanting materials?

Arcanite Bars & The Arcanite Rod
These are a giant pain in the ass. When I leveled up my enchanting there were 0 of these bars up at the Auction House, and I'm sure if there were any I'd pay almost anything for them. These are needed to craft the Arcanite Rod which is a necessary component in order to level enchanting.

In order to craft the Arcanite Rod, you need 3 arcanite bars, not only that but you also need to go get the formula which can be bought in  Moonglade ( really? What the hell Blizzard, why Moonglade? ) Neither the raw arcanite rod nor the arcanite bars were at the Auction House at the time that I needed them, the demand was there, but the supply wasn't.

These are two tips are  great examples of how to passively increase your daily gold making income. You can craft multiple of the bars and snag a couple of the formulas and just throw them up whenever you're near the AH and this will help you make gold passively.

The demand for the bars and rods is out there, the question is will it be you supplying them? Or will it be the guy right next to you?

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  1. This happened to me yesterday as I levelled enchanting, one arcanite rod on the AH at a silly price, so I just stopped until I could get a guildy to do one for me. The other thing that was a problem was the black pearl, it wouldn't be hard to control the supply and price of these and leave people the choice of paying you or going off to grind mobs for a while. I went to grind on principle but I would've pulled more gph farming and just buying it.

  2. You can also do this with Fel Iron Rods, which only require Fel Iron. The problem is that it's really easy to flood the market. Someone will see the price you have your rods posted at and go craft ten or so rods, which is more than enough to drive the prices down below cost. On a the low to medium server I play on I sell an Arcanite or Fel Iron rod once every 2 to 3 days.

    That adds up to why you might not be seeing them. It's easy to disrupt these items, and they are a fairly slow seller.

  3. The formula to enchant the raw rod is in limited supply. It is easy for druids to go grab it since they can port to Moonglade, and I usually buy one a day or so. Almost no one buys them so once they respawn at the trader it should be waiting for you. I have sold these formulas for 150g-750g, average ~300g each.

  4. It's really worth checking ALL the rods past gold, in my opinion. I sell fel iron rods at a sick markup all the time, because no one's making them and lost of people seem to be buying them.

  5. Don't complain about the recipe in Moonglade. Us druids have been making money off that recipe for a while now.

  6. I have been making gold off of enchanters for years on my blacksmith.

    You can make a killing on rods, but pearls and other materials move well also.

    Check out more items to sell to profit off enchanters leveling.

  7. I've been selling almost all rods on the AH for awhile now. Lately, however, most of them have ceased being profitable. The Truesilver and Arcanite are the only two that I can still make for a profit. This happening on any other servers out there?

  8. I've been selling the formula for a while (I'm a druid). It's a slow but steady money maker.

    I usually sell 1 every day or 2 for 50g.

  9. Only remotely related - I've run into a leveling wall on my Alchemist. I CANNOT find Goldthorn on the Auction House. It'd be kind of cool to see a guide compiled of all the choke-points in leveling professions. Adamantite Powder / Mercurial Adamantite for JC? That still bugs me months after leveling past it.

  10. YES, YES, that why i HATE enchanting, in fact i would pay the auction house just so i dont have to. enchanting is by far one of the worst profession out there

  11. Never ceases to amaze, an item I have sold many of for about 100g get devastated to 15g overnight. Supply goes from 1 or 2 to 30 (which will sell very slow). Upside is I'm selling Arcanite Bars for 7g profit each. Guys are buying bars for 10g and selling rods for 18g!??!. It will settle though, and I will make much gold on rods purchased now... won't have to make any for months.

  12. seeya guys, i'm off to create a bottleneck in a market ;)

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