JMTC Weekly Q&A Meeting Recording

Another awesome meeting in the books! Everything just went fantastic even if I had some issues with not having admin and all, everything just flowed so smoothly. We covered a vast number of topics last night.

One idea that I had for this weekly meeting is to start a forum thread where people who can't actually come to the meetings but want to ask questions can drop by and leave their questions there. From there we'll snag the questions and answer them live. It's a great way to get the people who can't make it to these meetings involved, as they get their questions answered and simply everyone just benefits ( more content for the listeners ).

Also another thing that's currently in the works is that a couple of the gold guru's have decided to start a brand new podcast. It's going to be an all-around podcast with 7 team members. We expect to have an episode out by next week and we will be releasing them every week after that ( hopefully ). We're all very excited to start this podcast and we hope that you guys will enjoy it as well! If you have an artistic side, we're running a contest for the podcast. Whoever designs the logo for the podcast will have a chance at winning a 2 month game time card!

Any who, below is the link to the stream, you can also download it here from multiupload ( Rapidshare ). I will update this post soon™ with timestamps & if I can possibly get this on itunes ( should be done before the end of the day hopefully ) that'd be awesome.

Thoughts on the meeting? Do you like the new Q&A Layout?

8 comments: on "JMTC Weekly Q&A Meeting Recording"

  1. Thank you for posting the recording! I listen to them every week because I cannot make it to the live meetings :D

  2. Scallywwagg said... March 12, 2011 at 1:20 PM

    Thanks for lisening to all the comments on how to male the recording better. You have done a fantastic job.

  3. Loved the recordings so far!

    - Scallywagg you're on AD EU aren't you:)?

  4. Its is great to hear folks on the podcast. I'm a little disappointed that spreadsheets and snatch lists are not emphasized more.
    Alot of back of the napkin calc going on.
    The spreadsheet from the consortium!&highlight=shuffle+spreadsheet

    is so helpful for fast understanding of the ore market.
    Folks might disagree with some numbers but it has to be better than the napkin.

    In regards to a snatch list. You need one, without it you are spending alot of time clicking in the ah. Auctioneer is perfect for this. I have 43 items in the snatch list and I change them as the market changes but not much.
    It is simply best practices to have one and buy with it (you need to accept each purchase).

  5. re vendoring cutted gems automatically: there are addons for that, e.g. I use AutoVendor, available on curse

  6. The addon I use to vendor my stuff automatically is Sellomatic 2. It's really easy to use and works like a charm. You can even set it up to make sure you cannot sell items to the vendor by putting them in the save list. Works great for mats and things you don't want to accidentally get rid of.

  7. I love listening to the recordings when I have time, but could you do a list of some of the topics you guys covered like you did with last weeks post. It was really helpful to be able to see what all was covered and skip to the parts that sounded interesting. Thanks for all your hard work!

  8. Thank you for the recording! I have a question and perhaps someone could answer? One of the participants said that they are heavy into glyphs and he will "tank the market" on purpose to flush people out, for a week or two. I have someone on my server doing this. Do you have any advice for someone who is trying to get into glyphs, who encounters someone doing this "tanking the market" thing? Thanks!

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