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WoW Gold GuideHey guys and girls, today I want to show you how I went from 1 to 60 gold in 7.5 minutes without any addons and without my toon leaving a major city. This is exactly the kind of out of the box thinking you'll find in my WoW Gold Guide, except that I'll show you how to use addons to accomplish these tasks. That way, you could do exactly what I did in this video but in less than half the time! What's more, you'll be able to invest far more money into far more items and make exponentially more money over time.

This is but one strategy I use to make gold in the WoW Gold Guide and I'm constantly adding to it every time I figure out something new. Yesterday I updated chapter 12 with an additional video guide on ore crusher, the addon everyone is going crazy about who has a jewelcrafter and possibly an enchanter and alchemist. It instantly shows you whether you can make money prospecting and then either disenchanting rings or transmuting gems. You'll know right away how many gems you should get as well as what to do with them to make the most gold possible.

Turn 1 Gold into 60 in 7.5 Minutes without Addons

If you are looking for a quality guide to enhance your experience playing our favorite game within a game (making gold) then you will want to go with the better guide out there, 20kleveling. There you'll find audio, video, concise walkthroughs and tutorials; basically everything you need to go from a zero to a hero on the auction house. You'll save more time, have more fun and most importantly... make more gold!

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  1. Note re orecrusher. If you use any mod blindly it may not lead to optimal results. Just as prices change and fluctuate during the week so does orecrushers ability to tell you what to do.

  2. Not how to make 60g in 7.5 minutes its just how to spend 1g in 7.5 minutes.
    And with that my friiends i am done.

  3. hey, just a suggestion, but try and get the addon called bagnon, it makes the bag interface a lot more friendly and also takes up less space on the screen.

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