JMTC Weekly Q&A Meeting

Tonight is the night! Just My Two Copper is hosting a Question and Answer Meeting tonight at 9PM eastern time zone. This is your chance to drop by and have professional gold guru's help you with your gold making woes! The meeting will last approximately 2 hours. Anyone is welcome, you don't need a mic to talk, you just simply need to be there and we'll answer your questions, live! As always, a recording of the meeting will be posted tomorrow morning so whoever couldn't make it can at least listen in on what was asked/answered.

Do not be alarmed once you find out that you're muted and unable to speak ( Will happen promptly at 9PM ). This is normal, we will have everyone muted except a couple of the known professional gold making gurus who will be answering your questions. If you have something you'd like to add to the conversation simply say so in chat and we will gladly unmute you.

The meeting is being held on Teamspeak. This isn't something that WoW players use ( at least to my knowledge ) too often. I'd used ventrilo but the capacity that ventrilo servers can hold just isn't enough. You're going to have to download a program named Teamspeak 3. It's 100% safe and free ( feel free to virus scan it if you don't trust me ). Teamspeak 3 can be download here.

To those of you who can't attend, I've made a forum thread which can be found here in which you can leave your questions at and we'll answer them during the meeting. You'll be able to listen to the answer the following day when the recording is posted.

Teamspeak Server Information:
Port: 9987

Also, anyone is welcome to join the JMTC IRC and ask questions at any time! This is your 24/7 Gold Guru heaven. You've got questions, we've got answers!

I wouldn't leave you without a couple gold tips, so below I have a couple tips that you can use to make gold with selling vendor patterns.

  • The arcanite rod formula & the arcanite rod itself both sell very well at the auction house - They are obtained in Moonglade
  • Sell the vendor pets in Dalaran - There are also flowers and hats that you can sell ( namely purple turban and violet hat )
  • A great twink item you can sell are Rumsey Rum Black Label - It's sold by a vendor named Barkeep Kelly and she's located in Hillsbrad Foothills.
  • You also always have the profession vendor items such as Enchanting Scrolls, Dust of Disappearance, Vanishing Powder & Jeweler's Setting.
  • Shattrah has a ton of vendor items that can be flipped for a profit, it's an excellent way to make some passive gold ( list once every 48 hours )
  • Netherstorm has a bunch of great vendor items that can be flipped from pets, to engineer items worth 200-500g+
  • Check out a post over at WowConfidential that was done some time ago, It's a bit outdated but it has some great info.

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  1. Actually, Rumsey Rum Black Label is bought not in the actual Hillsbrad Foothills, but inside the inn on Southshore in the Old Hillsbrad Foothills instance, just to be clear.

  2. Awesome, been waiting a week for this :)

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