Cataclysmic Meeting Tonight

Just My Two Copper is holding a meeting tonight at 9PM Eastern Time Zone. Tonight's meeting is going to be very different than the others we've had in the past. We're no longer doing a meet and greet kind of meeting where everyone can talk. Instead I'm choosing to hold a Q&A type of meeting. At the very start almost everyone will be muted ( it's only temporary ) only a couple of people that are well known will be able to speak. You ( the users ) will ask a question in chat and we'll try to answer it to the best of our abilities. If other users want to chime into the question that was asked, they will then be given the permission to speak, but firstly they'll have to introduce themselves ( say who you are, etc ). I feel that by doing this we can increase the overall quality of these meetings. As always a recording of the meeting is going to be posted the next day ( Saturday ) for those who couldn't of made it.

So please, do not be alarmed when you cannot speak, no one will be able to besides a handful of people. IF you wish to speak simply ask and one of the admins/voices will unmute you and you will have your turn to speak.

The meeting is being held on Teamspeak. This isn't something that WoW players use ( at least to my knowledge ) too often. I'd used ventrilo but the capacity that ventrilo servers can hold just isn't enough. You're going to have to download a program named Teamspeak 3. It's 100% safe and free ( feel free to virus scan it if you don't trust me ). Teamspeak 3 can be download here.

Teamspeak Server Information:
Port: 9987

Also, anyone is welcome to join the JMTC IRC and ask questions at any time! This is your 24/7 Gold Guru heaven. You've got questions, we've got answers!

5 comments: on "Cataclysmic Meeting Tonight"

  1. Looking forward to the meeting tonight mage :D

  2. mumble or gtfo :P

  3. Will you announce in advance who will be speaking tonight, or will it be a surprise? :)

  4. this is a much better option than splitting everyone up. i was afraid i'd miss out on something said in another channel. thanks mage!

  5. wont be able to make it tonight, please tell me you guys are still recording it! :)

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