How to make heroic runs profitable

Guest Post By: Cataclysmic Wow Gold Blog

Today I am going to tell you about a little known technique that will allow you to make Heroics profitable AFTER you have spent all your justice points. Of course Heroics are fun and when you are doing them to get those justice points for gear they are well worth it but after you have got the gear you need what then?
Well most people find that they run heroics to help other guildies and you might well find that you are running them well after you have anything to spend the Justice points on!

I know loads of people that have their justice points capped at 4000 and they are just sitting there!
Well they have all the gear they need so they don’t need the points right?

Here Is How You Can Make The Most Of Those Unspent Justice Points:

If you have lots of Justice points to spend then you should head over to Stormwind or Orgimmar as there are vendors there that will sell gathering or enchanting materials for these points!
The beauty of this is that all it costs is time and since you would normally be spending that time in heroics anyway, either for dailies or valour points, helping friends or just boredom it is well worth doing.


Remember to compare materials on the Auction house before choosing your item to buy!
Options include leather, ore, enchanting materials and herbs however the herbs you receive are random and if you get unlucky you might not make anything much from them at all.
So that is something to bear in mind!

The herbs have the highest price per item in points as not all the materials have equivalent pricing!
However if you need to spend those Justice points then head over to your capital City and get them spent...
For more techniques on how to make gold in WOW check out the Cataclysmic WOW Gold blog.

11 comments: on "How to make heroic runs profitable"

  1. I'm sorry but this seems like a big waste of a post for the day. It's so obvious that this can be done. It's a 'creative' way to make money from heroics. When I saw the title, I was thinking maybe charging people to tank for a heroic, say 300g per run (not to mention you get JP points).

    On a side note, one post says 'tomorrow will have the podcast', the next days post is, 'here is the podcast' and the next days post is this. Kind of a let down, I'm now spending a lot less time on JMTC, and more time on other, more creative gold blogging websites.

  2. Alternatively, head to Dalaran and buy the wrath epic gems for 220jp each. I've been selling bold/brilliant/delicate cardinal rubies for 120gish each on my server, a far larger profit than I would get from a bag of herbs.

  3. Another, far more profitable way (although i guess this is very server dependant) is going to Dalaran and buy WOTLK epic gems for my JP's. @ 220JP per gem, and them selling for 60-90g this is the way i find most profitable of spending my JP.

  4. A couple of notes on this:
    1) Enchanters can get heavenly shards "at a discount" by DEing the cheapest JP blue items.
    2) Patch 4.1 is going to drastically reduce the prices of these goods; and introduce Maelstrom Crystals on these vendors. Hence, it may be advisable to spend only enough JP to avoid hitting the cap (and hence wasting them) but not more, because the value of each point will be higher when the items become cheaper.

  5. Dont forget about maelstrom crystals when they become available, They will be the best way to use excess points.

  6. I would like to offer another option for your JP - Cardinal ruby. Buying it for just over 200JP, it can sell for about 150-200g on my AH for wealthy levelers. Almost 1g for 1JP. You can't beat it with any other mats sold for JP.

  7. @anonymous - Like I've said before and I'll say it again, what would you rather have, 2 days of extra posts or a 2 hour mini/podcast on gold making strategies?

    To me the choice is rather obvious.

    I'll see what I can do for future meetings.

  8. (first Anonymous here) personally, I usually don't have time to listen to a whole podcast. In fact, I've never listened to an entire one. My point was really that I wasn't interested at all in today's post, and have 1 post a week that says "we're going to put up a podcast", so I just feel short changed, that's all.

    Even if it is something small, I would like a post on the day that you announce podcast will follow- nothing big, it could even be a guest post. That's just me. You and Markco run a great blog and I'm not complaining, just I hold this site to a very high standard :)

  9. What I'll do next week is probably integrate the announcement within a post. I can understand where you're coming from and It'll be changed next week :)

    Thanks for the feedback

  10. I thought buying the BoE boots for JP and selling them with advertising like "selling any JP-BoE boots you want for xk", would be most profitable. They go for a few thousands of gold on EU-Todeswache and they are quite cheap to get.

    Or did Blizzy make them BoP already? I haven't payed as much attention to this, since I still need some JP equip and have no time to run heroics in the evening :(.

  11. My JC alt, priest, is still only level 83, but I sign up for dungeons as healer and spent most of my time in the dungeons prospecting ores. I can easily go through 30+ stacks of ore in a single dungeon, since people don't need to be healed constantly. I'm not sure how much that will change once you start doing heroics with proper gear

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