New Jewelcrafting Meta Gems = Gold!

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Patch 4.0.6 is here and the new meta gems have dropped, I've heard reports from people that they're making as much as 100k a day selling these babies, and I wouldn't doubt it.

There are three new meta gems, Agile Shadowspirit Diamond, Reverberating Shadowspirit Diamond, Burning Shadowspirit Diamond . They're all best in slot for all classes, creating a HUGE demand for these three meta gem cuts.

I've had multiple people tell me that they've bought the recipe for the new meta gems for as much as 10,000g. Now you must be thinking, that's insane right? 10,000g for one recipe!?! Well they're right, I'd personally pay as much as 20,000g for the Burning Shadowspirit Meta Cut, why? Because these gems are currently going for as much as 1,000-1,500g per. I tipped the guy who cut me one 250g with my mats, and when he cut mine, he had 20 other people already waiting in line getting their own meta gem cut.

The recipes are Cataclysm world drops, look for the recipes at the Auction House. I wouldn't suggest going out and trying to the farm the recipe, it's extremely hard to "farm" a world drop. You'd be better off camping the AH until one of these recipes pops up, and hey you might even get lucky and snatch one for cheap, who knows?

Do you have any of the new meta gem cuts? If so how much have you made?

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  1. The new cuts have been terrible for me. I bought the strength cut for about 800g on the first day and thought I'd be printing money, I sold 2 from about 4pm until I logged around 4am. This was with me almost constantly camping the AH too, so I wasn't getting undercut. Now the price on the strength cut is down to about 450g and I've still sold less then 10. The burning cut I bought for about 3k the next day and that one has been almost as bad, I think I've sold 4-6 at about 1k each total. No one seems to be buying these off the AH on my server. I did however get lucky and found someone else selling the Burning Shadowspirit recipe for 8g! I was able to flip that for 25k. I felt a little bad so I sent the seller an extra 1k. I made more on that flip then I have selling both new cuts by a lot. For some reason however Ember Shadowspirit's have been selling like crazy I've sold far more of those between 349g-399g then I have of the Burning and Reverberating combined.

    I'm debating giving barking a try and maybe just cutting them for tips.

  2. I was just getting ready to comment how all these metastasis have fallen to 500 or so on my server and I hadn't seen a recipe below 35k, then I check again and the Reverberating recipe is up for 250. My transmute alchemist is in for a workout!

  3. In regard to my last post, I decided to log in and look at Mysales instead of just going by my memory and it turns out I sold 12 Reverberating at an average of 547g, 7 Burning at an average of 1k and 32 Ember at an average of 349g. I also remembered I didn't get the Reverberating cut at 4pm first day, but around 8pm. It was the Burning cut that I got about 4pm on the second day.

    Still not very good for the new cuts but slightly better then I previously thought. Pretty sad that the Ember almost out grossed both new cuts, especially since I got Reverberating on the first day.

  4. Yesterday I lucked out and found the Str and Int meta cuts for sale, as well as all three new wrist enchants. I'm at 130K for the week already, next week we'll see what kinda of numbers I pull with the new stuff backing me up.

  5. I'd suggest being a little cautious about the claims regarding how much can be made from these basic reality of the AH is that you MUST KNOW YOUR SERVER.

    On my server, these cuts have been sitting for about 350 gold each almost since they've been available. I got very, very lucky and got the agility cut recipe for 150 gold. I paid 5K for the strength version and have no doubt that it was well worth it, but prices are dropping rapidly.

    Congrats and much happiness to those of you making a hundred thousand gold off of the new metas. That definitely won't be happening for a lot of us, but they are still a solid investment at this point.

  6. Burning is already 150g on my realm. gg

  7. got the pattern for the str meta for 150g and been selling them for 600ish on my server. agile and int have been posted for 1000g but only seem to sell for 450g (beta undermine)

    on auchindoun us

  8. I'm pretty much the same as the other posters. I bought the reverberating design for 15k the first morning of 4.0.6. It was mostly me and another person with the cut, so we were around 1.3k a pop. Sold about 5 that day. By the next day a handful of others had the recipe and the prices were around 800g. As of today, the price for a reverberating shadowspirit is 350g. I've sold about 20 since i bought the recipe, barely getting back to the 15k i invested. If it weren't for the mobility provided by the mobile AH on my phone, i wouldn't have made this back yet.

