Heartblossom, is it the next Whiptail?

With the recent patch 4.0.6 Whiptail spawn rates were bugged out, they were spawning faster than people could pick the herbs. This "bug" ( I think it was intended ) crashed the price of whiptail dramatically. This has now been fixed according to this blue post:

  • Whiptail was spawning too quickly in Uldum after patch 4.0.6. The spawn time has been reduced.
The blue post states that whiptail spawns have been fixed... but have the Heartblossom spawns been fixed? This herb is crashing on my server, before 4.0.6 this herb was like a ghost you would only find a couple nodes here and there. You'd be lucky to run off with 5 stacks in an hour prior to 4.0.6. After 4.0.6 hit, it's a total different story.

The price for this herb on my server has crashed, I've started buying it up just in case this is another of Blizzards "bugs" *cough* intended bug? *cough* Will hearblossom become to next whiptail? Will the spawn rate be fixed thus raising the price and providing gold makers an excellent opportunity to flip this herb?

How are the prices on your server? Have you Farmed Heartblossom? Notice a change?

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  1. Heartblossom is crashing on my server too, almost to Cinderbloom levels, and I love it. It's making xmuting Inferno Rubies viable, which is quite awesome since there's rarely a ton of cheap Elementium Ore on my server.

    I'd imagine that if this was a bug they would have fixed it when they fixed Whiptail (I was quite surprised when they didn't), so this may be here to stay. Though if this is a "bug," maybe Blizz is just letting it go on longer because Heartblossom was so much rarer than the others.

  2. I don't trade herbs much, but according to TUJ the price has doubled on my server.

  3. To echo what Vince said, I have a farmer in my guild who sends me a few stacks of Heartblossom every week so that I can transmute Inferno Rubies to keep up with the demand for gems.

    It's good to know the spawn rates have gone up; I may have to talk to my farmer.

  4. Prices have risen a bit on my server. It may just be people who thought the bug was for more then just Whiptail and had bought a ton of Heartblossom and not they are trying to unload it all and tanking the market for it.

  5. This the same for me. It was something that was always tjere but in lower quantities. Now the AH is flooded with whiptail. I haven't checked heartsbloom yet. I do remebering it being a scarce one to find in AH.

  6. Whiptail, Stormvine and Cinderbloom are down to 2 gold each, Twilight Jasmine and Azshara's Veil are at 8-10g.

    Heartblossom, however, has risen from approx. 2g to 4g now. Perhaps I'm simply to late.

  7. On my realm whiptail has not gone back up since it was "fixed", it is still at it's ultra low price. Tons and tons of it available, too.

  8. To scribes it is good news that whiptail stays low, it's an A-grade herb (like Twilight Jasmin) and it gets the same price as most B-grade herbs (all 4 other Cataclysm herbs)
    Stock up on it while you can.

  9. i had noticed this as soon as the patch hit while leveling an alt through the area of Deepholm. i remember at launch when i was grinding through i couldn't leave a small radius without nodes and nodes of heartblossom spawning on top of one another. i sold all of these for ~4g a piece at the time when most herbs were selling for 15-20g a piece. then they hotfixed it and i have not had more than a stack on me at any time.

    i would love to think of this as another potential profit making herb, but right now, looking at the spawn rates, it seems to be less than launch, and more than it had been for the past month. it seems to be about in line with cinderbloom, which, my guess would be the intent for it's level of herb. i would gather as much as you possibly could, however and start using it for pots and transmutes before the gradual dropping of prices of the herb itself dominoes onto those secondary items. well, that is my plan, anyway!!!

  10. Speculation here, of course, but I don't expect Blizzard to nerf the Heartblossom spawns. At launch, it was insane, and then they nerfed it back too much. For the past couple months I've felt like they spawned far too infrequently. My bet is that the re-adjustment of Heartblossom is what messed up Whiptail. Currently it's about where I think it should be. Better than before, but not excessive.

    I wouldn't be buying any Heartblossom with the intention of reselling it after Blizzard 'fixes' the spawn rates, mostly because I don't think they need to be fixed!

  11. There's a key difference between whiptail and heartblossom though - the milling rate for inks. Whiptail is in the top tier, along with Twilight Jasmine (i.e. you get more per mill), but Heartblossom is in the lower tier with all the other herbs. Personally, I think the demand for this herb has gone down quite a bit as well, forcing prices down. Flasks keep the other herb prices up, but the spirit flask isn't needed for the Guild Cauldrons, which pushes its' demand down quite a bit.

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