Epic Gems in Patch 4.1 & 4.2

With the recent announcement that patch 4.1 will not contain the Firelands Raid by Blizzard and instead 4.2 will contain it, it got me thinking. Well Blizzard said that 4.2 will be released shortly after 4.1.. and what major thing could either of these patches bring..? Epic Gems.

If we go back and analyze the data from the past expansions we notice that Blizzard released the Burning Crusade epic gems in patch 3.1 along with the first major content patch that Burning Crusade got. Let's Fast Forward to Wrath of The Lich King, epic gems don't hit until 3.2, but this time it's released along with the second major content patch. What does this leave us with for Cataclysm? Epic gems could hit in either 4.1 or 4.2, both of which are supposedly right around the corner.

I wrote a post not long ago debating if you should be stockpiling pyrite ore or if it's too early. My opinion has then shifted, I think now is the time to be stockpiling the pyrite ore. You don't really have a lot of time if 4.1 and 4.2 is coming out soon, especially if 4.2 is going to be released shortly after 4.1. If you haven't already I suggest that you start buying pyrite whenever it's cheap ( if you haven't already ). I've had a couple people ask me if I think they'll add a new ore into the game that will yield epic gems, so I'll put my two cents into that. I personally don't think blizzard will go in and add a whole new type of ore, it hasn't happened in the past and I don't see why they'd do it now.

Another thing that you might want to stockpile is rare gems. Why? Because you will most likely be able to transmute them into epics. Now you're not going to want an absurd amount of gems stockpile because the transmute will also most likely have a cooldown on it. Unless you plan on having multiple alchemists ( 5+ ) I'd say that you're safe with a couple hundred of each color.

I'm not the only one wondering when and were epic gems are coming from, Anaalius made a recent post on his blog that I think ties in very well with this post, if you're interested check out where he thinks epic gems are going to come from. It's an excellent post and I suggest you read it if you're really going to make using epic gems to make gold from once they're released.

With the 4.1 and 4.2 announcement what are your thoughts on the epic gems ordeal? 

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  1. With the way Blizz are releasing patches, 4.2 feels more like 4.1a to me. I think that they will hold off epic gems until 4.3 personally.

    Blizz seem to like delaying steps like these to avoid burnout later in the expansion. In Wrath epics came around August (9 months after it shipped) and even then everyone was getting bored well before Cata shipped.

  2. I have 12,000 ore already, but it doesn't matter to me when the patch is released. I'll keep stockpiling!

  3. I think 4.2 will see the epic gems. I'm already stockpiling my JC tokens and Pyrite Ore and hoping to grab a killing from cutting many epic gems.

  4. where can i read about these gems?

  5. It certainly seems that a lot of the content will be slightly more spread out in Cata than in Wrath for the reasons Protya mentions. Whether that covers epic gems obviously remains to be seen. I personally keep any pyrite ore that I mine just in case, but won't be going out of my way to accumulate it just yet. That said, I do think it will be the main source of epic gems, and also hope it will.

    It would be quite a radical shift in the 'style' of the profession for them not to be prospectable from some kind of ore.

    In the past, certain professions have needed something crafted by another profession in order to craft something of their own. However, these were few and far between. Not making gems prospectable (if this is indeed the case) would put jewelcrafters without an alchemist at a huge disadvantage in my opinion.

    Prospecting is to jewelcrafting what stealth is to rogues, and I think making it somewhat redundant other than for the inevitable shuffles later in the expansion would seriously undermine it. If enchanters had to go to an engineer with a Gyromatic Essence Extractor in order to disenchant the highest type of mats, they wouldn't be happy.

    It may be a non-issue, especially to readers of JMTC as I'd think many of us have both professions among our alts, but others may not and I feel it could be somewhat unfair.

    Then again, there's a lot of gold to be made on uneven playing fields...

  6. What would you say is a cheap price on pyrite ore? My server currently doesn't have much up and its 8G per Ore.

    is this expensive? I have yet to look at pyrite only elementium and obsidium.


  7. Ok what are you guys buying your pyrite out at ? 10g a piece? 200 a stack?

  8. Its just too close to the start of Cata in my opinion to introduce something that will affect the economy this much, considering I still make crazy money doing the stuff that worked at the start of Cata.

    Just doesn't seem we're far enough into Cata.

  9. In both TBC and WotLK, epic gems were released 8-10 months after launch.

    It's been three months since Cataclysm launch.

    Wake me in August.

    (My prediction: Pyrite Ore is going to be practically free when 4.6 hits the PTR in July and the epic gems end up coming from somewhere else.)

  10. I would bet my entire bankroll epic gems won't come out in 4.1 or 4.2. Way too early, not to mention they may not even come in a major content patch now.

  11. I figure there's about a 50/50 chance we'll eventually be prospect epic gems from pyrite. They always have been in the past but then again titanium couldn't be prospected at all until epic gems were added while pyrite can be prospected now.

    As for timeing in the past it's been around 8-9 months into an expansion before epic gems were released. Blizzard might stick to that schedule or they might decide to release them sooner. Again I'd say it's a 50/50 chance either way, most likely either in 4.2 (new raid tier vs just new 5 mans in 4.1) or after the usual 8-9 months.

  12. I personally believe we won't see epic gems in Cataclysm. Why? Take a look at the current stat bonuses offered by cut Chimera's Eyes. They are +27 to the appropriate stat, per gem, giving +81 overall compared to using 3 rare quality gems. This is in line with +80 to stats given by most other professions. If epic gems are introduced, the Chimera's will have to go up to +27 over the new epic stats, or will fall somewhere in between current blue and JC gems. I could be wrong but I won't be surprised if they don't come about.

