Obtaining Maelstrom Crystals for Patch 4.0.6

Maelstrom Crystals have been a pain after blizzard nerfed the best way to obtain them, many people have been asking me what is the best way to obtain these after the nerf to Alchemy? Well I have good news, there are two other ways to obtain them.

Disenchanting PvP Gear
This is a great to way get these pesky crystals. You can get two epics per week if you do hit your arena cap & do the daily BG a couple days a week. This is more of a "time is money" way to make gold but I find that doing 5 arena matches then a BG 3-4 times a week takes me roughly an 2 hours total per week.

2 hours worth of work for something currently worth 5,000g? Sounds good to me. This is a decent way to obtain these crystals.

Disenchanting The Engineer Helm
This is probably one of the better ways to obtain  Maelstrom Crystals, though it does require a lot of things for it to happen. First you need maxed Engineering and Enchanting on the same character, then you need to be 85 and eligible to run heroics for chaos orbs. 

The material cost to craft one helm is roughly 1300g plus the chaos orb, Maelstrom Crystals are currently selling for 3,000g per on my server, so it's still an awesome profit margin. The great thing about this is that you're able to craft as many as you want and you're not limited to X per week, though there is the limitation of the chaos orb.

I have 12 orbs on my engineer right now from running heroics , he's currently an alchemist but I'm seriously thinking of dropping that and putting enchanting on him again.

Why do I want Maelstrom Crystals?

Patch 4.0.6 is coming and with this patch new enchants are coming. They require these crystals thus creating a demand for them, if you don't have any I suggest you snag some for when the patch hits, maybe craft a couple of the new enchants as they will sell rather well if you're on a big raiding server with top guilds

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  1. Have you heard anything about how hard the new enchanting recipes will be to obtain? I think I read somewhere that they are drops but I haven't seen anything about where they drop and what the % of drop is. Any info on this?

  2. I'm curious if other people are buying the crystals now to resale for profit after the patch? How much do you think they will go up in value? Enough to justify the risk?

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