WoW Gold Guide | 50 Items to Make Gold

WoW Gold Guide

WoW Gold Guide


All of the items in this list were taken from the recently updated WoW Gold Guide for cataclysm patch 4.0.6. You can learn the how to make gold behind all of these items and hundreds more by checking out the most relevant and thought provoking gold guide in existance. The updates for 4.0.6 will make you thousands regardless of your profession this week alone!

50 Items to Make Gold in Cataclysm

This isn't a top 50, "it's a here are 50 things I use to make gold which maybe you don't" list... There's no rhyme or reason to this list, I simply sat down for 5 minutes and rattled off numerous items I have used to make gold and covered in the guide. I hope that it provides a stepping board for your own gold making endeavors. Oh and another thing, you may notice that a lot of these items aren't taken from the cataclysm era; this was intentional because there are so many more ways to make gold than what has been added with the cataclysm expansion. I hope to open your eyes to this concept here today.

WoW Gold Guide Items

1. Folded Obsidium
2. Netherweave Bag
3. Strange Dust
4. Illusion Dust
5. Greater Cosmic Essence
6. Pyrium Weapon Chain
7. Greater Sagefish
8. Tailoring Epics -> Maelstrom Crystals
9. Obsidium Shuffle
10. Inscription Offhands
11. Mysterious Fortune Cards
12. Golden Draenite
13. Copper Bar
14. Truesilver Bar
15. Mountain Silversage
16. Iron Bar
17. Fadeleaf
18. Meta Gems
19. Transmute Truegold x2 Alchemists
20. Inferno Ink
21. Resil + Stamina Gems (rare and uncommon)
22. Stamina to Bracers (from wotlk)
23. Spiders Silk
24. Thick Spiders Silk
25. Boar Meat
26. Stringy Wolf Meat
27. Saronite Bar
28. Frostweave Cloth
29. Level 15 Tanking Shield
30. Level 15 +Healing Wand
31. +Intellect to Weapon (Vanilla)
32. Wool Cloth
33. Mageweave Cloth
34. Silk Cloth
35. Runecloth
36. Bolt of Embersilk Cloth
37. Mithril Bar
38. Titanium Rod
39. Mote of Air
40. Mote of Fire
41. Crystallized Fire
42. Crystallized Earth
43. Crystallized Water
44. Essence of Fire
45. Small Radiant Shard
46. Large Briliant Shard
47. Guild Signature
48. Guild Bank
49. Khorium Bar
50. Potion of Treasure Finding

This list could have easily become 500 items to make gold with from my WoW Gold Guide, but I think 50 is fine for now. Wouldn't want to give you information overload! As I said before, these items are great to get you thinking, but if you want to take it to the next level and identify, diversify and automate the process of selling items in world of warcraft, there is no better way to learn than with a wow gold guide written by someone who actually cares about your success.

Maybe you can add to this list! Comment time, add to it with some of your own new or old gold making methods for cataclysm; let's see how much we can come up with together!
PS: Don't make it #51, #52, #53, etc because that will be really hard to read after eight people add their own #51. Just create an non-numbered list of items which you use on the regular for making gold.

9 comments: on "WoW Gold Guide | 50 Items to Make Gold"

  1. this helps alot and one item ive found that sells realy well is a combo of arcane dust and cosmic essence from abyss shattering

  2. Before I installed TSM and concentrated on crafting I had a great time flipping Delicate Wings, Dragon Flanks and Toughened Flesh. Buy up the odd numbers people get from levelling and repost as full stacks. Not worth thousands but if you're starting out and building up some funds for bigger things it's well worth doing.

  3. Rumsey Rum Black Label, I just bought 740, yes, 74 stacks of them.

  4. Tangy clam meat or for extra profit the unopened shell (gives the buyer a chance at a pearl)

  5. XX - Primal Might
    XX - Adamantite Powder
    XX - Mercurial Adamantite

    ^ All 3 are bottlenecks in leveling professions.

  6. @Anon - Rumsey Black Rum

    I'm going to guess you're on my server since there are 740 SINGLE auctions of Rumsey Black Rum currently listed (plus a few from some other folks...)

  7. The food from the vendors at Ogrila in Blade's edge, usually I list on AH in single's, selling for 6g99s each.. not going to make you rich.. but a top tip nonetheless

  8. 14. Truesilver Bar

    This is a strange one, on my server (Azuremyst-EU). Early last year, I made a fortune just in buying low and selling high, for months on end. More farmers arrived and pushed the price down a little, but it was still a fairly stable market. However since the start of the autumn, the price of Truesilver Bar has been in freefall, and I can't understand why. Truesilver is much used in Jewelcrafting, Blacksmithing and Engineering at mid-levels, so the advent of Cataclysm wouldn't really make any change in demand (okay, new players means more absolute demand, but tempered by new miners bringing new supply, so the supply/demand ratio should not be affected).

    I think the cause is simply the supply has increased, probably due to farming. When the farmers first arrived, prices softened a little, but not much. I suspect that several traders were doing the same thing as I did, spotting cheap bars and buying them up, supporting the price. However, we buy cheap in order to sell at a higher price, and as the price continued to erode, I think there came a time when the traders just stopped buying at any price, and without sufficient support, the price plummetted.

    What is causing the glut of Truesilver Bars? I think farming bots play their part. Has the ore spawn rate changed? I don't know, but I think not. What's happening on other servers?

    On Azuremyst-EU, the supply is dominated by only a few players selling truesilver in such vast quantities that I think only a farming bot could be providing them with it. Or perhaps one or two of them are traders who got sick of waiting for the price to climb, and started dumping their stocks.

  9. I leveled mining recently on a level 70 druid with epic flying. I was getting a ridiculous amount of truesilver ore. Before it was so hard to farm ore because you didn't have flyers in the old world. Now you can use a 280%+ and farm significantly faster.

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