How to Turn 500g into 20k+ Gold

This is a fascinating market that has been around since the start of the Darkmoon Faire. I only learned about it a couple months back when a user ( duck ) from the consortium forums posted it. I simply love making gold with this method.

You can make thousands of gold from this method and you're only having to invest a couple thousand. Last time I did this method I put in roughly 500g and walked out with about 20,000g in loot from patterns/greens. After everything sold I was sitting on a nice hefty pile of 21,500g.

The way the method works is you buy Dense Stone, use a blacksmith ( or your own ) to turn that into Dense Grinding Stone which you will then turn that in into Kerri Hicks who takes 8 Dense Grinding Stones for 20 Darkmoon Faire Tickets. You then turn those tickets in for bags that can have varied loot but most importantly a ton of rare & expensive patterns.

There are three different bags that you can turn in the tickets in for, I'll list them below and their noteable loots.

[Minor Darkmoon Prize] [ 5 Tickets ]
[Razor's Edge]
[Feet of the Lynx]
[Ranger Bow]
[Rakzur Club]
[Sentry Cloak]

[Lesser Darkmoon Prize] [ 12 Tickets ]
[Plans: Mithril Shield Spike]
[Pattern: Guardian Belt]
[Schematic: Craftsman's Monocle]
[Pattern: Comfortable Leather Hat]
[Midnight Mace]
[Black Duskwood Staff]

[Greater Darkmoon Prize]  [ 40 Tickets ]
[Pattern: Mooncloth Leggings]
[Schematic: Sniper Scope]
[Plans: Radiant Belt]
[Plans: Dawnbringer Shoulders]
[Six Demon Bag]
[Schematic: Lifelike Mechanical Toad]
[Plans: Whitesoul Helm] 
[Formula: Enchant Gloves - Riding Skill]
[Pattern: Star Belt]

When opening the bags you'll receive a ton of greens that you can sell anywhere from 10-25g ( I sell all of mine at 25g/ea and relist every 48 hours.. I rarely get any of them back unsold ). By selling the green you're actually paying for the price of the Dense Stone which is just simply great, it makes the rare patterns/rare gear 100% profit.

I suggest you guys go try this out, it's an easy way to turn 500g into 10k+ gold, even more depending if you get a  rare pattern worth 5-10k+. What do you have to risk? Go ahead an try it out!

Credits to this post go to Duck & The Consortium Forums.

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  1. Brilliant, will be trying this.

    Any advice on which of the three bags is likely to produce the highest Amount of gold per gold invested?

  2. I tried this a while back with about 50g worth of dense stone and had zero luck. I guess I didn't invest enough. You would prolly have to buy all the cheap dense stone throughout the month to make this a viable option.

  3. Ill have to try this, have a couple stacks i cant sell for 75s/ stack. Advice on which bag or all 3 would be best?

  4. Wow, this is a really huge tip.

  5. I've only recently been doing this and the return has been "meh" on my server. I'm lucky if I can sell the greens for 5g+ and the recipes can be hard to sell as well. The recipes seems to get undercut by HUGE amounts. I'm assuming it's because the people that list them have no idea of their value...and apparently neither do the people looking to buy those recipes.

    The few "rare" pieces of gear I have obtained this way, however, have sold well...around/over 100g each.

    I usually just buy the biggest faire prize bag. Haven't fiddled much with the smaller two...maybe I should.

  6. I think I won't waste my time with selling green items on the AH, I'll DE them right away. Doing the math with data from TUJ, it seems the smallest reward bags will yield me the most money, the largest ones will help me break even or make a slight profit and the medium ones won't even manage that.

  7. Great tip, but it's kind of late for me for it since it's this weekend. All the dense stone is gone already on my AH. Guess I should check the Horde one.

  8. If the largest bag drops greens that DE into eternal essences and illusion dusts it will be well worth the investment, considering the current highly inflated price of these commodities. But I can't find information on the level of the greens in this bag. Anyone?