  13. From MMO-Champ today seems Firelands will be A WHOLE NEW ZONE ... so a new ore is possible too ... epic gems will come, but if they will come with 4.2 in form of pyrite prospecting, isn't it too early to think of ? 4.1 won't be on in 1.5-2 months and 4.2 wont be up 4-6 months from now.

  14. With the preview of the Firelands today on MMO Chamption, I wonder if that zone will have a new ore in it and that's where we get epic gems.

  15. I know we keep looking at patch numbers...but should tiers of content be more important? I havent checked, but at what tier was 3.2 in Wrath? It would make more sense to connect a new tier with new epic gems than simply what patch number it is. It may have been that the patch number was purely by coincidence.

    I have about 100 stacks of pyrite that I have picked up for between 100 and 170g, some I bought weeks ago. Pyrite has been low on my server, as well as all ores. I've been picking up a few stacks daily for 120 or so gold, when just a few weeks ago, anything less than 200g was a steal.

    And Volatile earths are still over 10g a pop...the profit margin already exists...let alone waiting for epic gems.

    I also don't think 4.2 will drop as quickly as you suspect. It may be "right around the corner" but what is likely happening, i reason, is that they are currently working on that tier of content, likely working on 4.1 and 4.2 simultaneously, seeing as they are different types of patches.

    Then again, maybe this post will raise the price of pyrite and I can catch some suckers :)

  16. New enchants, and new meta gems have already been rolled out. It seems like some things in this expansion have a shortened timeline. It was only five new character levels too. Might be totally irrelevant, but perhaps worth including when speculating, which is really all this post is doing.

    My personal opinion is that like in the past, epic gems will come from prospecting (pyrite, in this case) and from alchemy (24-hr cooldown). I don't see them adding a new ore.

    One side effect that hasn't been discussed yet, is that if indeed epic gems can be transmuted, the price of Truegold will likely increase, which means leading up to the release of epics, don't just stokpile pyrite, stokpile Truegold as well. On the topic of stockpiling, though, I don't personally plan to accumulate all that much pyrite, unless it's really cheap (<6g each).

    Off topic, how do I get that "first time visitor" popup from always displaying? I have enabled cookies for this site, and it still shows up every time. It's very annoying.

  17. Speculation isnt a thing I really get into. It is easier to make gold from people thinking about speculating than it is to get it right.

  18. Does anyone think there will be a chance of epic gems dropping from Fire Prisms? Didn't they used to drop every once in awhile in the WotLK version?

  19. Well, as I've said in both the JMTC and Consortium forums, I'm going on record as believing that epic gems probably WON'T be coming from pyrite ore.

    And I highly doubt they'll be making an appearance in 4.2. In Wrath, we all knew about titanium powder months in advance of its introduction. Until I see them announce a pyrite powder I'm not going out of my way to stock up on the ore.

    Oh, and to Anonymous about epic gems in Fire prisms...yes, there will probably be a chance for them to show up there...but not in fire prisms created before epic gems are actually introduced to the game as the contents of a fire prism are determined at the time of crafting. No sense in stocking up now.

  20. Considering there's already a lot of 4.2 data on the PTR, I'd be somewhat surprised if they pushed epic gems for 4.2 since they don't exist currently.

    I'm 99% sure epic gems will come from Pyrite (god i hope so).

    I've already got 2 guild bank tabs full of it.

    Everyone's server is different, but on mine I've been poaching Pyrite ore anytime it drops below 130g /stack, often times grabbing it as low as 100g per stack when the dumb gold farmers blow their load.

  21. @ Anonymous

    Don't think that the fact 3 Chimera's eyes are the equivalent of 2 extra rare gems lead you to believe that they won't release epics. In Wrath when epics came out, all the profession perks got increased to prevent BS from being OP.

  22. I do certainly believe that epic gems will come from Pyrite ore. The questions is when. Could be 4.2, 4.3, or even 4.4 (if 4.3 is a minor content patch similar to 4.1). JCs must be able to acquire Epic gems on their own. Having Xmutes be the only source (aside from a lot of JP points and rarely from fire prisms) will not be sufficient, and lacking for those who do not have an alchemist. Not in BC, nor in Wotlk was it that difficult to attain epic gems. Now, there is a possibility they will add a new ore. They new ore will be used to prospect into epic gems, as well as to be used for new epic patterns. That is a possibility. I think blizzard does want to prevent us goblins from stockpiling and making loads of gold. So that wouldn't surprise me. But epic gems must come from prospecting pyrite ore, or a new form of ore.

    Either way, buying pyrite ore cheap is still worth it, as prices of volatile earth are still high, and you can use the gems that come from it. I personally have 2 guild tabs of pyrite ore, and I'm not stopping anytime soon. Worst case scenario, I prospect it all even without epic gems. Best case scenario, I get rich.

  23. You are recomending us to stock 200 gems of each type for the transmutes, but... if cooldown of epic gems will probably be 1 day... 6x200=1200 days. Don't expect the expansion to last for so long xD

  24. Response to last post.
    Sure, you'll have too much to transmute them all yourself.
    But they are nice for other transmuters and you can deliver to the demand if you have a nice stockpile.

  25. wats with that douchebag with the nerd lisp that wont drop the pyrite ore thing why cant he just let someone make money. u need better format and not have douchbags trying to show off epeens

  26. I have in the region of 1000 stacks of pyrite ore. Stockpiling the ore is a total gamble which I am willing to take. Something to do when you have already accumaleted over a million in gold.

    Pyrite ore could well turn out just to be a in house joke at Bliz. Just like the old gold miners when they thought they hit it rich with gold and all they had found was pyrite ore comonly known as fools gold.

    I wouldnt put it past the developers and what a lol if it is :)

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