JMTC Weekly Q&A Meeting Recording

Another fantastic meeting in the books guys! Last night was awesome, we discussed a wide variety of topics, I enjoyed helping all of you out there. Below are timestamps for the meeting ( Thanks Prncesspwn!! ) and as you guys have requested, some contact information for the "gold guru's" is also posted below.

To those of you who wish to download the .mp3, I haven't uploaded it a site such as multiupload yet, but you use this direct download link and download it from Podomatic ( the site where the .mp3 stream is hosted ) - it's quick, easy and fast. ( The link above appears to be broken, here is a multi upload link )

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:03 Maelstorm Crystal Market & Enchants
  • 0:08 Obsidium Shuffle - Slowing Down?
  • 0:11 Bots & Bans
  • 0:18 Prices of green gems - Possible Nerf?
  • 0:21 How much gold is needed for Arbitrage
  • 0:24 Which vanity pets to farm/sell?
  • 0:29 Undercutters & Green gems
  • 0:31 Why to AH without addons
  • 0:34 Undercutters & Green gems
  • 0:35 Best selling enchants
  • 0:39 Which Mounts to sell ( TCG & BOE )
  • 0:42 Selling Vials of Sands Mats 
  • 0:43 Selling on a small pop server
  • 0:46 Guild transfers and transfering money
  • 0:48 Why Large Brilliant Shards Increased
  • 0:50 Pyrite ore price to pick up
  • 0:57 Making Money off Guilds Lvl 23+
  • 1:00 Cata scrolls, will they get profitable?
  • 1:01 Pyrite ore stockpiling
  • 1:05 Stockpiling volatiles for transmutes
  • 1:08 How to Find profitable Glyphs
  • 1:10 BOE recipes/patterns in 4.1/4.2
  • 1:14 Valor boot prices
  • 1:15 Dreamcloth
  • 1:16 Savage leather scraps
  • 1:19 How do you find new markets to get into?
  • 1:23 Darkmoon fair
  • 1:25 Rare spawn mobs being updated to drop BOE's & BOE Mount!
  • 1:31 Favorite profession to make gold
  • 1:33 How to counter Market Tankers
  • 1:39 Making Gold Selling Arena Ratings?
  • 1:41 Outros/Plugs
Contact Info/Blogs

20 comments: on "JMTC Weekly Q&A Meeting Recording"

  1. I'm not gonna lie, but that whole spat about Catharsis' pyrite plan of attack got me pretty hyped. Hyped to the point that I have to make this comment. Why was there such a huge attack on what he does with his real life money and more importantly, why claim he should just buy gold because his plan sounds absurd? Come on man!!

    Now I'm not a gold guru nor claim to be one, but shouldn't gold making involve that kind of crazy thinking? To discredit someone's gold making scheme because of how crazy it sounds goes against what the idea of being a goblin is. Think about it, when has gold making been about following formulas and BEING SAFE?? Shouldn't we all be striving to maximize our gold making by doing things no one else has???

    When every gold blog is starting to say the same regurgitated strategies and info, I just feel that calling out your fellow goblin was unnecessary. We should be supporting our brother because he may just have the best/worst story about making gold this expansion.

    So in closing, i'm calling you "gold gurus" out. As a fan of your blogs, I dare you to try and do something out of the box this week/month/year/lifetime, because calling someone out for going out of the box is unbecoming of a goblin.

  2. I'm afraid I missed the last half of the meeting due to a bad case of being tired and it being very late here IRL. Glad it was recorded, I can listen to it later when eating mah pizza.

  3. /agree with Waipahu completely. It got old pretty quickly. Also, the guy has 1.8k liquid - he didn't get that being an idiot, he got it taking risks.

    That aside, interesting as usual.

  4. Hi, I cannot download the Podcast, there is only a 300kb file, which ist not the podcast. Please Upload somewhere else.


  5. Updated the post with a multiupload link :)

  6. Yeah I agree calling out Catharsis was uncalled for. I thought it was a great idea by him and I hope he documents his whole endeavor, it'd be great read.

