Do you have too much ore?

A frequent question that is being asked around everywhere is what do I do with all of this ore? Everyone and their friend is now doing the Obsidium/Elementium Shuffle - and botters just keep posting and posting the ore for cheaper and cheaper, to the point where it's so cheap you'd be stupid NOT to buy it.

There are two main things that you simply have to know when you're buying ore from the Auction House. The first if that you need to know the floor price ( the amount of gold a stack of ore will yield you when you use X strategy ). The floor price for Obsidium is 54g, the Floor price for elementium is 44g. Knowing that, you can safely buy any amount of ore under those prices and you simply know that you're going to be making profit.

The second thing that you need to know is what you're going to do with the Ore and finding out if the method you chose is profitable.. Are you going to prospect it? Smelt it into bars? Craft JC jewelry and disenchant it? Transmute the prospected gems? Transmute meta gems? I've made a nice little picture for you guys to help you out if you have too much ore and don't know what to with it.

Woops! Forgot the Yes -> Buy ( just assume it's there! )

If you bought the ore below it's floor price cutting and vendoring the common gems will always give you your initial investment. Vendoring gems is like your safety net, which is something that is always great to have in case a certain market tanks.

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  1. I won't even touch ore above 30g on my server anymore(largely it's elementium being cheaper than obsidium). I prospect vendor all but the reds and purples. I make spikes out of the reds, and sell about half the purples on the nightstone daily days, and craft and de jewelry with the rest and still have tons of enchanting mats, tons of commons to cut and sell, and tons of untouched ore on reserve in case the influx of cheap ore dies down later on due to blizzard fixing hacks. I guess it largely depends server by server.

  2. 54g / 44g? god, i envy you guys. on my server im buying anything under 55g and still making 3-5k a day from it. on weekends finding any ore under 80g/stack is virtually impossible.

  3. why is the floor price on obsidium higher than elementium?

  4. I think you used a different formula for the floor of each ore- 54g for obsidium indicated that you are only vendoring green quality gems, of which each stack provides 6. That math applied to elementium leads to a floor of 36g per stack, not 44. If you're going to count the blue quality gems' values in this, that would make sense, you need to add it to both ores.

  5. Actually the numbers in the article are good, on average you get about 4.4 or 4.5 uncommon gems per stack of Elementium ore.

    You also get more rare gems from elementium too. Without ever having actually counted them and done the math, I'd say it's around 1.5 rare gems per stack on average. Obsidium is only 1 rare gem per 3 or 4 stacks. Whenever you want more rare gems just buy elementium even it means paying closer 50g.

  6. This is extremely server-dependent. If you wait to buy ore at those prices on my server, you'll be waiting for quite a while. I buy all Elementium under 80g/stack and all Obsidum under 70g/stack and make a killing off of it. Rare gem prices are still 100g each for orange and purple and 150g each for red for me. The uncommon quality gems get transmuted into metas and red/purple/orange rare gems.

  7. Expect ore prices to rise while botters slowly move to new accounts and possibly newer bots. Although the forum posts claim the banned botters were arch + BG afker's, I truly doubt mining bots were excluded. They simply didn't make a big post on it on the forums cause they expected it sooner or later.

  8. The picture says "Transmute rares into Metas".

    Shouldn't that be "Transmute UNCOMMONS into Metas"?

  9. Whoops sorry - It is supposed to say transmute uncommons into meta, for some reason when I typed rares.. not sure what I was thinking.

    @Euripides - 44g is based on calculations from a thread over at the consortium, and not my own.

  10. The 44g is based on getting 4.4 uncommons from each stack and using the rares to craft and vendor Perforators.

    Adding the Perforators to your Obsidium (1 every 20 stacks) prospecting adds a whopping 1g23s to the 54g base price.

    Memo: if the market even gets to the where I'm vendoring Perforators, please shoot me.

  11. hmm i recently went on a slurge i was up to 80k and now im down to about 50ish but have about 15000 elementium ore and 5000 obsidium bought at which i felt was a good price, How ever im worried i have over invested but my theory was the more cheep ore i bough the less there was for my competitors


  12. The floor prices are pretty accurate and are not server dependent. Regardless of the server, if you cut the common gems and vendor, you will make approximately the floor price.

  13. I dont intend this to sound bad but if you use a number please be prepared to explain it and not just say I grabbed it from elsewhere. That just doesnt help the issue.

    The 54gold number comes from cutting and vendoring 6 green gems from obsidium while ignoring the blue gems.

    The 44gold number I have not seen anyone refer to but if you took say 5 green gems cut and vendored you would get 35gold. How to get the rest I just dont see how to get 44gold from vendoring. What is being made with the blue to up the amount?

  14. Bleh..long day.....5x9 is 45 gold. Maybe 4.5gems at 9gold plus cut value of a blue gem vendored?

  15. Markco, you should get into the habit of calling green gems as 'uncommon' not 'common' to alleviate potential confusion.

  16. Always nice to read new ways to make gold.

  17. @magey - I just log on after reading this & both Obsidium & Elementium 45G per stack. Don't rem it being this cheap, but haven't really been watching lately, so bought 100 stacks Obsidium, as per your calcs better profit to work with. As 45G is about what Elementium floor price is, I don't see how it's worth my time if your just recouping costs, so left it on the AH.

    @Zam - lol. Above ore price would explain why perforators now on ah for 100G, down from 250G. Still far away from the 25G vendor.

    @anonymous @ 5:37 - Markco who

    @wow loot cards - u cannot kill that which has no life. This topic will never die.

  18. God, there is so much cheap obsidium on my server. I can't keep up, but I buy all I see anyway, lol. Just stash it and work it when I can. Today I even found six stacks at 29g, lmao. But the average price here is in the 50-60g range.

    The posting seems to happen in bursts, and most of it being on weekdays. For example, I once bought over six hundred stacks of obsidium in just two days, all of it under 54g. Then there was nothing sub 54g for almost two weeks.

  19. So I can buy as many stacks of elementium ore I can find for less then 44 gold and I will make a profit Depending on difference buy just selling the cut uncommon gems to a vendor. + All the blues I get?


  20. I have 5 Gbank tabs filled with nothing but ore. I still don't think I have enough. Of course I make sure it's profitable first. OreCrusher FTW.

  21. My JC is only lvl 58 right now, I started stocking up as I lvl him but is this advised as I will not have him max lvl most likely in time

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