JMTC Meeting 2/11/11 Recording

I had tons of fun hosting last nights JMTC Weekly Meeting for the 6th time. We talked a bunch on how we're all making gold with the recent patch 4.0.6. We tossed a bunch of great information around during the meeting.

I managed to record an hour 1/2 of the meeting and of course as I promised, below is a streaming link, or you can download it from Multiupload ( The Rapidshare mirror is the best ). I apologize for the quality, the Teamspeak server was extremely laggy/low quality last night, a lot of people pointed this out as you'll notice in the podcast.

Below are some of the subjects we covered

    Those are some of the major topics that we talked about, there is still a bunch of great information that's just waiting to be heard.

    One last thing before I let you go, I need a topic for next months Blogging Carnival, if you have any ideas or thoughts e-mail them to Markco if you would, please & Thank you!

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    1. I sure hope that these JMTC meetings are not completely replacing Castaclysm / Call to Auction, because I'm finding them to be impossible to listen to for longer then 5 minutes.

    2. I'm not sure on that one. Markco would have to be the one decides that, for now this is something that I'm doing on the side, or extra.

      I apologize for the bad recording, it really was horrible last night, and the sound quality was as high as it would go.

    3. It's a shame the recording was so poor. It sounded like some interesting things may have been said.

    4. Any chance that the weekly recordings could get their own podcast feed on JM2C?

    5. Yeah I'm pretty sure this is replacing Cataclysm and call to auction.. oh wait. Cataclysm ended because one of the host quit the game.

      Call to Auction? I find it sad that three people can't set a time frame to be on at least twice a damn month!

      For this.. first they are way way too long to listen to. This one wont play for me at all. I get an error so lucky I was saved form the poor quality I hear about.

      And please stop saying its a podcast.. It's not and it's shameful to say its a podcast (its also very misleading)

    6. Guys i love the meetings. I listen to them while i play. I like the idea of bringing AH pros in to talk about whats making them there golds and what not. its helping me expand into new markets. ( im leveling toons just to do that). i like all the above posters am finding the quality of the audio terrible and unbearable at times. Also the meeting needs a host. If only to point the masses in the right direction and take questions from the chat channel. i think it would benefit to have maybe 6 guests in at a time, (maybe to help with the audio quality) and to let contributors actually get out the information they are putting out there. I notice a lot of people getting interrupted mid sentence, and not finishing what they are saying. But that's the problem with so many people in one channel. Maybe one of these guys step up and take a bigger role in this? maybe come up with some intro music, starting points, and a quick summary at the end, and some very needed editing. I've tried to not criticize without giving out some possible solutions. just trying to help out. Thanks to everyone who put in their two coppers.

    7. Problems with the recordings

      - The listener has no idea who any of these people are, and no way to know if their advice is legit or not. Are these people giving out advice gold capped, or just wannabes?

      I can take Cold's advice on AHJ as 100% solid, because I've read his blog. I've never heard of his cohost before the podcast, was able to get up to speed by reading his (really well written and informative) blog. Now I can take Bigjimm's advice seriously as well.

      - Who are these people? Are they goldcapped? multi millionaires? prot warrior gladiators? Farmers? I can identify the guy with the EU accent, the teenager, and the southerner, oh wait, are there a couple of guys with EU accents, or is that the same guy? and thats about it.

      With out a name and some information to attach to the voice, I feel as if I'm wandering into some random guild's vent and their just trying to all one up each other with tall tales. Does not make for compelling listening.

      Again, without some kind of introduction to who these people are, and why the listener should care about their opinion, 5 mins is the max amount of time I can tolerate, before I'm making the effort to open up chrome, find the JMTC tab, and closing it, then opening itunes, and re-listening to the latest episode of AHJ / The Instance again.

      - Having more people does not equal better content. It's a huge strength for the JMTC forums, but that does not translate well into an audio format. Would be easier to listen to if there wasn't 20 people all trying to talk over each other. Pick the most charismatic, and knowledgeable 3 or 4, and mute the rest.

      A lot of the content in the meeting recordings seem to be a lot of "me too" and other people describing the same general concepts, in different words. It's irritating in a forum, and it's ten times more irritating when you're activly listening to it.

      - Zero structure. First 5 mins, they covered a wide range of things, and jumped around from topic to topic. There should be some organization to it. "What have you guys been doing with alchemy lately?" "How has the recent patches and hot fixes effected your JC markets?"

      It really seems as if mageshadow's pre show prep is just making a post on JMTC announcing the time and place of the meetings, and dosen't give it a second thought afterwards.

      I dunno guys, maybe the meetings are a lot more fun to be a part of, then they are to be a non participant, and listen to them afterwards? Like, maybe mageshadow is recording and posting them to JMTC for only the benefet of himself, and the other people that were at the live meeting?

    8. Yeah there are obvious issues but some people seem to stand out, for example, I enjoyed listening to "Follow the Gold Road" fella and I learnt more from that one meeting than all 3 episodes of AH Junkies put together - which, btw, I will continue to listen but it just isn't hitting the spot.

      Now what you have with those who attend the JMTC meeting are some articulate and obviously knowledgable guys and gals and some of the other comments make some really good points and are pointing you in a direction that could really work. I hope Mageshadow and Markco take them on board because there is still a gap in the podcasting market when it comes to goldmaking. I miss Markco and Call To Auction!

    9. I didn't know the names of the meta gems because they've been only been out for a couple days. If you did notice I blogged about the meta gems in the patch 4.0.6 patch review, so yes I knew that what they were, but no I didn't know their name by heart.

      Thanks for all of the feedback, I'll try to incorperate some of the stuff that you've guys mentioned. Please do keep in mind that this isn't supposed to be "podcast" worthy in the first place. Otherwise I would of made a proper introduction/ending. This is instead something that i like to do on the side to talk/meet you guys weekly, it's your chance to ask questions live.

      Another thing, some of the people you might not know because.. well you just don't hang out with them. I know 10-15 people now from hanging out in the IRC and doing these meetings, and you'll start to notice a trend every week that there are the same couple people talking. There will and always will be new & other people talking, you can choose to listen to them or simply ignore them, if they're not "respected" in your book, but really what is more information going to do to you? Even the people who aren't gold gurus yet might have some great ideas.

      With all of that said, again thank you for your feedback, I'll change some things around for the next meeting and we'll see how it goes next week (:

    10. I have gone to the past 5 meetings hosted my Mageshadow and have found them full of amazing people with good ideas, and all very helpful. Not everyone is a blogger, or gold capped, but the cool thing about these meetings is even if you are gold capped there are still people out there that have a good or clever way to make gold that someone may have not thought about yet.

      For me, I came into these meetings five weeks ago only ever having 40k gold, and I have to say the main reason I now have got up to 270k in a month is because of these meetings and the amazing information people bring.

      It also may just be a shoulda been there thing. But I do recommend if you haven't been to one of these meetings to give it a shot and join us on Fridays!

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