  9. Once again Mageshadow over exagerating results. This blog is going downhill.

    I have been making gold this way, I get around 60% profit. Mageshadow is suggesting a 4000% return. Ridiculous.

  10. Here is a list of the items I got last time I did this, I also list the price I value said item for.

    [Schematic: Lifelike Mechanical Toad] - 4-5k+
    [Recipe: Transmute Undeath to Water] - 5k+
    [Formula: Greater Stats] - 7.5k+
    [Schematic: Sniper Scope] - 1k
    [Sutarn's Ring] - 250g
    [The Ziggler] - 250g
    [Dalewind Trousers] - 250g
    [Serenety Belt] - 250g
    [Enchanted Kodo Bracers] - 250g
    Total Estimated Worth - 19.75k

    I actually ended up getting roughly 15k from everything but for a 500g investment I'm not complaining. So really, I'm not exaggerating anything, eventually people will pay X price for such item, sure it might take a while to sell a rare pattern but gold is gold. I could of probably pushed for 10k on the greater stats formula but instead I sold it for 6k

  11. Can you please filter out all Emerald Dream server inhabitants but me please? :) Yesterday at 8 am there were 434 stones in AH, and by 1 pm they were all gone.

  12. Well, [Recipe: Transmute Undeath to Water] for 5k?!? its at 600g in my server, and wowhead price is 200g


    Random server but scroll down and you can see that several people have that transmute listed for 4-5k. You will also see that there a ton of people who don't know the rarity and post it for 2-10g.

    One mob has a 2% chance to drop this recipe and he's located in Blackwing Lair ( which is never raided ) the rest.. well the drop rates are crap to say the least

  14. Ty for the fast reply, and for the info.

  15. But like how many stacks of dense stone were 500g for u, cause in my server i can get 630 stacks of dense stone for 500g which is just an insane amount xD, is that aprox the needed amount to ? how many did u used?

  16. Not too sure on how much dense stone I bought I simply looked at my beancounter data and it told me that I spent 500g total on dense stone, I'd guess anywhere from 500-600 stacks and they normally go anywhere from 50s to 1g per stack

  17. Just a heads up, [Feet of the Lynx] is a fairly popular twink item too. I've heard some stuff about Stockades dropping a similar item now, but they're pretty much BiS for a lvl 19 Hunter/Rogue twink. These should net you a lot of gold if you get one.

  18. Where in WoW will Darkmoon Faire be held???

  19. Fred, hon, just click open your calendar it has all the data for the next several faires.
    But, on Aggamar-US its at Goldshire.
    I would guess that its the same for everyone.

  20. ...that sure was a waste of time.

  21. @anon.. RNG can be a bitch, I'm sure if you would of gotten even one rare pattern that comment would be completely different. It worked for me and a ton others.. but it doesn't always work, because if it did everyone would be doing it, no?

  22. This was terrible. I threw all my tickets I had into Minor Prize Bags in hopes of grabbing some twink gear (seeing as one item would return my investment entirely), and did not see a single blue item in 500 bags.

    Marcko is always talking about Opportunity Cost, and in this case, your time investment is much better spent elsewhere.

  23. List the greens at 15-20 per for 48 hours and let them expire, then come back and tell me how many sold and how much it yielded.

    200% sure you'll get back your investment and then some

  24. Evilmofodk said... March 6, 2011 at 6:05 PM

    Wanted to try this and got my self a lot of dense stone over the last weekes for 50s to 1,5G a stack.
    had 100 stack at the day the Darkmoon Faire came to town and was about to make me some Grinding Stones. But went to the ah to grab some more first, big surprise none there.. What to do, but to post mine for 25G a stack to try. three hours later 100staks sold and me with a profit of 2355G
    Just goes to show there is more then one way to "skin" a Darkmoon Faire..

