Stockpiling Pyrite Ore, Worth It?

Let's talk about the future today; Pyrite Ore. Well all know what happened in Wrath of the Lich King, Epic gems became obtainable from Titanium ore in the patch 3.2, the people who had titanium ore stockpiled made thousands upon thousands of gold the first week that epic gems were released, the others; not so much.

So let's fast forward to Cataclysm, Pyrite ore is the equivalent of Titanium, Patch 4.0.6 is being released next Tuesday and we're getting closer and closer to 4.2. Will the new epic gems be obtainable from prospecting pyrite ore? If so, should we be starting to stockpile this stuff months before Blizzard announces epic gems?

The patch is coming, will you have enough Jewelcrafting tokens to get all the epic gems cuts desired? Or are you using those tokens now to buy rare & meta gems? Will it be worth to save 30-40 Jewelcrafting tokens?

The answer is yes, it will definitely be worth it. At least saving a bunch of Jewelcrafting tokens is something that is VERY smart to do when epic gems come out. Pyrite ore? That's personal preference, myself personally I pick it up when it's cheap and just toss whatever I can into my own personal bank.

My though on stockpiling Pyrite ore is, " Hey if Blizzard doesn't make epic gems obtainable from pyrite ore, then I can simply prospect to meet my costs, if not more because of the volatile earth that comes from prospecting pyrite ore "

So what are your thoughts? Are or will you stockpile Pyrite ore? Are you going to start saving Jewelcrafting tokens months before any announcements are made?

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  1. What about non-JC's? Will the ore price in general raise or will it only be because of the prospecting?

  2. Osiris, from what I remember, Titanium Ore did skyrocket in price when epic gems were released, so I'd imagine that the same would happen to Pyrite. That's basically the whole reason JCs should stockpile early, while the ore is cheap. But non-JCs can cash in too. Not everyone is stockpiling pyrite, but when epic gems are released you can bet plenty of people will be trying to prospect for them and will be willing to pay very inflated prices (especially before we know the rates that epics drop from them). So stockpiling Pyrite isn't a bad idea for anyone. The only problem with stockpiling if you're not a JC is that you can't do anything with the ore if things go south; JCs can always prospect, but non-JCs can pretty much only sell the ore back.

    I've definitely been picking up cheap (under 150g) pyrite in anticipation of whatever patch releases epics. There's no real rush though, as I doubt it will be until at least 4.2 which is probably months and months away. Which is why I'm also not stockpiling tokens. I will begin to at some point, but not using them now means you're missing out on a lot of profit in the months leading up to the release of epics.

  3. I would think that the ore price will rise as people who didn't stockpile the ore start buying up what's available to catch up to those that did.

    As a JC, I'm saving half off all I purchase for the future. This means I don't profit much off the ore now as one stack prospected about pays for two stacks of ore. I'm working at filling a guild tab or two and calling it good for now.

    I'm wondering if we'll be able to use volatile earth to buy tokens for gem cuts when epics become available, similar to the titanium dust in wrath. Or will volatile earth be discontinued from pyrite ore prospecting in favor of pyrite dust or similar? What happened during wrath with titanium ore?

  4. I certainly hope it pays off. I have 5 tabs full of it :)

    I know it's a gamble but it's fun. I'm also stockpiling JC tokens. There isn't much of a market for the current stuff. I'm able to make gold other ways for now.

  5. As Vince said, I would not expect Epic gems until 4.2 at least as that's when they came for Wrath and pushing them out now makes the blues redundant to early.

    When we have had a content patch or so I will definably be stocking bank alts full of ore and saving my badges.
    When epic gems came out in Wrath it was the stockpile of Titanium that got me into the AH for the first time ever making 15k from the small pile of ore I could amount in the week before with my small pile of gold.
    This time round I will defiantly have months worth of stock.

  6. I have an uncomfortable theory.

    What a lot of people are forgetting is that, prior to the patch that introduced titanium powder, titanium ore WASN'T prospectable.

    I was honestly surprised when I first learned that pyrite was prospectable right from the beginning but its in keeping with a few alterations to Blizz's previous patterns.

    Bear in mind, I proposed months ago that Blizz might find a way to keep the value of Wrath epics up by simply adding level requirements to Cata gems.....which they did. And I've seen steady sales on them as a result.

    I'm guessing that they may throw a wrench into the pyrite-hoarding plans by simply introducing a new ore in a future patch, above the pyrite level, giving everyone a level playing field when it comes time to introduce Cata epic cuts.

  7. Here is my crazy conspiracy theory: regardless of pyrite being prospectable or not, the epic gem xmute will have no cooldown, like the rare gems now. This will help maintain and stabilize the price of just about every ore and gem out there.

  8. @Whitewolf: The biggest thing that makes me that adding a new ore is unlikely is the vast amount of additions and alterations it would require. If the new ore only existed to be prospected it would be worthless come the next ex-pack. Along with a myriad of other things, it just seems highly unlikely

    @Anom: That would be quite surprising as it would impact prices considerably. If anything I'd expect the CD on elementium-->pyrite to go away.

  9. Given that Pyrite Ore is currently prospectable now, it makes sense to me that IF epic gems are to be introduced in this expansion at all (and I recall reading a blue post which mentioned that they will not), the path to epic gems will be blue gems + herbs via an alchemy transmute.

    It's about the only mechanic that fits into the current paradigm that wouldn't require major changes in-game to things like prospecting tables etc.

  10. I can't see what the above post about them coming from transmutes happening alone without a prospect as then it puts the JC at a disadvange by making a JC rely on a Alch to suppy them with jems to cut.

    If they did bring that in then also a prospect from pyrite would come with it as it's to much effort to add in a new ore.

    The only real spanner they could throw in the works is Gems dropping from bosses etc like previous expan's or an alt form of currency for them etc.

    Personally i am stocking tokens and Pyrite ore for the gamble on it, knowing ill at least make all the gold back on it even if it is not used for the epic gems from prospects or earth's or evan just flipping it seen as i only buy it cheap.

    I current have 2 personall banks full of it and 1 5 slot GB full 5 tabs with the ore and hopeing for the best. 100% worth the investment seeing as you can't loose either way.

    Thats my 2 copper

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