    I will say i got lucky the second day after the patch and found another reverberating design for 250g. I flipped it for 20k in about an hour on the AH. I'd say keep an eye on the AH, for any cheap designs to relist. I've seen the Burning design sell for 30k, even though the cut on the AH is around 400g. But unfortunately i wouldn't count on making tons of gold with these designs on an average server.

  9. I randomly got the +50 enchant for Strength as a world drop in Twilight Highlands and sold it to an enchanting Jewelcrafter for 10,000g and 5 agile shadowspirit diamonds. It was pretty cool, we haggled for around 20 minutes and I enjoyed it a lot.

  10. Got the agile recipe for 15k on thursday, tuj hasn't notified me of the other two even being posted. Sold about 15 so far ranging from 350 to 800.

  11. I haven't been able to find any of the recepies on the AH until today - it was listed at 50k for the burning cut. Figuring the ship had mostly sailed by this point, I didn't buy it. I *did* however, make some nice bank on ruby cuts. Since the new metas came out (as well as chaotic requirements changing) I expected demand for infernal ruby's to skyrocket, so I stocked up on rubys before the patch and sold them for near 100% profit after the patch. In hindsight, I should have stocked far more rubies than I did - I had 5 stacks and they were gone in about an hour (at double the price I purchased them for). I had all of the DPS cuts (str, int, agi) and I had at least one of each listed (along with a raw gem listed) at all times. Made in total about 10k *profit* in about 1hr30m - 2hr something like that.

  12. I have been listening to the JMTC meeting for a few weeks now, and as much as I am grateful for Mageshadow's hard effort to bring us the latest tips on how to make gold in WoW, I can't help but notice Mage's habit to always greatly exaggerate how well a certain method/tip is working for him. During the JMTC meeting, he didn't even know what these new cuts were, and now claim that they go for 1.5k-2k per cut. I am sure that would be the case on some servers, but still feel that his habit to over exaggerate (you can read some of his past articles) is present.

  13. The new metas are down to normal meta prices now (ie. less than 200g). Not sure what the recipes go for on average, as I only saw one in passing within 24 hours of activation - at 30k. I could have snatched it up, but that is 75% of my stash and not an investment I was willing to make when my alchy isn't even 525 yet. :)

    So yep, same old same old, with a huge supply of every meta and just not enough demand. >.<

    I want to grab the cuts for personal and guild use anyway, eventually. But to have taken advantage of these new cuts, you had to get in last week and post frantically within the first few days. Here's hoping that whoever bought that 30k design was able to make their gold back, huh. :)

  14. Wow. I'm surprised to hear just how fast prices fell on some servers. My server is still around 700g per gem. Haven't seen the pattern listed yet but I'd definitely buy one up if I saw it.

  15. I bought the Reverberating meta on the first day of patch for 50k. I had stocked up on metas in the weeks preceding the patch and so was well stocked. I made back my initial outlay for both recipe and uncut metas in about 36 hours. Since then it's all been gravy, and I've still got 100 or so uncut metas waiting to be cut and sold. I started at 1k per gem, but since then my prices have been pushed down to 200-250ish.

  16. On patchday all of the new gems were at 999g. Got an JC to craft my uncuts for 50g each. But now they going for 70g each -.- down from ~500g average.
    I bought some of the 70g gems, hoping prices go up soon.

  17. It's dire on my server - got the Agi meta within 15min of the server coming up - sold about 4 @ 900g then a goblin appeared undercutting by 100g every time - he's dropped the price to 180g for 3 days running constantly undercutting.

    I think the vast majority of my server are just clueless as I've hardly seen the new meta's sell - the old ones yep, the LK ones oh yes but the new ones? slooooow

  18. I agree when someone said above, it greatly depends on the server. Fail to take that in consideration and you're in to a bigger fail.

    I also don't like the tone of these articles, that sound so exaggerating and alarmist.

    My server is full of people with gold in their pockets, yet no one was in the rush of buying the new metas. Luckily I know my server well and made more gold by barking in trade, rather than posting them on the AH. I bought the +STR one for 20k and the +INT one for 8k. At the end of the weekend, i barely covered my expenses, with NO COMPETITION whatsoever.

    Please be careful with such posts in the future and provide an even more in depth analysis. Or I'll might just start my own gold blog just to do it properly.

  19. I've made about 50k off of the agility meta so far, and they are sill going for over 1k each. Best 2k gold I've ever spent.

  20. I've been able to get the Burning recipe for 5k and already sold 15 gems for 500g each. Prices falling fast but since a raw gem cost around 120g there's still a large margin for profit. Unfortunately, no strength recipe on AH yet and the agi one is still floating around 30-40k.