  7. That's what these podcasts were missing...some passion!

    Actually, I found the friction not only entertaining but revealing. Revealing in that each Gold Guru, including myself, sets their own borders as to what qualifies as a legitimate strategy to hit their gold goals.

    When I recently imported a few levelled characters from my old server to my new one, I made sure each was packed to the gills with goods that could be liquidated at a profit.

    The actual amount of gold any capitalist has earned in the past is actually meaningless when confronted with upcoming changes, other than they may have the liquidity to do things on a larger scale.

    The concept of farming other servers for their bargains, or bringing bargains to an inflation-ridden economy isn't new but its about to be upon us in full bloom if Blizz doesn't impose some limits on the upcoming Guild Transfer service.

    Now as to the other side of the coin, some among us hold to the feeling that injecting any real-world cash into our ah activities, detracts from the, shall we call it, the "purity" of the challenge we set out to accomplish. Sort of in the same manner that some feel the use of any type of illicit macro or gaming keyboard for milling/prospecting belittles the effort of those who built their inventory click by arthritic click.

    I think we all like to believe that in the field of wow gold collecting, we all come to the table with the same skill set and resources. And that's not the case. A paltry $25 server transfer for some, is a weekly grocery bill for others. (And no, I'm not trying to imply that anyone here is impoverished.)Spending money to make more gold seems like a rule breach to those who stictly separate their online and offline activities.

    (BTW, when Wrath epics were introduced, after prospecting, I had about 1200 of each color gem in the first day. Most servers have at least 10,000 alts. The real question for Cata epics will be "how many sockets will be in the any new gear introduced?" Give them a hole and they will fill it.)

    IMO, there's nothing wrong with some legitimate drama. And by that I mean some individuals expressing their ideas passionately and questioning one another's long as it doesn't degenerate into the ranting shoutfests you can see on certain news networks. To not allow cross-questioning, could potentially lead to a show like this being just a weekly regurgitation of "do the shuffle, undercut by 1 silver, burn off your inks, vendor gems."

    As far as the specific topic of pyrite hoarding goes, I say again, while I would love to see myself get all the jc patterns in 24 hours again, I doubt epics or powders will come from that ore. However, if you can afford to lose half the value of your investment in the stuff, by all means, load up a guild bank of it. Even I will be saving up a tab or two despite my beliefs. It's like buying car insurance where you hope for the best but plan for the worst.

    I have a suggestion/challenge for the panelists. Every week I'm confronted by people with a single character with non-optimized profession choices who ask me how they should make gold. I do have some standard responses depending on what they do have but its been so long since I was in their position, that many of my initial capitalist ventures don't even exist anymore. (Ya, I bought up and resold all those STV pages for the longest time.)

    Cata made a lot of changes and additions to questlines and gold-making opportunities. How about devoting a quarter of an episode to absolute basic newbie advice, to someone who bought the game a month ago and doesn't have the connections or knowledge to thrive?

    Anyhow, another good episode that got me through 2 hours of milling. See you all in the JMTC Forums.

  8. Alright seriously Xander needs to be muted for future meetings. His jealousy and ignorance to very simple ideas was astounding.

    First of all, who cares if someone's gold is all on one server or split between servers. Epic gems provide a perfect opportunity to transfer a toon to another server with just some ore stock and make a few hundred thousand gold over night.

    Catharsis' ideas and aggressive strategies may not be for everyone, but he routinely shows up weekly providing new insight into how to make gold, regardless of how outlandish. He thinks outside the box and offers a lot more than "do the lolshuffle" . Bravo sir, keep up the good work.

  9. I think people are blowing this all way out of proportion. People just need to cool off a bit. Xander and Catharsis has spoken to eachother and so have I and no one seems to have ill will towards one another after the meeting. You all are more angry or irritated than any of us seem to be.

