Patch 4.0.6 Herbalism Buff? Or..

Herbalism just recently got buffed from what I've been reading, especially farming whiptail in Uldum. According to multiple blogs out there, Mmo-Champion, Twitter, and even the entire wow player base are saying that farming herbs has been drastically buffed.

What does this mean for the herbalism market? There is going to be a normal demand, but a huge supply coming in, thus lowering the price for herbs drastically. I logged onto wow yesterday and had my buddy ask me " What's going on with whiptail? " He then told me that whiptail was at an all time low of 80-90g/stack, he was buying as much of it as he could he said. The buff has been out for three days and the price of whiptail has already drastically taken a toll.

There was even talk about this last night during the JMTC Meeting. A couple people said that they can get as much as 40 stacks of whiptail per hour. It's insane!

Thinking about this whole situation, did blizzard really buff farming? Or could it be that the bots are no longer farming herbs, thus allowing the general player base to farm making it seem like blizzard buffed farming? There is nothing in the patch notes that states farming was buffed, and as far as I can tell that's not even in the un-documented changes.

What do you think? Did Blizzard really buff herb node spawns? Or could it be that the botters have been banned and people just think farming got buffed?

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  1. It doesn't really make any sense that a banwave would lead to flooded Whiptail markets.

    According to several farmers who have also been farming before, they do in fact obtain MORE herbs than before.

    The question is rather whether this is intended or not (i.e. will it be fixed?), so we know when to buy all those cheap herbs.

    Obviously, if this is intended, prices will fall even more and we should not buy yet, but if it's more like a "mistake" it'd be better to buy anything as fast as possible.

  2. Thomas McCart said... February 12, 2011 at 8:33 AM

    I am fairly confident that the respawn rate got buffed and I am positive it is a bug.

    I think this because my mate spent 30 minutes flying between about 10 nodes constantly finding one of them respawn, sometimes one respawned just after he mounted up after herbing it.

    The effect on the market will depend on how long it takes blizzard to fix the rates, if they fix it soon any people who hoarded the herbs are going to be in for some big cash, if they take their time to fix it, the price will come back up to normal levels but it is really going to test peoples patients.

  3. Most of the better bots have been on a maintenance as the 4.0.6 patch was significant enough to make them have to patch the bots and then the ninja patch yesterday trashed the bot yet again. Botters haven't been banned but the rolling patches require maintenance. Prices prob won't stay down for long.

  4. Regardless of the reason for the perceived change to node spawn rates, the immediate result is a drastic drop in whiptail ah prices. I've been picking it up at the same price as cinderbloom lately.

    Other herbs might be affected to a lesser degree but not noticed as easily, as many herbers concentrate their efforts on the upper-tier herbs.

    Herbs, especially whiptail, might be in for a further price decrease next weekm as much of the current demand is driven by scribes trying to make as many DMF trinkets before the fair ends tonight.

    Combine that wih the fact that the prices of those DMF trinkets are dropping to 50% of last month's prices, as most of the early-adopters have already obtained their decks/trinkets, and we might be seeing the start of a permanent shift in herbs prices across the board.

  5. The whiptail supply, according to UJ data for many servers, is spiking dramatically. It doesn't make as much sense for this to be a result of a lack of botters, as the controlling players of said bitters typically have a vested interest in getting their goods to market ASAP. If anything, fewer botters would likely provide greater yields to legit farmers, but would likely cause an overall supply trough.

    I've also seen drops in the price of heartblossom and twilight jasmine on my server (Cenarius - US), but haven't yet looked at the relative posting volumes yet to see if this is truly a wider phenomenon.

    Remember, the plural of anecdote is data!

  6. Hasn't this already been hotfixed?

    There have been at least 2 hotfixes since the Patch on Tuesday.

  7. Afair Blizz was rarely informing about such drop rate changes. I am really sure back in time frost lotuses drop rates were being silently adjusted as drop rates were changing like 2 times between resets. (I am not talking about these times there were blue notes concerning lotuses).

  8. Yes, it was hotfixed and it was in the notes. And having farmed it myself both before and after the patch - when I can now farm in the same 80x80 yard area endlessly for over an hour, yeah they buffed the respawn.

    I can't tell you how many times last night I had instant respawns and 2-4 herb nodes that respawn one right after the other in succession. The place was heavily farmed with at least 6 other Druids I counted by name and seeing them multiple times, two Paladins, 3 DK's, 2 SPriests, and 1 Hunter.

    I left the place with 33 stacks of whiptail and 201 vLife.

  9. I heard some speculation that this was related to phasing. I'm not an herbalist, so I could be wrong, but apparently herb nodes were extremely hard to find after you'd finished the zone because so many of them were in a different phase. Perhaps one of the undocumented changes was to make them appear in all phases?

  10. Definately think it is a bug. I've spent like an hour at the northeastern part of uldum's whiptail route and just sat there with herbs constantly spawning. One of my guild members suggested that herbs may not be phasing right now thus the extra spawning and what not.

  11. My understanding was it was also due to a 'fix' with the phasing issue. I think they have tried to fix the issue but got it a bit wrong.

    It's nothign to do with bots being removed or anything. You can have the herb come back straight after you have picked it, in fact I on one occasion I picked the hwerb, it grew back, picked it, grew back and picked it again. 8 Whiptail from 1 node in about 12 seconds. It's just stupid and i hope/expect them to fix the issue soon (after I have bought all the cheap ones that is).

  12. When one small spot deviate from the rest of the entire WORLD, you can be pretty damned confident that it IS a bug.

  13. The same happened to me with Whiptail and actually the same with Heartblossom as well. I spent only 30 minutes with Whiptail and had 80 herbs when normally to get that it would take me like 3 hours.

  14. Since botters sell their herbs, a banwave or any other large-scale disabling of bots would be followed by an increase in prices and a drop in supply, as the bots would cease providing that supply.

  15. Most definitely been buffed. And no there hasn't been a banwave against botters, although a lot of botts has had a hard time updating for all the patches.

  16. There was actually a recent banwave, from people using an opensource bot, but people who think that Blizzard can't look at the source code and set a trap for them, are idiots. Smarter botters use a paid bot where the source is closed. At least 40k accounts were banned in the ban wave - but it was within the last 2 weeks, not just after this patch.

  17. Mageshadow - On my server over the weekend, I saw the prices of inferno ink drop to about 70g, about the same price of burning embers, which it takes 2 to make the ink. At first I thought it was due to the buff in the herb spawns, but not sure why the price of the ember didn't drop. I also have been able to pick up Whiptail for under 100g per stack. My buyout price had been 150g. Did I just hit a lucky streak, or have I missed something?


  18. Well looks like blizzard caught on the spawn rate on whiptail. they are toning it down now.

  19. According to the hotfix notes, this was an accidental buff and has been hotfixed. We should see the prices begin to recover.

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