JMTC Meeting 2/5/11 Recording

Last nights meeting went awesome, we didn't have as many people as I liked, but we still talked about several topics that are worth mentioning. The recording isn't as long this time, only 44 minutes, but either way there is still some great content that is just waiting to be listened to.

You can listen to the meeting either below with the stream from 4shared, or you can download the recording itself from Multiupload - it has several mirrors, If you want a fast download speed I'd suggest rapidshare (:

I'll make a small list on what was talked about:

  • Mysterious Fortune Cards
  • Unheeded Warning Buff Next patch
  • Saronite Shuffle - Worth it?
  • Obsidium Shuffle
  • Herbalist Glove Pattern - Niche Market
  • Jewelcrafting Gems
 I will definitely put up more reminders for these meetings, I really like them and I'm sure most of you like the option to download/listen to the meeting even if you didn't attend.

3 comments: on "JMTC Meeting 2/5/11 Recording"

  1. For the Dream Emeralds, i cut them into 20 mastery 30 stamina. On my server the Dream emeralds are really cheap uncut. But this gem is good for paladin/warrior tanks as it adds sheild block + stamina. No luck with other cuts.

  2. On the audio, it was mentioned that if you buy obsidium ore @ 56g, cut and vendor "the greens" you break even. How many greens can someone expect from a stack of ore? 6? seems a bit off. Mostlikely, I'm missing something.

  3. It's 54g, and yes, on average a stack of obsidium ore will yield 6 uncommon gems that can be cut & vendored for 54g, thus creating a "floor" price"

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