Why You Should Be Selling Flasks Now

Cataclysm has been out for quite some time now. People are tired of heroics and are now running raids, this creates a demand for one item that raiders simply love using: Flasks.

With the recent buff to flasks, you can now craft them for a little less than before. If you're looking to make a profit from flasks I also suggest that you become a flask specialist to get those extra procs. Let's take a look at how much a flask will cost to craft and how much it will sell for:


Flask of Draconic Mind:
8 - Volatile Life [ 48g Total ]
8 - Twilight Jasmine [ 58g Total ]
8 - Azshara's Veil [ 32g Total ]

Auction House Price: 189g 
Profit Per Flask:  50g

You're making 50g per flask and that's without any procs, that's awesome gold! Check your servers to see how much profit you can make per flask before doing anything though, as prices vary by server. 

Another thing is that flasks haven't received too much attention lately due to the fact that when they were first released they weren't profitable at all. This gave people the mindset that flasks are and will never be profitable. I expect competition will be on the low side for quite some time until people start to notice that flasks are now becoming profitable as the price of herbs start to go down.

Raiding has started on most servers, some are already well onto heroic raids so this is the time to sell flasks! What are you waiting for?

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  1. On my server, 8 volatile life (88g), 8 Twilight Jasmine (72g) and 8 Azshara's Veil (100g). Flask of the Draconic Mind sells for 185g, so I sell the mats, buy the flask and pocket the 75g.

  2. Flasks should be crashing soon with every potential buyer getting his/her flasks from guild cauldrons. Am I right?

  3. 8 life (40g)
    8 jasmine (48g)
    8 Az´Veil (72g)
    selling at 155g... no fun

  4. On Thunderhorn US, it's 8 azshara (92g), 8 volatile life (120g), and 8 jasmine (70g). Flasks are 185g.

    Running daily AH scans, been checking TSM's config every few days, have yet to see _any_ cata alchemy or enchanting that's profitable.

    The only thing I can guess is we have an unusually high number of people making darkmoon cards, relative to the population, as I see lots of people asking about trading cards.

  5. Ok so my herbalist is only 83..I don't farm Twilight Jasmine yet..Please give me advice should I power level my herbalist or just go farm and die?

    Flask of Draconic Mind sell for 180g on my server. and I just will pick up twilight jasmine at 10g each to try it.

  6. On my server all the flasks sell for significantly below the cost price of the materials. To break even I worked out I would need 7 double procs when making 20 flask. (Not going to happen)

    Since I don't have a herber what I do is buy the flasks cheaply on the weekend and then resell them on raid nights for a markup.

    What I also do is make sure I am not the cheapest, certain flasks i.e Draconic mind sell in vast quantities so I normally put mine on at the most expensive price there and sell for an even greater profit. (On a Wednesday at least 80 of these flasks sell on my server)

  7. Bad news: Mine are selling for less than the cost of mats, and falling in price as the guilds start making cauldrons for raids.

    What other way am I using Alchemy to make profits? Transmutes!

  8. Price a very different on my server. volatile life at 12g each, Twilight Jasmine at 7g each and Azshara's Veil at 7g each and flask prices at 220g mean a small profit except for the procs. This means the risks are high as you have to mass produce to get a hope of the 20% proc rate and therefore turn a meaningful profit. Unless one of the other 20 flask sellers decides to undercut you all an sell for break even prices or even a small loss.

    Which in turn pushes flasks down even more. Just need to get lucky with finding cheap mats, like the poor soul that posted 40 stacks of 10 for 12g a stack instead of each /win.

  9. volatile life 21g each. worthless

  10. One other piece of info I would add is how to sell them - stacks of 2 and stacks of 3. Why? Because raids don't typically last an hour. Any organized raid will run for 2-3 hours and I know personally, I would rather grab them in one shot instead of one per click. It might make your sales go a bit more nicely by making the customer happy.

  11. Like I said it will be server dependent, it won't always be profitable. Try buying herbs/volatile life from a farmer to help reduce costs.

    Great point on selling them in stacks of 2 & 3.

  12. Well, flasks on my realm sell for 50g each, constantly^^

    Not worth bothering imho


  13. Flasks are extremely dependent on the prices the mats go for on your server. Each of the 3 mats is at 10g on my server, so you're talking 240g per flask but they only sell for 180g.

    To answer pagb666, no flasks won't crash. What do you need to make the cauldrons? Flasks! The only difference is that guilds will be buying them instead of raiders individually. The spirit flask is the only one that will crash.

  14. i have been trying to sell flasks for two weeks now under the same premise. i noticed a lot of guilds really getting into raiding and few flasks on the AH. unfortunately after 2-3 days of some minor profiting, the market is basically full on flasks, but the mat prices are pretty astounding still. this seems to be the case on a number of servers based on the comments.

    now i am stuck with a dozen of a couple flasks that i think will just get donated to the guild cauldron making - which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but not part of my original idea.

  15. I haven't checked the prices of flasks lately on my server, but the prices of all herbs are ranging between the 4.5g - 7g each price. Depending on how flasks are priced this could be a chance to make a profit.

    To "Rachaels_dad", at level 83 you should be able to go farm some jasmine without high threat. On the second or third day after Cata's release, I took my level 81 hunter to the highlands and was able to farm a crap load of jasmine. Aggro wasn't too bad but I did have to Feign Death (or sick my pet on the mob while I ran to safety) a few times.

    I was able to farm the herbs pretty much in just the area where the dragonkin are. Now, this was before the nerf to the amount of nodes was applied. You may have to venture further into the zone to find more. If you have any kind of aggro dump on your toon it will come in handy.

