#1 Best Cataclysm Embersilk Farming Spot

A couple months back I did a post of where to farm embersilk, well.. that's now really outdated as Blizzard nerfed the spot that was posted so I thought that I'd update that guide and give you guys the best and new Cataclysm Embersilk farming spots.

The Embersilk farming spot is Tol Borad. I'm sure most of you guys have been here and have seen the cloth drops while doing the dailies here. The mobs are named Restless Soldiers and Restless Infantry, they have 17k hp and are very easy to kill. Above is a map with the location of them. The only real downside is that these mobs are part or are near a quest, and therefore other players might kill them as well. Both the Restless Soldiers & Restless Infantry have a drop rate of 50-52%, and they can drop up to four cloth per mob. It's simply ideal for farming, they're low hp mobs that fight each other, dot classes such as warlocks, shadow priests and even a fire mage ( living bomb ) would excel here if they used the "tag" and move on strategy. It would be even better if you used the best grinding trinket currently in the game.

There is even a wowhead comment that states he looted over 200 cloth in under 35 minutes by grinding these mobs, that would equate to roughly  17-18 stacks in an hour; and even more if you were under the effect of the Potion of Treasure Finding.

Farming cloth is a great alternative if you don't have a gatherer and you don't have a lot of gold on you. It's an easy way to make a couple grand in an hour or two.

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  1. Substract ganking and gazillions of people trying to do the quest and it isn't all that great.

  2. You can farm a lot of cloth, true, but cloth is so cheap now, on Shadowsong Alliance its avg 40g/stack , that would make a 680 gold/hour grinding 18stacks/hour, u farm a lot ya but the price is not nice so ur final gold/hour is crap

  3. Despite the gold per hour... It's good to know where good farming spots are for those times where cloth is over priced in the Auction House. Turn that cloth into something more valuable.

  4. you can do it during the wee hours when there are a lot less people doing the quests. :D It's a good alternative to get gold for people who only have a few gold.

    Thanks for the tip! Will try it out.

  5. Farming cloth is a great way to gain some capital, it requires almost nothing ( well besides you being 85 ) and gives a decent gold per hour rate - farming 5k worth of cloth should take 5 hours and that's great for someone who only has 500g in their pocket.

    Keep in mind that you also get greys, greens and other drops from the mobs and not only cloth so you have to factor that in.

  6. Total results from two hours of farming :

    35 stacks (1400G~ on server)
    18 greens (average d/e value of 27G)
    Looted silver (120G)
    Greys and trash (110G

    Total : 2116G.

    Average of 1050G per hour, which isn't bad when you have time to kill and nothing better to do.

    Turn the cloth into better items, and you squeeze more profit. Turn the mats into enchants, you squeeze more. Get a lucky drop ? You get a LOT more.

  7. Didn't they fix it so potion of treasure finding no long works in TB?

  8. Didn't they fix it so potion of treasuring finding no longer works in TB?

  9. I really wish you wouldn't condone "tag and move on" as a viable strategy. These are quest mobs, and some of us, well, we still do the quests. It is a pain in the tookus to have every mob in the zone already gray.

  10. I really wish you wouldn't condone "tag and move on" as a viable strategy. These are quest mobs, and some of us, well, we still do the quests. It is a pain in the tookus to have every mob in the zone already gray.

  11. Did Blizz fix it? Not a single drop yesterday (tuesday evening) after 20 kills

  12. Not a single drop after 25 mobs. Stealth nerf.

  13. I've been using the potion of treasure farming when doing my TB daily's and find that I net sooo much extra stuff between volatiles, cloth and ore. I have 3 alchemist, one is pot spec'd so making the pots isn't a big deal really. It really is worth it to pop one of those pots and farm out there for an hour, the bonus loot is a nice bonus!

  14. well guys im gonna tell u something that works for me im a farmer i farm volatiles and cloth or (i have mining and alchmey) i am a personal supplier and that means i got a guaranteed sale yes sometime i lose a couple extra gold from people trying to sell it at prices 20g over average (never really works) my point is this cloth is worth getting get someone to hire u as a personal supplier (if its ur thing u like to do) or use it yourself but this is very profitable and just today after farming for bout and hour i got roughly 1.2k 780g from cloth 420g from ore and wen i transmute some gems from the nodes there's also a great spot for embersilk in deepholm where u can use potf and get alot more cloth im just trying this spot its not bad if u can kill anyone who attacks u and can easily aoe the mob yes this is a long post but its my first time posting here but i thought i'd try cause this website helps me so much and i appreciate all the writers here who work here um i aint know many of the names i only remember markco anyways thxs guys keep writing!!!!!!!!

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