Learning From Other Players Mistakes

I love The Consortium Forums, they always have great and informational threads. The community there is thriving and is always giving me excellent ideas and tips on how to improve my gold strategies.

Today I'd like to talk about mistakes made at the auction house. I've made a ton of personal mistakes from a little tiny typo that cost me thousands of gold to even attempting to control a specific market and completely and utterly failing at it.

Mistakes happen, we're human beings after all. We're not perfect, no one is. Mistakes will happen, and the most important part is that you learn from them. The consortium has a great thread were people post their mistakes. I suggest that everyone reads this thread, if you don't have the time; skim it. The thread has multiple pages on multiple common mistakes that people make, day in and day out.

You can read about mistakes that other players have made out there and learn from them, by doing so you're protecting yourself from allowing mistakes happen to you, you're protecting yourself from mistakes that could cost you thousands upon thousands of gold.

JMTC even held a carnival several months ago on this topic, it was named " Mistakes you learned from on the auction house " I suggest that you go read some of those posts as well. there are some excellent posts ( even one by me from when I ran The Gnomish Coin! ) Hey, knowledge can't kill you can it?

What mistakes have you made at while making gold? What has/was your biggest mistake?

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  1. My biggest error was posting 200 large prismatic shard auctions without scanning first.
    Had I do so, I would have known that the guy that was attempting to control the market had put up some relatively cheap shards, to drive the posting price down.

  2. I highly recommend the consortium forums, I have found so much useful information there!

  3. My first massacre was posted without setting up ZA first so I sold an at the time 1k enchant for 14 silver.

  4. Stormstryker (LeRoy) said... February 19, 2011 at 2:59 PM

    Where have you been mage? =/

  5. I got lucky and won 32 stacks of whiptail on bid at 2g a stack as well as a few stacks of elementium ore. Wonderful given that I was on my alt server. I mailed them off to my bank alt and logged off for a while. Later when I logged in I realized I didn't have them on my bank char and instantly knew what had happend. On my alt server my bank char has an extra letter as the name was already taken. Checking the armory I see that I send the lot to a lvl 6 goblin I tried mailing them but I've not heard back so far. Lesson learned!

  6. A few days ago in was buying savage leather with auctionator... I was spamming the bid button and had not noticed I was also bidding on savage leather scraps that were set at the same price... 120g per stack = ouch.

    when ilogged on the next day I opened my mailbox to grab my overpriced scrap... But to my surprise the seller made an equal mistake... He had cancelled all his auctions to repost them at a lower price due to undercutting.

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