Making Thousands Of Gold From 1 Daily Quest

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Jewelcrafting has been an excellent way to make gold in this expansion thus far, prospecting ore nets me thousands upon thousands of gold, and I have been making even more gold by doing one small little trick.

This little trick is that I wait for the Jewelcrafting daily to come up that requires gems cut, once I see that the daily requires X gem I go to the AH and list them. Why? Why wait for the daily to require a gem? Because the demand for X gem will be insane. Sure you can sell Nightstones, Zephrydites, & Jaspars when it's not the daily but I find when the daily does require one of the three gems, prices go up, and they stay up for most of the day.

I've sold as many as 150 Nightstones in one day at 45-60g/per gem. One of the great things is that the quest requires three gems instead of one or two, thus people buy them in packs of three. I've also barked in trade some offering to sell gems 5% cheaper than the current AH prices and you'd be surprised at the amount of people who will take up this deal.

Another thing I found is that I can leave up my gems for 24 hours and they will all sell, even if I get undercut minutes or hours later, my gems still sell. Why? Because there is such a high demand for these gems and no one has enough supply to post, so my gems will be eventually be the lowest priced gem at the Auction House.

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  1. One thing I've noticed, you can make a lot more gold posting later in the evening. Reason being, throughout the day, people will scramble to undercut and sell off their stockpile, often reducing prices by 20g or more, even to the average price for the gems. So what I do is wait until later when all the undercutters have been bought out and their supply essentially gone, and just gouge the prices for those who are desperate and didn't get their daily done early. Of course, if you have a huge stockpile you're probably better off keeping some on the AH all day, but if you're working with a limited amount of gems, posting in the evening will help you get the most out of them.

  2. Can you make some posts on something OTHER than Jewelcrafting? the past couple of weeks have been almost 100% JC-related... it really gets kinda old to read posts about the same profession day after day after day....

  3. I make a killing on the days that the JC daily requires cut gems. On my server purples goes for about 40-60g and the blue and green ones around 25-35g. I always sell out post thru out the day and before i got to bed i post everything i have left and they all sell overnight. Too bad today is the Elemental goo daily :(

  4. @anon, it's because currently JC is the go-to profession if you're trying to make gold, there are multiple ways to make gold with it ( I've made ~80k in a week with JC Alone ). I'll try to mix up some of the posts though thanks for the feedback (:

  5. When there is the Nightstone daily I sometimes buy most gems and repost them for prices I like. Today only 80g, but some weeks ago I bought every gem under 120g and kept that price nearly all day long.
    I couldn't sell all the Nightstone, but I made huge profits.
    This won't work with Zephyrite and Jasper, there are too many of them and people already has problems selling them (they go for less than 9g in my server and people still don't buy them because of the time needed to cut and vendor them)

  6. I like this blog and dont take this wrong but the comment re too much jc I have heard from others I know who read this blog when the article doesnt pertain to them. It is hard to please everyone and mixing things up becomes part of an art.

    Making gold is easy when you know how and understand what is behind it. A lot of bloggers these days discuss the steps on what to do and not always the understanding of a market and how to decide what to post. Marco was one of the very few that understood this concept and preached it in his early days. In many cases going back to review the basics of how an economy works and its cycle is more important than telling someone to do jc and get xxx cut.

    I have lots and lots of gold....over a million. I have every profession...blah blah blah....How do I make money....glyphs are 80% of my gold. Do I do it like many other I dont....but I make 10k a day doing simple things because I have a system that works for me on my server. 20-30 minutes a day for 10-15k....isnt hard If people understand the market they can do it with anything.

  7. @ Anonymous: currently JC is the best gold earning profession so it is getting some "ink" here that others are not. However, the archives are full of posts that have other professions and tactics that you may like.

    Also, tomorrow the Carnival will be up. Should be some diversity there.

  8. I've been wondering about this, is there a website or any way to see what that day's JC daily is?

    Is it the same across all realms each day?

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Not so sure I agree that jc is the best gold earning profession. I definitely make a lot more selling glyphs than doing jewelcrafting. Competition is a huge factor.

    In the last two weeks I have pulled in over 100k on jewelcrafting takes up more time and brings in less. It is still very profitable but just doesnt compare to the ease with which glyphs are still selling.

  10. Inscription take just as much time if not more, you're milling, making inks then making the glyphs.

    Jewelcrafting is the same process, prospecting, crafting rings, DE'ing.

    I've made as much as 80k in one week from jewelcrafting and I haven't really put that much time into it due to some issues irl.

    Imo Jewelcrafting is one of the, if not the, best profession for making gold end-game wise

  11. If you get up early enough and check the AH for the daily gem you can help beef up your stockpile for the rest of the day and raise prices -- just bought over 20 Zephyrite for under 10g/e and relisted 'em at 40.

    There's still about 10 below me, but those'll be gone pretty fast, and then mine'll all sell. =D

    And I'd say for me Inscription and JC are pretty close in how much they're earning me for now. Would likely be different if there were fewer shufflers and more scribes on my server though. I've seen quite a few new people pop up who don't know how to avoid flooding the market. Nor how to post in anything but singles apparently.

  12. thought I'd try this idea today with the zephyrite. Happened to have 3 on me after turning my quest. Posted as one stack of 3 about 10% higher than the lowest per item buyout.

    Sold within 4 hours.

    thanks for the tip!

  13. @Kreaton if they are under 9g just buy them and then cut them and then you can vendor for 9g not much of a profit but if there are tons it can add up.

  14. for those above that mention buying cheap gems such as Jasper or Carnelian, and this even applies to Alicite, if you have an enchanter - DO NOT cut them into uncommon gems. Instead craft carnelian spikes, jasper rings, or alicite pendants and DE those babies. If you proc a rare, you have a chance at an easy 200g on the AH.

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