  21. I've seen the price on the Agile Shadowspirits go from 2000 per to 400 per over the course of 3 days. Since raw Shadowspirit gems cost about 200 on my server, once multiple people had the recipe, the market was flooded. Know your server and know your market!

  22. I have yet to see a single design, either in farming the AH (even searching throughout the workday on my phone) or the little I've spent farming lovely charms. I missed this ship, it seems.

  23. I found two Reverberating designs up for ~200g each, so I used one and sold the other for 12k. Feeling a bit foolish about that now, since I've been seeing them up for over 30k each recently, and they appear to be selling, but hey, free money.

    The Reverberatings have been dropping in price on my server, but are still profitable, going for 500-600g each (uncut Shadowspirits have been going for 325-375). Not as profitable as the Agile and Burning, which appear to have been selling for 800-1000g, but still better than any other cut I have.

  24. There is a lot of competition on my server for Burning and Reverberating. I just can't bring myself to pay 20-30k for the design. The cut is only selling for 450. There is a lot of competition. Probably 8 sellers with 4-10 ea. on the AH. I think the design would be worth it for 10k, but I haven't seen it.

    I saw the Agile design for sale once for 50k. Way too much. And never again - definitely for 20k. That gem is holding value.

  25. I find some of these articles if not pure fantasy, at least stretching reality a bit.

    Recipes sell on most servers for 20-30k. Raw gems sell for 100g. Average price started on 1k and dropped to 200-500 in a couple of days.

    Let's say you buy the recipe for 25k, and you sell cuts for 400g. You will need to sell 63 just to return your investment.

    Will you sell 63? No, you won't.

    From my experience, and I've been camping the AH with 2 new cuts since first day, you sell one each 30 mins at peak times. And I'm in an overly-populated realm with extreme high-end guild competition.

    A goblin friend reported that even thoughh he had the new bracer enchant on AH for a whole afternoon, no one touched it.

    And it gets harder to reach the return point since new competitors join the market everyday, and soon profit margins will be around 20-30g just like any other meta.

    Sure someone may argue since they got the recipe for 500g, then everything is profit. But that's the same mistake as with "I farmeed it so it's free" mentality. Flipping the recipe for 30k would probably have been a better investment.

    So, who's profiting?

    Those who resisted the temptation to have the cut for themselves and flipped the recipe, and found someone willing to take 20g for new cuts.

    It would be worth if you could sell these gems each 5 mins. But reality is far from that.

  26. Most of the casual player base ISN'T replacing their meta at the drop of a hat. Heck most of the players on my realm aren't even running heroics at this time so most gear isn't using any meta at all/cheap meta.

    I have all 3 cuts and was making pretty good bank when a wonderful alchemist found some sucker JC who would cut 100 of the Ember for 25g. Result? He posted at 300g when everyone was making 600g a pop. When I asked him why he said he just wanted a quick sale for his Shadowspirits he had.

    So I bought 80 of his gems at that price since it was 10g lower than Shadowspirits are running.

    Agile Shadowspirits are still going for between 450 and 500 at this time but other than flipping the recipes I find for 5k on ah for 15-20k they're the only profile I'm getting out of these.

  27. Stupid advice tbh.
    The recepi might be a worlddrop, its quite abundant overfloating the market with gems in days, prices are at 200g for a week on our server, crashed to 160 in 3 days, cheaper then the mats.
    Anyways I followed this articles advice, cost me 4k for the recipe and bought 25raw gems for 2.5k, still have 10 uncutted left. There is way to much competion allready, and i m not undercutting to lower then matscost to 'control' the market.
    If I had resold the recipe I would have made 11k maybe more as I found it vrry soon after release on the AH for cheap price. By learning it I dropped like 4k in gold. quite simple economics, supply and demand, to bad I blindly followed this articles advice.

  28. Tracking the progress of new meta cuts, it's obvious that unless you were first to the market and had cheap Shadowspirit gems stock piled, that you didn't make gold here. META gems are 'rarely' exchanged, unlike other gems, because people rarely change their helm. It's also harder to find a helm with a META slot until top levels, unlike leveling in TBC, Northrend, and now Cataclym where each late tier of gear has gem slots.

    I have a transmute specialist Alchemist, JC, BS, Inscriptionist and DE'er/enchanter and even making Shadowspirits is a waste of the gems. We're talking 18 gems, that if cut, yield almost 180 gold. CUT metas on my server are less than that! I'd have to 'hope' for a proc to make a profit and even then I'd have lost alot in the process of awaiting a proc.

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