JMTC Guide: How To Track Your Gold

I've gotten countless numbers of e-mails where people are simply asking if there is a way to track your gold in take and output. They want to know what they're spending on and what exactly X item is yielding them. So I've decided to make this post and list a couple of helpful addons that will help you keep track of your gold and stay organized. Below are the top addons that track your gold, they're in no order.

Analyst Addon
This is a great addon to have/get if you're trying to get organized when you're making gold. It does several things at once and you can even set it to track per day, week or month. Below is a small list of what this addon does/tracks:

  • How much gold did I earn and how?
  • How much gold did I spend and on what?
  • How am I doing in the auction house?
  • What have I looted from mobs?
  • What items did I consume?
  • What items did I produce?
  • How many currencies (marks, badges, emblems) have I collected?
  • What have I deposited or withdrawn from the guild bank?
  • What is my gathering and crafting activity? 
It basically tracks and tells you exactly where you're spending gold. Missing 150g? Did you forget about those trainer costs? or how about that glyph you just bought at the Auction House? This addon will track everything for you so you know exactly how much gold you've earned today/weekly/monthly.

MySales Addon
This is the addon I used to track my gold. It doesn't do everything analyst does but it allows me to see who bought X item at what time and at what price. It also allows me to track my sales for a given period of time ( day/week/month ). The way it spits out data is very nice and organized, though there is one way I wish this addon had: custom sorting. Below is a small features list:
  • Display your sale in a table display.
  • Show what your top sellers are and your top buyers.
  • Buyer names coloured if they're in your guild or friends list.
  • Filter entries by time. 
I use this addon because it simply works for me. It doesn't track your gold output, so if you're looking to track that I'd go with Analyst instead. Sinshroud from the Consortium Forums made an excellent guide on this addon, you can even put out the info out into excel if you want, it's all included there.

Auditor Addon
This is the last addon that I know of that tracks your gold. I've never personally used it but from what I've heard it's great. It tracks almost everything you can think of and then some. It tracks your gold in four different "times" Per Session/Day/Week/All Time. Below is a list of what it exactly tracks:
  • Loot money - Whether you are solo, in a party or in a raid.
  • Vendor money - Stuff you buy from or sell to vendors.
  • Quest money - Money you gain from quests, and money you spend on quest
  • Trade money - Doing enchants or transmutes? Yep, it catches money exchanged in trade.
  • Mail money - Sending money to/from your alts or friends?
  • AH money - At last, both outgoing AND incoming Auction House money is tracked.
  • Training money - How much did you spend on training and respecs?
  • Flight money - Flight Expenses
  • Repairs money - See how much money you really spent on repairing your kit after those instances.
  • Unknown money - Money gained/lost, but for whatever reason, Auditor can't work out where it's from.
  • Reconciliation money - That's money for when you just installed Auditor, and it has to account for the cash you have right now, or for when you crashed, or were logged on at a friend's house. It's all good.
  • Guild Bank money - Money you deposit or withdraw from your Guild Bank. Exciting, I know.
  • LFG reward money
  • Guild contributions money
  • Reforging money
As you can see this addon tracks everything and then some. If you're really hardcore and want to know exactly where your gold is going I would either suggest this or Analyst. If you're looking to simply track your sales go with My Sales.

That's all folks, hopefully you'll download one of the three mentioned addons and get yourself organized instead of wondering that 100g went. To the AH Goblins: Tracking your gold is needed regardless if you don't have a way to track your gold I suggest you download one of these three addons so you can see how much you're spending/earning. It's always fun to look at the monthly log to see what you've made X gold in a month.

Got an addon that tracks gold and think it's worth a mention? Leave a comment below and I'll add it to the list!

8 comments: on "JMTC Guide: How To Track Your Gold"

  1. Thank you, I have been looking for something just like this.

  2. Pen and paper works well in my opinion!

  3. I can understand why people may want these addons. The simplest way for me is to look at altoholic and see my total gold. Only problem is it doesnt use commas. once you get past the million mark it sometimes is confusing as to what the number is. It keeps going up regardless what I have been buying so I am happy.

  4. On the light-weight end, MoneyFu will track most of the important stuff: income and losses for session/today/yesterday/week, plus gold total on each characters. Its main drawback is it's inability to see into guild banks (plus treats guild bank deposits as "losses").

  5. Does collecting your money and/or posting auctions/cancelling auctions via the mobile auction house mess with the accuracy of these addons?

  6. I havn't tried it myself, but "Accountant" is an addon that does this kinda thing. ..and also "ItemAuditor".

    I use "MySales" atm, but I have not tried any of the others.

  7. Ara Broker Money

    A nice little data broker mod that displays all your money on all characters and adds it all up.

    All you really need. In my experience the big fancy track everything addons mentioned in the article are a waste of time. They cause a lot of lag and miss so many sales the data isn't accurate anyhow.

  8. For pure current total gold I use Broker_Currency. For tracking i use MySales but may get the others a try.

    I like to think I can keep track in my head but sometimes you can spot trends and other important information if you use an addon.

    Also Auctioneer comes with BeanCounter which does some tracking like this.

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