  10. Top end guild are going to have the limit of guild experience turned off at level 23 and at level 24 they will have (Bartering 10% discount from vendors) do you know of any goods worth buying with a Goblin since they also get a discount?

    I currently have 6 guilds banks with 6 tabs each with 3 accounts and trusting to push to the gold cap. I am also a member of a guild about to hit level 22 in the next few days which is working on 25 heroic modes. I have (5) level 85's with 525/535 in every profession. Do you have any other tips for someone in my current situation?

  11. As Catharis' wife, my comment is obviously biased, however thanks to my husband I can now support my own spending habits in game (even if i can only make gold while he sleeps!). Catharsis is always exploring new ideas and markets and is not one to settle for a few thousand gold profit per day. Unfortunately for me that means I see thousands of stacks of ore, gems, and herbs per week- as I am enlisted as a prospector/miller/jeweler for all his gold making endeavors..

    As for Xander, everyone has bad days, unfortunately for you this was one of them. You did however manage to spark the listeners interest by causing drama!

    Finally, in case Catharsis reads this i would like to take this opportunity to remind him that he owes me a spectral tiger.. :)

  12. I agree with the Anon above me. Xander is clearly not a gold guru (what is it 50k liquid he has? ridiculous). He routinely covers his ignorance with rudeness, speaking over others and just being plain obnoxious. I would just like to add my vote to the Mute-Xander motion. That is if these podcasts are to maintain the level of quality they have shown up to now, and not deteriorate due to leeches posing as knowledgable managers. I mean clearly any other speaker-guru can read the questions and keep the flow going, certainly does not have to be a patsy that needs to disprove its otherwise emptyness.

  13. All the arguing just kind of killed it for me, didn't bother to finish listening. I would really like to hear some new stuff in these meetings, and a lot less about how much everyone has in gold. On a more positive note, I really have enjoyed these meetings up until the last one.

  14. Too all the Xander Hater's

    First off I would like to say mute whatever I could careless at this point. I’m tired of people shooting cock and bull stories on how they are this and that. That’s why I called him out. Not saying his "Outlandish" Idea as Mr. Anonymous said (who couldn’t even have the balls to name there self), But what I was simply saying is that there is a better way to make the gold then spend real life money to transfer servers. Lets think about it for a moment, first as he said transfer 4 toons to 4 different servers that is $100. Then $100 to transfer backs that’s $200 simply just trying to save him money. And then if epic gems don't come from them then well your screwed as far as all the ore.

    2nd Off Catharsis and I talked it out and its cool so the hating can stop. The way I went about trying to explain to him was simply wrong.
    But if you actually listened then you would understand.

    Best regards,

  15. I absolutly loved the conflict, it got me fired up. The meetings have been a little dull to me cause i follow MMO-champ, and other Blog's so the meeting can be a little boring sometime's. It just showed that the guru's are passionate about the subject at hand. Which makes me trust there advice more than ever. Why would i follow the advice of someone who wouldnt go to bat for there strategy's. These conflict's are great ways for ppl to learn and grow. My favorite was on call to auction #1, where basil and marko disagreed on the price of snofall ink. In the end everyone can learn from these disagreements, and still be freinds. Im gonna be there for the meeting next week for sure

  16. I really enjoyed being part of the meeting although I felt I talked a bit too much. Sorry. :)

    It was awesome to be able to put voices to many of the names I read regularly.

    I think Cath is crazy and I'm excited to see how he does. Having someone with that much dedication and discipline really sets a high standard for the rest of us.

    I may not ave x amount of liquid gold but I know we both do this for the same reson and that is because we share a passion for it. -flux

  17. In the end, we're all paying IRL money, our monthly subscription fee, in order to even participate in making gold online.

    Online gold is pixels, btw. God I love fiddling with my pixels. Oops that sounded obscene.

  18. Well, I'm a bit surprised at the level of interest that little verbal sparring much garnered! Nevertheless, onto a few points.

    1) I do appreciate the support and words of encouragement! For those of you who did listen regularly, you probably know I tend to be more aggressive than most, and I pride myself a bit on attempting to pioneer aggressive strategies.

