Patch 4.1 Meeting Tonight & Review

Just My Two Copper is holding a meeting tonight at 9PM Eastern Time Zone. The topic of this meeting is going to be mostly regarding the newly released patch 4.1 notes. This meeting is open to everyone. Everyone is welcome to come even if you don't have a mic, there will be a chat room that you can use to ask questions/engage into the conversation. A recording of the meeting will be posted on the site the next morning ( Saturday ). 

The Meeting is being held on Teamspeak. This isn't something that WoW players use ( at least to my knowledge ) too often. I'd used ventrilo but the capacity that ventrilo servers can hold just isn't enough. You're going to have to download a program called Teamspeak 3. It's 100% safe and free ( feel free to virus scan it if you don't trust me ). Teamspeak 3 can be download here.

Teamspeak Server Information:
Port: 9987

Below are some of the topics that I'd like to cover during tonight's meeting:

  • Recent Hotfixes
  • Recent 4.1 Datamined Patch Notes
  • 4.0.6 Gold Making Strategies
  • Up & Coming JMTC Weekly Meetings
  • New 4.1 Mounts
  • New 4.1 Pets & Pet Achievements
  • Darkmoon Faire Trinkets Obsolete When Ilvl 391 released?
  • Living Ember = ? 
Also, anyone is welcome to join the JMTC IRC and ask questions at any time! This is your 24/7 Gold Guru heaven. You've got questions, we've got answers!

7 comments: on "Patch 4.1 Meeting Tonight & Review"

  1. 9pm fridays does not work for me..Sorry I miss the show every week.
    Sunday at 9pm would be much better.
    Hard to be home on a friday at 9.

  2. I didn't see anything about 391 ilvl gear in the notes. Is this just speculation about the (distant) future? How do you know the ilvl will be 391?


    There are ilvl 391 trinkets being released, will they crash the DMC market? Will they become obsolete? Will they be upgraded?

  4. I read the patch notes and didn't see anything about new epic gems. Is anyone on the PTR that knows if this is added yet?

  5. I couldn't find a recording of last week's meeting was there not one or did I just miss it? x

  6. There was none last week, my apologies. I couldn't make it to the meeting as something came up with my family.

  7. Hmm, downloaded TS3, typed in server name and port. Right time... just no connection. Strange... port 9987

    Oh well. :(

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