I Love to Bid on Mithril Ore/Bars

You're probably thinking to yourself... wtf Markco I thought you retired? Sorry, I felt like posting again and I will surely stop by from time to time whether you like it or not. :)-

Sometimes we overlook the process of leveling our professions and the amount of money/time we waste either gathering the materials or outright buying them at inflated prices on the auction house. We are the same people who level a character and post our items for the lowest value or worse, with whatever auctioneer automatically determines for that item to be the normal value. We're not only getting robbed blind but we're giving ammunition to our robbers! Let's change this mentality, shall we?

Bidding on Mithril Ore/Bars

Bidding is an important part of playing the Mithril game. If you make an effort to search this ore during your resale scans then you will often find a few up for the low bid, high buyout price range. Place a bid and go back to playing the game. If you're lucky you will end up with some very cheap Mithril, if not, you'll get your money back. Don't be a fool and tie all your money into this stuff either, in case you don't have all that much. It will take time not only to win the bids, but also to sell the ore and bars later on.

Selling Your Items

Since you won your items at a bid, you have the luxury of selling them at the normal value or for an inflated price. Make your decision based on how quickly you want your gold back and how much competition is currently present. Be sure not to flood all your winnings up at once and also try to separate your items into the easiest stack to sell. That could be one at a time, a stack of 5, 20, etc. Mithril bars are used in a quest that requires one bar, so just sell those one at a time. Mithril ore is used by prospectors or blacksmiths, so sell in stacks of 10 (divisible by both 2 for blacksmiths and 5 for prospectors).

NOTE: Currently the wow gold guide is selling for $27 and it will go back up to $37 at the end of today. Get your guide while you can at this fantastic low price. With the success of 20kleveling thus far, there are plans to possibly increase even further by the end of the year. I want to give fair warning to you all as JMTC fans before this happens.

Also, if you haven't checked out the wow coaching program, you're missing out on an awesome one on one resource.

3 comments: on "I Love to Bid on Mithril Ore/Bars"

  1. Hey Marcko, since you announced your departure from the JMTC forums, many of us were dismayed at your decision. We want you around, there is no question about it. However, I feel that you should seriously back off for awhile. Coming back to post more and more of your ideas is great, but you are giving me(I do hope it is just me) the impression that Mageshadow, the content manager and your supposed successor, is incapable of running these daily posts. When you do this, I picture a retired CEO coming back to check up on his protogee so very often making sure he is doing things right, and ends up taking the reigns in the end. Let Mageshadow shine and allow him to build some "forum cred". Let Mage show us he has what it takes. He needs this. JMTC needs this. Especially since this recent change of leadership had just occurred. Give it a few weeks at least. Otherwise, great post.

  2. @Anonymous

    I didn't know Mageshadow's mom read this blog. :)

  3. I dont think he is checking in on mage who is more then able to run the content. More like he loves posting when he has an idea, and his prioritys are elsewhere. So basically I think while we won't see daily post by him we will see random thoughts on subject as they come to mind. Keep it up great blog. Daily reader since i found you 9 months ago :)

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