  16. lol This post should be labled, "I should be selling flasks". Mats on my server are not nearly that low. Lucky you.

  17. I know there are people on my server who are intentionally making and auctioning flasks for less than it is costing them to make.

    I'm not guessing at their costs and assuming they're loosing money. They have told me they're intentionally making flasks at a loss in order to get the 3,000 flask guild achievement and use better cauldrons.

    Azshara's Veil hasn't dropped in price at all, and now sells for much more than Twilight Jasmine on my server.

  18. To the people with high cost volatile life out there... Youre obviously short on herbalism people. Get out there and scoop it up, it'll be like bathing in gold!

  19. I don't know what server you are on, but judging by these comments, its the exception to the rule of "flasks are not profitable". It's the same story for my own server. You lose 50 to 100g per flask crafted. There's no good way to say this, so next time do a little more research before giving out advice.

  20. Do a little more research? I checked the undermine journal and that shows a scatter plot graph of the price of many items. Most of the items listed are around the same price on other servers with of course a few outliers. I used my own server's prices to determine the cost, and it turns out that it is profitable to craft flasks, it won't be like this for ever server though.

    The prices are, as I've said, server dependent.

  21. /facepalm

    Why they always post tips based on their server prices as absolute divine truths?

  22. @Anonymous (February 22, 2011 3:49 PM) and anyone else saying "that's not true of my server":

    Clearly. I'm pretty sure the constant caveat of gold information on the web is that it's server-dependent. Somethings might always make you gold, such as buying sub-vendor, but most things are going to depend largely upon your server's makeup and market.

    Not many people have a booming gold-making business on more than one server. And so people post about what they know: their server.

    Mageshadow does tend to post about trends which may only be on his server, but usually his reasoning is sound. People are probably breaking into raid content in much larger numbers lately and so flasks may have spiked on all servers; saying something about it is hardly a bad move.

    Granted, I think it'd have been nice to see a mention of the fact many of us are now getting flasks from our guild cauldrons and that with the herbstravaganzas on Whiptail and Heartblossom certain flasks (Winds, example) are probably less profitable and Life itself is probably lower in cost than it used to be.

    Regardless, no one knows what's happening on every server. If instead of taking everything you read here as gospel and instead apply the principles to markets on your server (For example: Flasks in the toilet? Try enchanting scrolls, if more people are raiding more people need to enchant their gear!)

  23. They sell at a loss of 40g on my server :( as just about every crafted item is below mat cost. But hey i make a killing in strange dust :/

  24. Making gold form Flask will never be like it was in the past. Right now, if you are able to make Flask (non-spec) and make at least 50g+ off each one, do it now, focus on it right now.

    Because sooner or later, every raiding guild on the server will have their cauldrons and the price of flask will drop like a rock. This is kind of sad if you ask me, how Blizzard has killed lot of markets like Glyphs (which has crashed to the point it no longer worth doing) to now Flasks.

  25. You seem to have the worlds best server for AH profits, pretty much every enchant, flask, everything on my server is sold @ below cost prices it's just flat out stupid.

  26. I wish I could sell these, as they are now I would be selling them at a loss.

  27. Been using the flasks to transfer money from my alliance to a horde character while getting ready to faction change. Buy for 150 on alliance and sell for 225 per horde sit ;)

  28. Material costs for flasks on my Server are higher than flask prices, even with flask spec.

  29. 189*0,95 - 48 - 58 - 32 = 41,55 g

    Thats max profit (without proccs) per Flask. Only if it sells fist time you post it.
    How do you calculate the 50g per Flask oO?

  30. Alright. I looked at the undermine journal. I looked at the scatterplot for my realm, and opened up 10 random realms and a couple outlier realms for the intellect flask. Every one of them sold for a loss. I then went to a random horde realm, looked up the agi flask, and opened up 15 other realms from the same scatterplot.

    Everything sold for at least a 30g loss.

    So tell me, what server are you on, and how easy is it for you to locate other servers where flasks sell at a profit?

  31. I just looked at the undermine journal, at the scatterplots. Sticking a pin in the "center" of the plots, multiplying by eight and adding gives a cost to make the draconic flasks of roughly 232g

    The average sell price by this method is 176g requiring over a 30% proc rate to break even.

  32. Flasks have already crashed due to cauldrons. To buff 7 people for 3 hours my guild now needs 8 flasks, instead of the 21 we'd need otherwise. As our guild progresses, we'll need even fewer flasks.

    It's the "top" guilds that buy all of the flasks, and they're the ones who will be getting increasingly more effective cauldrons.

  33. On my server here's what's selling really well:

    - Flask of the Winds - 190g
    - Flask of Titanic Strength - 220g/ea
    - Mythical Mana potion - 30g/ea
    - Mythical Healing Potion - 45g/ea
    - Elixir of the Master - 20g/ea

    I sell at least 20 mythical mana potions/day - they seem to go quicker than the health potions. The flasks can sit there a couple days until it's a heavy raid day like Thursday-Sunday (on my server). Mon-Wed - bad idea. Elixir of the Master seems to sell all the time tho.

    Volatile life has gone down to 19g/ea - OUCH. I don't know why except for bidding wars between alchemists/herbalists.

    Potion of Transformation is old news so no one's buying. They caught on that it only lasts for two minutes!!

  34. I play on warsong and the prices for herbs are much like you gave on that list, except for azshara's veil where a stack is selling for about 140g, and the flasks oddly enough are all selling for less than 100g, titanic strenght went down to 50g this week.

    No profit at all =(

  35. I wouldnt bet on that horse yet, guilds encourage theyr raiders to let theyr flasks be crafted by a guildy for the couldron achivement.
    So its more likely that they buy the mats then the flask at this time.

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