JMTC Weekly Q&A Meeting Recording

Another awesome JMTC Meeting in the books! Last night was fantastic, it started out slow but by the end we had a ton of people join us and ask questions, we even answered the questions that were posted in the JMTC forums thread. I simply cannot express how much I enjoy these meetings, I love helping you guys out and this is one of the best ways that really allows me to do so.

Any who, below is the meeting, it only lasted about an hour and 40 minutes this time, but we covered a wide variety of topics. It's split into two parts because my laptop died halfway through and I have 0 audio experience so I couldn't merge the two seperate recordings.

I don't have time to re-listen to it all over again and give you guys timestamps ( it's 1:30am ) but I will update this post hopefully before 12pm with timestamps, so please check back soon!

Starting April, these meetings will hopefully be hosted on Itunes, It will cost me some cash out of my pocket but I don't really mind, as long as you guys have the ease of listening to the meeting on the go, I'm fine with it. So that's something to look forward to.

Come the following weeks I will slowly and gradually change these meetings into something more top-notch and higher quality. I've had a couple members suggest that we hold the meetings on a specific topic, I'll have to see what I can come up with for future meetings. What do you guys think about these meetings/recordings? Do you like them? 

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  1. Was just relistening; near the very end someone asked where you get the chocolate cake recipe and someone said it was a vendor recipe. I ONLY WISH! It's a rare recipe out of the cooking daily bags; Dalaran or Outland. Took me over a year to get mine, then my damn alt got it second day doing it. Q_Q

  2. Make it part Topic part Q&A I guess ... I for one find most help in a gold talk-about the part where people tell what sold last week, what items/markets are of flavour, something to diversify apart from theJC/glyph daily sure profits.

  3. I'm still hunting for a site that allows Teamspeak 3 Download only and not a package download with a bunch of garbage I don't want.

    Any help? The one you recommend includes some pop-up packaging garbage.

  4. I LOVE these chat recordings and look forward to them every week. I only started into goldmaking a couple of weeks ago and if I could stop reinvesting, would have nearly 50k (from a start of 3k) by now. :) I initially began it to gear my druid with craftables, but now I like it for the sake of the fun of it.

    I would love to see these recordings as a podcast.

  5. I would hope you do not use itunes to host your web chats/meetings. I do not use itunes, never have, never will & do not like Mac products period. You'll lose me as a listener by switching to itunes.

  6. Just writing to say that I've been enjoying the recordings for the past 3 weeks.

    Originally I dreaded the thought of listening to a 1-2 hour meeting but found that its ideal for those Saturday afternoons where I find myself milling and prospecting 1000's of stacks (and when TV generally sucks.)

    If you do wind up offering the recordings on itunes, I trust you'll still continue to offer it as you do currently, from the JMTC blog.

    You've a pretty informed crew assembled and they both ask and answer a lot of good questions throughout a taping. (Yes, I'm old enough to recall the days when recording something was referred to as "taping."

    I believe I can contribute some partial information for one topic that came up...regarding buying the 7th guildtab.

    About a month ago, I decided to have my main pay for the 7th tab as a surprise for the guild he's in. After purchasing this soulbound item, I couldn't use it as it said I didn't have permission to make use of it.

    As I was about to open a ticket to get a refund, the GM abdicated and promoted me to GM temporarily and I was able to put it to use. After a few minutes of allowing absolute power to currupt me absolutely, I gave back the title.

    Now it gets strange. The certificate was still in my bags which made me wonder the same thing as the topic in the meeting. If I were to leave my current guild and join one of my own, would I be able to make use of it again. (Or, since that first item was spent, if I was made temp GM again, could I buy a new one before gquitting.)

    Since I'm not inclined to abandon my current guild-rep at this time, this will have to wait for a while before I attempt it.

    All that being said, the discussion is moot as Blizz recently hotfixed things so that only a GM can see the item on the guild vendor. So if you hadn't already bought one when it was visible to all, you won't be able to get one now.

    I do believe Blizz is missing an opportunity for a great gold sink by not offering the ability to purchase a 7th tab a second way...for staight gold to anyone at a high price (25-50k).

  7. I don't think Mage is saying he is completely switching to Itunes, I think he is just saying using tht as another avenue for hosting!

  8. It would be lovely if you'd include a "what did we go through and when" kind of think, a table of content so to say like you did on your second one (or something). Other than that, great stuff! :)

  9. Hey, enjoyed listening to the recording. Would be helpful if the notes included all the sites/twiiter names given at the end. Thanks.

  10. The format for these is great, however I am hoping to a topic centric discussion next week will alleviate some of the repetition in topics, such as netherweave bags that have been discussed ad nauseam since the burning crusade.

  11. your previous meetings have been downloadable. Is this one available for download?
    I have a long drive to work and enjoy listening to them.

  12. Is this weeks meeting available for download as in weeks past?
    i have a long drive to work and have enjoy listening to the meetings.

  13. Yeah, you have to go to the site and download it from there, here are the direct links:

  14. It's always a great time, I enjoy being at the meetings and helping out answering questions when I can.

    Thanks Mage and Markco for allowing something like this to be available to the masses!

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