How To Craft Choppers for up to 30% Less

Are you thinking of making a chopper to sell soon? What if I told you that you could build choppers for 35% less soon? That's right, that's 3.75k off the 12.5k vendor price.

You're probably asking.. How is this possible?

Guild Perk at Level 24
This perk is obtainable once your guild reaches level 24. Most guilds are 17-18 right now ( well ones that hit the XP cap everyday ) so you should be getting this perk fairly soon. It reduces the cost of vendor items by 10%, saving your a grand total of 1.25k off the chopper parts.

Goblin Perk
This is by far the best method to use when crafting Choppers. Goblins receive a 20% discount from any faction regardless of reputation. Using this will save you 2.5k. This is mostly available to people who play horde side, but people who are alliance based can ask people in trade chat to go out and buy the parts ( make sure their guild is level 23 once it's available ), say you're tipping them 500-1,000g for their troubles and I'm sure you'd be able to find someone that is willing to do it.

Why craft choppers at all?
Wrath materials are now starting to ( or already have ) inflated. I've seen choppers sell for as much as 15-16k, and trust me; they sell. If you're able to craft a chopper for 30% less, you're going to be saving all that gold instead of giving it to a vendor. With a 30% discount you can craft choppers for as cheap as 8.75k. You can craft a chopper for a grand total for ~9.2k and then sell it for 14-15k and make 6k+ per chopper you craft.

I've personally made roughly 6 choppers this cheap and I sold them all within 24 hours of them being crafted. I gained a total profit of 32,000g. I spent a grand total of 55k and sold them all for 87k ( 14.5k Each ). It's great gold if you ask me.

Will you be crafting any choppers soon?

12 comments: on "How To Craft Choppers for up to 30% Less"

  1. Also works for the Sandstone Dragon mats

  2. This is a good tip, indeed. though, i used this logic on a larger scale with the sandstone drake. even without the guild lvl 23 perk, just the goblin racial alone saves you thousands on the mats you have to buy. not only that, but i realized once people were willing to spend that much on a mount, they were willing to not really haggle over 1-2k gold.

    the best part is that i also was able to stumble upon the drake pattern on my alchemist while doing some archeology and people usually give me a 2k tip just for making. if people bring me their creatable mats, and i charge them standard buy-able mat prices + 2k tip for drakes... well, THAT is some good gold.

  3. Actually, the 10% perk is at level 24.

  4. Isnt the highest guild level available by now 17 or sth like that?

  5. Highest guild should be 17 now and it will take about 5 weeks for the first guild to hit 24.

  6. Um... can someone post up the mats or a wowhead link for the newbs?


  7. Thanks for correcting me on the guild level.

    @anon #4 - Once guilds hit level 23 xp cap is removed, so that should lessen the amount of time by some

  8. Have they fixed the bug with Goblins that doesn't allow them to make or buy the chopper parts? I have two 525 engineers that had the schematic for them and when I race changed it wouldn't allow me to get the vendor mats. I haven't tried in a few weeks so it may have been hotfixed.

  9. "I've personally made roughly 6 choppers this cheap "

    How are you getting this high level guild perk already?

  10. No one is getting the level 24 perk yet...I suspect that he misspoke.

  11. Faid, no one has access to the guild perk. I reduced costs because I had some LK materials stockpiled that I used instead of buying them off the AH.

  12. Good tip. Also with engineers being the only people able to buy the mats from vendor, when I get people who want me to craft it, I usually charge them the flat basic 12.5k cost and keep the extra gold to mysel, charging no making fee. They aren't any wiser and think they're getting a good deal with no fee, you're getting richer. win-win.

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