Transferring Servers? I can help!

" I'm transferring severs soon, and I wanted some suggestions on getting around the gold limit of 50k. I was told to make an alchemist dragon and sell it on the new server to bring along an extra 40k or so, but I was wondering if there was a lower risk way to do this. Thanks in advance. "

An excellent question you have here Ben, I recently transfered servers and asked myself this question as well. All in all I managed to bring roughly 200k worth of items on one single toon, I achieved this by using the following items listed below.

  • 5k Fortune Cards
  • Volcanic/Hurricane Decks/Trinkets
  • Sandstone Drake
  • Choppers
  • Truegold
  • Rare Niche Items - Think Sulfuron Ingots, Arcane Bomb Schematics, Etc
Out of the items listed above the lowest risk one would be the 5k fortune cards, why? because you can sell them to a vendor and instantly gain 5k. The next lowest risk item would be the Darkmoon Faire Trinkets & Decks, they always sell well and the Hurricane/Volcanic Decks & trinkets are going for 15-24k, so it's an awesome way to transfer gold. Rare niche items like rare schematics or patterns are always great as well, I brought over a handful of them and they've resulted in ~30k of my profit.

Did I miss any items? Do you know of any other items that can be taken with you when you're transferring and sold for profit..? Leave a comment!

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  1. The original question was about low to none risk, in which case only the 5000G fortune cards are the way to go.
    There's also the 1000G versions, but as the cards don't stack (yet) they're not that desirable for shipping gold.
    The Porcelain Bell stacks up to 20 which is a better use for the bagslot (they have a horrible deposit cost on AH)

  2. I just transferred servers recently and brought with me most of the items you mentioned. I also brought BOE epics. All in all I made 19k and got 3 epics on my toon in the process.

    The Darkmoon cards are a great way if you buy them during the faire and sell a week or two later. The price hits rock bottom as people try to make a fast nickel rather then a slow dime.

  3. I would scope out the new server's economy first to make sure you aren't going to take a bath here, but if not, bring stacks of truegold!

  4. arkraven - saurfang EU said... February 8, 2011 at 10:57 AM

    i have recently just server X-fered too,

    i bought the biggest specail bag i could (32 slot??) for each gathering proff and filled them up, ore herbs n leather always sell, genrally you will make your money back sum item you will lose out on sum you will gain on.

    i also brought a bucket load of netherweave cloth bolts, found the bag seller and offered them the cloth for an amount.

    hope this helps

    arkraven - many servers EU

  5. Actually, if you have the time and money to do it, one way to get more DMF decks stuffed into your bank before a transfer is to leave them as singles.

    That way you can squeeze up to 20 decks into 8 slots rather than 20.

    Back to the original question, I'd suggest a quick comparison of Volatile prices on both the old and new servers as these items stack in 200s and can be released into the target market over time.

  6. In order of risk/value, I'd list it like this:

    1) 5k Fortune Cards (1k fortune cards are good too, unless you plan to maximize your bag/bank space). Kind of a pain to stockpile though.
    2) Maelstrom Crystals (stacks of 20, so that's roughly 40k per slot, and these will always sell).
    3) Truegold (same as Maelstroms, but about 1/3 value per slot).
    4) Vial of the Sands (probably best value per slot, but not always as easy to sell, especially in bulk).
    5) New DMF Trinkets (not as nice value per slot, but will sell easily).
    6) Various rare items as mentioned in the post.

    The Porcelain Bell I hadn't thought of, but is a good low risk thing if you can find them. But that's a big if. Unless you plan a long time in advance and save them up... Also, only 2k per slot, is pretty low in comparison to the list above.

    I'm a patient risk taker, so I'd probably take quite a few Vials, knowing that eventually they will sell. I wouldn't bother with Choppers unless I was a goblin (race) engineer, or I had lots of bag space available and needed to diversify to avoid taking excessive amounts of the other items listed above.

    I also copy Brian's sentiment. Check the new server's AH first!

  7. This may not be an option for some folks but when I xferred servers (after due diligence) I moved 8 toons. The RL cost was high but I was able to move all my gold that way with no 'conversion' needed.

    Had I needed to do it without moving all those toons, I would have moved leather, enchanting mats, scrolls and ore/bars. If you are able to plant a toon and scout the new server AH you should be able to tell what goods are moving the best.

  8. Volatile Air or Volatile Fire - stack in lots of 200, and are worth 15-30 gold each. Obviously check out the prices on the destination server, but they are very easy to sell, due to being used in most professions, sometimes in quite large quantities.

  9. Definitely agree with bringing the choppers over, they are an item that don't lose their value across different realms. However, I believe they have recently increased the amount of gold that can be transfered per toon. Have you seen this recently?

    Also, you could use the Undermine Journal to research the comparative prices of different items. I know a particular player who made a small fortune bringing a heap of sunmotes over, back in the days of the sunwell!

  10. Hey, it's Ben from the original Email. The items I decided on were actually more trade skill based. I'm really not a huge fan of big budget items like trinkets, but I did take a shot at it according to your suggestions! I bought enchanting mats, herbs, ore, and heavy furs or and pristine hides. Additionally I purchased leg armors because they stack and sell in the 1k range. Hopefully it goes well, thanks for the tips!

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