    Evil from silvermoon EU

  25. Hi guys, this did NOT work for me. I purchased and processed enough 'dense stone' and got enough tickets for 97 'Greater Darkmoon Prizes'. I estimate my costs to be around 300 Gold and 3 hours of my time. I received two blue items valued at 50 Gold and 25 Gold. I received 95/97 Green items. After DE'ing I will probably break even (maybe). Among those 95 green items there are about 12 recipes (green) that don't disenchant and almost never sell. I don't look forward to the task of listing and relisting these in order to get them sold. So, I would say this was a BIG BUST!

    Black Dragonflight

  26. I already commented on this issue. But, after reading everyone else's comments, I see that everyone is finding this a bust. I want to add that it is poor form for Mageshadow to NAY SAY everyone that posts who is saying this is a big waste of time. This is a BIG WASTE OF TIME. I think this article was poorly researched. But, I think the more important thing is that, dispite so many negative comments, Mageshadow continues to say they (his readership) are all wrong. Perhaps better would be for Mageshadow to admit to a mistake rather than to dis his readership. That's just poor form. Also, my first comment didn't get posted and I will bet this one doesn't get posted either.

    Black Dragonflight

  27. You should of sold the greens raw at the Auction House instead of DE'ing them. Think about it, you had around 80-85 greens, if you list them at 10g per that's 800g. You paid 300g total for the dense stone, you would of tripled your investment. I've even sold my greens at 25g per and 75% of them sold within 48 hours. I'll even go out on a limb and say if you listed those 80 greens at 25g per that at least 25% of those would sell within 24 hours, yielding you 500g and you're left over with 60 more greens to sell.

    Regarding your listing and relisting, snag TSM, put all of the greens in a group and set threshold and fallback values. Posting takes 1-2 minutes every 48 hours. That's what I do, I let the Auctions expire and relist what hasn't sold, which is close to nothing

    Poorly researched? Look at the thread.. there are countless number of people who said they got a rare recipe worth X and they got a 2-3000% return rate on their small investment. Like I said it's RNG dependent, you can't expect it to work 100% of the time because if it did then everyone would be rich, turning 500g into 10, 15, 20 thousands of gold. Rng can and sometimes will be a bitch it always has been, that's not my fault, you win some you lose some, but with this strategy there is 0 risk if you sell the greens.

    Sorry if this comment seems negative, it's not meant to be.

  28. Tried this for the first time and while my results were not as good as the headline, I wasn't disappointed with them.

    I made enough grinding stones to get around 800 tickets. Spent about 50 gold on dense stones. After turning them all in I had a ton of greens, some green recipes that I sent to my other toons and no blues.

    I put the greens on AH for 25g a piece and have already sold 8 of them in 12 hours.

    So I made my money back, no complaints there, but it was a bit of a time sink.

  29. Scallywwagg said... March 7, 2011 at 1:13 PM

    I have made a couple of thousand already but I did have a bag full of dense stone from when I was levelling archaeology and I mined as I went and then I bought out what was on the AH. I would definitely buy cheap dense stone for next time. The greens are selling and I haven't got any of the nice drops that Mageshadow listed but have still made a nice profit. Here's hoping. There is also a vendor that sells herbs and other bits and bobs that I bought a few times over and made a profit on.

  30. This is definitely a bad strategy. Please don't waste your time with it. Especially not on my server. I think its been nerfed by Blizzard too. Oh, and the RNG is 'fixed'. Yep, all bad.

