Wow Coaching Program

Interested in Getting Help in Wow?

For the first time ever wow players can finally go somewhere for one on one (or group if so desired) tutoring on their favorite aspects of world of warcraft. If you're stuck looking for help and just want someone to finally give you the answers you're looking for, then this coaching program is for you. Perhaps you're a star pvp'er who wants to learn to make gold or maybe a star pve'er who would love to own in arenas... whatever your style, whatever your need, the wow coaching program will be there for you!

Keep in mind that the wow coaching program is currently in beta so any bugs, suggestions or ideas you have about the program are greatly appreciated. It also just came out today, so it will take time for coaches to get settled as well as for players to find coaches they want to interact with. So be patient and please keep checking back as the program continues to grow on a daily basis.

For Potential Coaches

Almost everyone who plays wow is good at some aspect of the game, even if that's just your particular class, so odds are anyone can be a coach. However, if you want to be a SUCCESSFUL coach then you will want to follow the tutorials I offer to all coaches in order to provide the best experience possible to the people who come to you for your help. As time goes on I will incorporate more resources which will help coaches interact with one another for the benefit of all.

If you're interested in becoming a coach in any area of wow, well then you need to immediately check out the wow coaching signup page. Getting started takes no more than 10 minutes and as long as you have something to teach others you're ready to be a coach! There is no risk with the system I've developed here; you will be refunded your coaching membership fee should you not succeed with the program.

What You Could Coach

  • Class Specific PvE Roles
  • Class or Comp Specific PvP Tutorials
  • Gold Making Addon Setups
  • PvE Addon Setups
  • PvP Addon Setups
  • Gold Making Tutorials
  • Twinking Tutorials

What makes this program so cool is the fact that it's all community based, sink or swim, it's up to YOU, the community to make the most of this new feature here at JMTC.

Don't forget to join us for tonight's JMTC Teamspeak meeting tonight at 9PM Eastern Time Zone

3 comments: on "Wow Coaching Program"

  1. There needs to be some sort of ratings or customer reviews for each coach. How do I know the coach that I'm about to spend money on is any good?

  2. This does sound like an interesting idea. Ironically enough, I had just finished a reading an article about people coaching others at LoL, and I was truthfully surprised I never heard of WoW coaching. There are different websites based on different topics, but they're a little too general anyways. Nice to see a new way for players to learn the game.

  3. @Court you are correct, I am working on this as we speak.
    @Kismet tahnks for the encouragement!

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