    2) I have a blog in the works for the near future, and I indeed plan to document in detail this current pyrite scheme. If it fails (no epic gems) I think it would make an even MORE interesting post(s) as I show how I go about digging myself out of a quagmire.

    3) As for all the mute Xander remarks, I think his main reason for calling me out is the fact I haven't vetted my gold total. I don't have a post on WarcraftEcon, I'm rather new to the community, and I suppose on occasion my claims do seem crazy. Well, this week I'm working on a guest-post to give a tour of my facilities and explain the methods to my madness, including screenshots to verify my somewhat crazy claims and hopefully dismiss any rumors of me being a hoax.

    4) When i stated my gold amount, it was mostly to put into perspective how much I am investing. While I'm bullish on pyrite ore, obviously I'm only putting in between 20-25% of my net worth into it (IF I reach my goal), and as such I wanted to make sure I wasn't essentially telling someone to liquidate there entire savings on pyrite. Diversification is an absolute must.

    5) Finally, as for the real life money thing. I would think that any plan to transfer toons back and forth is another utility. Many people on these forums, Xander included, have bought and/or support 20k leveling. That too is real life cash for gold, and yet nobody criticizes them for that choice. I would seem to think that what I'm doing is no different, using a utility (xfering) to further my gold-making. Just my thoughts.

  19. So I also of course, have something to say about the Catharsis/Xander debacle.

    First of all to Xander- I think there were a few Xander haters because of the way you came across. You swore a few times, and you seemed a little hostile, and your questions sounded more rhetorical than anything. So I can see where people come from and why they've been attacking you a bit.

    However, I think it was a good point to bring up. At what point are you spending too much RL money on WoW? I mean, many of us have 2-3 accounts, is that too much? To me, this is really a gray area, but I think that buying gold should be a 100% NO NO for any true gold-guru, so in a sense it was not such a great question, since the answer is relatively obvious. Also, it seemed a lot of your hostility may have come from the fact that you didn't believe what Catharsis was saying, which is a little unfair to him, to say the least. Also, you have to realize he's looking to make, I don't know, over 500k on this endeavor, where $200 of gold is only 150k. So the comparison is not so valid.

    As for those that seemed to catch Catharsis 'contradicting himself', where he basically describes he has his finger in every market in the AH, yet he is limited to how much he can make. I have to defend him, and say that it makes a lot of sense.

    Let me simplify the server to make it understandable- Say there are 100 people on a server. Each person, on average, needs to buy 5 new gems a week. That means the demand for gems is 500/week. Now, if you could magically be the only person on the server selling these gems, you are only going to sell 500 gems MAX. It's not possible to sell more.

    Combine that with the demand of every item across wow, subtract a substantial amount for competitors, and you know how essentially a 'gold cap' of how much gold you can earn per week.

    What I believe Catharsis is doing, is TRIPLING (or quadrupling, I wasn't sure) his 'gold cap', so that he can sell triple the amount of gems that he normally would on his server.

    It is a bold move, and I believe he will be highly successful, with or without the epic gems (although if there ARE epic gems, I think he will certainly hit is 10 mil goal).

    As for the Pyrite Ore idea in general, I'd like to see more crazy ideas like this in the future. I think Catharsis will be a pioneer for the rest of us gold-gurus to follow.

    I have linked my blog- but don't take it too seriously, after 3 days I realized I did not have the time to maintain a blog, but feel free to look anyway.

    Hit 500k today!

    Maybe you'll see me on Wowecon :)

  20. Good thing Mightyjeew above me explained the "gold cap" on a server. I actually yelled out loud (even some curse words slipped out) when some said there is no "gold cap", a good thing I was alone in my apartment :D

    My favorite recording so far. A debate is always good to get the heat up a little, not only talking about the lolshuffle like someone else before me said.

    i really hope Catharsis will start a blog documenting he's "little" project. Will be really interesting to follow how it goes :)

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