  31. Think as you wish, I'm not going to try to persuade you. Your opinion is your opinion. Me? I find this strategy worth my time & effort

  32. Maybe RNG was on my side, but here was my turnout for the Faire:
    - I spent roughly 75g purchasing dense stone as close to 1g per stack I could find.
    - That created 360 dense grinding stones, which in turn, gave me 45 turn-ins for a total of 900 tickets.
    - I purchased 75 Lesser Darkmoon Prize bags and received the following upon opening them:

    *63 green items (lvl 31-40)
    *Grim Reaper (rare quality item)
    *Swiftwind (rare quality item)
    *Citrine (times 2)
    *Large Knapsack
    and the following recipes/plans:
    Red Mageweave Glvoes
    Guardian Cloak
    Spider Belt
    Golden Scale Boots
    Golden Scale Cuiraiss
    Wicked Mithril Blade (was actually BoP - which was weird)
    Crimson Silk Shoulders
    Mithril Heavy-Bore Rifle
    Elixir Detect Lesser Invisibility
    Golden Hare
    Large Seaforium Charge
    Swift Boots

    Now, if I were to AH all the green named gear at 5g each and the rest of the items at Wowhead's suggested prices it would net me right around 608g...which isn't bad for a 75g investment and a little bit of my time.

  33. Woah woah woah. Pattern Star Belt is worth a good amount of gold. Please never use the prices on wowhead, they're inaccurate and outdated. Try using the Undermine Journal, it has prices that are up to date and it checks every server in the US.

    The Undermine Journal value the Star Belt Pattern at 3-4,000g, and on some server it can be found listed for as high as 10,000g.

  34. Don't worry Mage, I won't be using the Wowhead prices on everything (if anything) I received from the prize bags. Fortunately, I already knew the value of the Star Belt pattern from the "Items you should have on your Snatch List" thread at The Consortium's site.


    I was just using the Wowhead prices as an "example" for a profit. I rarely use them for a definative (sp?) price on anything. Especially since the release of Cata. Wowhead seems way off on a lot of things, which is no fault of their own. There was a lot of changes on items (drops, values, etc) with Cata and not enough time has passed for solid information yet from datamining.

    I was just trying to show that even if I did use those prices it would still turn out to be decent profit for little investment. As it turns out, I can "in time" make a HUGE profit. The key is in the words "in time". I don't expect everything to sell off right away. And this is where I think many get flustered and say "BAH! It didn't work for me". Patience is key, especially with big ticket items (like the Star Belt pattern for example). I could get lucky and post it for 10k and it could sell right away. Or, it could take me a couple dozen times of posting it at that amount for that one collector looking for it with the capital to buy it.

  35. I went out and bought a ton of Dense Stone and converted it, only to go to the DMF and find that it was Heavy Grinding Stones that Kerri wanted. WTF ???

  36. You need to have completed the quest: Rituals of Strength

    THEN you can complete the repeatable "quest" handing in Dense Stones

    The quest for Heavy Grinding Stones is completely different and that much more expensive - ie. on my server ( until the Darkmoon Faire hits ) Heavy Stone has always outstripped Dense Stone in price.

  37. I just did this again this month. I had enough Dense Grinding Stones for 23x Greater Darkmoon Prize. Results:
    Journey Backpack x2
    Star Ruby x2
    Aquamarine x1
    Greens lvl 46 - 55 x 14
    Plans: Thorium Helm
    Plans: Radiant Gloves
    Pattern: Chimeric Vest
    Pattern: Mooncloth Leggings
    I haven't listed anything in the AH yet, but I am certain I profitted.

  38. as said above, patience is the key, i started buying cheap dense stones since the last darkmoon fair ended, i think i had 8k tickets, i havn't sold all my greenies, but i already got profit, got 2 rare recipes
    Formula: Enchant Shield - Frost Resistance 0,6% drop chance from nefarian BWL as stated by wowhead, has a price of 3k gold on my server stated by underminejournal
    and got
    Plans: Thorium Shield Spike
    0,9% drop from nefarian BWL and goes for 4k
    havn't sold them but when they do, this is very profitable
    Thanks for the info :)

  39. Hey Mage,
    Just a query which of the bags would be the most beneficial to invest in? I have been stocking up the pass 2weeks and have the fair coming up in 2weeks

  40. April 2013 the quest isnt ingame anymore....

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