Automatically Sell Everything in Your Inventory

Last week during the weekly JMTC Q&A Meeting there was a great question asked. The question is: Is there a way to easily sell cut gems/items using an addon or a macro?

The answer is yes, there are multiple addons and there is even a macro that you can use to vendor items much faster than by hand. Keep in mind these macros and addons are 100% safe and they will NOT get you banned. I will list the several methods that you can use to save yourself some time when vendoring items: 

Auto Vendor Addon
This is a great addon to use to vendor items. I personally don't use it, and I learned about it through a comment here at JMTC, but by the looks of it, it does exactly what you need; vendor useless items like greys and thing that you simply want to vendor all with the click of one button. Below is a key outline to what the addon does

  • Sell grey items (always enabled as long as the addon is enabled);
  • Sell soulbound items that your class cannot use (disabled by default). I tried to make this very conservative, so it will also not sell stuff you haven't yet trained for. Also, mail will never be sold for hunters/shamans and plate will not be sold for paladins and warriors;
  • Sell soulbound items that are "not optimal" for your class (cloth for Druid/Rogue, cloth/leather for Hunter/Shaman, cloth/leather/mail for Warrior/Death Knight/Paladin). Only works for players level 50 and higher, so you can keep using "suboptimal" armor until you have your armor specialization;
  • Auto repair when visiting a repair-capable vendor (optional to use the Guild Bank for repairs);
  • Support for filters, meaning you can have a list of items you want to always keep or always sell.
Vendor Item Macro
This is a great little nifty macro that will vendor an item of your choosing. It's great for vendoring items such as cut green gems. Below is the macro:

/run for b = 0,4 do for s = 1, GetContainerNumSlots(b) do local n = GetContainerItemLink(b,s); if n and string.find(n,"PUT ITEM NAME HERE") then UseContainerItem(b, s) end;end;end;

You simply change the part where it says " put item name here " to the desired item that you wish to vendor. This is what I personally use to vendor my cut uncommon gems as it's simply and it doesn't require an addon.

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  1. There's a great Addon calles BaudManifest. It's a bag-organizing addon, which lets you build a tree of folder (categories). You can create a category and define that everything in this category should get sold the next time you meet a vendor. I can't live without this addon!


  2. My macro to sell various items to a vendor:

    /run for b=0,4 do for s=1,30 do local n=GetContainerItemID(b,s);if n and tContains({42337,42336,43244,43571,43572},n) then UseContainerItem(b,s) end;end;end

    The numbers are actual itemids. With this macro (and the 255 char limit in macros) you can easily sell various items with just one click ;)

  3. Trying Autovendor for the 1st time, and it is AMAZING!!! Just add the cut gems to the junk list, open vendor, and poof!! gone! Way better than right clicking 1 million cut gems! Thx to whoever suggested this addon!!

  4. Just a little macro tip...

    The bar mod macaroon allows for double sized macros, 510 characters long, on every button.

  5. Auctioneer does that.
    I'm amazed at the number of things that auctioneer does.
    There are so many extra addons people use because they dont realize Auctioneer already does it.

  6. The add-on I use to get rid of all my grey items or items that I have no use for is called ( selljunk ). You can find it on Curse.

  7. Auctioneer is so underrated. Folks need to look at it again.

    I also use a dedicated toon that sits in the dalaran sewers between the mailbox, guildbank, and a vendor. Makes vendoring quick and easy using postal to collect all the items.

    vendoring gems? No problem.
    craft all your vendor gems and
    use /apm to automail to vendortoon
    Continuous crafting with 12 bag slots open.

    Maybe i vendor 10k worth of gems in an hour.

  8. I'm just gonna leave this here:

    /run for b=0,4 do for s=1,GetContainerNumSlots(b) do local i= GetContainerItemID(b,s);if i then local n,_,r,l,_,t=GetItemInfo(i);if strfind(n,"%s") and l==81 and t=="Gem" then UseContainerItem(b,s);end;end;end;end

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