JMTC March Blogging Carnival Info & Low Level Tips

Hello everyone, it's Mageshadow here, I just wanted to tell the bloggers out there that JMTC is preparing for it's next next blogging carnival for March 2nd! The topic will be " Specialize or Diversify? Control one market or dip your toes into several? " and if you'd like to enter simply read the instructions on how to submit your entries to JMTC's blogging carnivals. I hope to see a decent turn out of bloggers writing about this topic! Better get those entries in soon you've got about a week to turn them in.

If you aren't a blogger, What is your take on the subject? is it better to control one market instead of dipping your toes into all possible markets?

P.S Follow me on twitter, I'll be tweeting great gold tips all weekend long!

Of course I wouldn't leave you without a gold tip so below are some small tips to help you make gold while you're leveling a toon.
  • Pick up everything! Greys, Greens, Blues, everything has it's value, greys especially. When you get into the 45-60 dungeons greys can be worth 1-4g each and the gold from them will rack up in no time.
  • Flip items at the Auction House. Use Auctioneers search function to find awesome items to flip/vendor for gold .
  • Inscription can make gold even at level 75! Make/learn your daily low level glyph and craft the profitable ones, you can earn up to 500-1,000g depending on which glyphs you can craft, not bad for being level 15 (:
  • Collect bags as soon as possible. More inventory slots = more things you can store. If you're using tip #1 this means more gold  as you'll have more items in your inventory
  • Check the price of an item at the Auction House! Some items such as greys and white items can go for 10 times more than they do when vendored, while vendoring is the easiest gold it won't always give you the best bang for your buck.
  • Grab gathering professions! Low level ores & herbs can net you a ton of gold at low levels. Ores like copper and tin fetch 5-10g per stack, and that much on a level 1-20 toon is a lot.

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  1. Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!
    On the twitter link! x

  2. on picking gathering professions while leveling alts. I offer a slight variation:

    If you plan to level solely via tanking in dungeon finder, then you may not get the opportunity to level your gathering in matching pace to your character's level.

    In this case, I suggest learning enchanting to disenchant all those extra gear that you'd be picking up.

  3. You'll have to remove the "#/" from the URL, so it results in:

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