Just My Two Copper Contest Giveaway!

No gold making tip today.. sorry guys! But... thanks to Saate from Massively Obsessed ( who just recently re-launched his site, check it out! ) I was able to snag up a couple Trading Card Game Loot codes to giveaway in a contest here at JMTC. There are three loot cards to be given away they are as follow: A Liandro's Lil XT, A Paint Bomb Loot Card & A Party G.R.E.N.A.D.E loot card. The contest itself is pretty simple, you can have up to three total entries if you meet all of the requirements.

How to submit entries into the contest: 

  • E-mail Me/Markco telling either of us how JMTC helped you make gold - Also tell us that you're entering the contest within the e-mail  ( Artsytorres AT gmail DOT com OR freebeertomorrowonyxia AT gmail DOT com )
  • Follow Me & Markco on twitter and tweet us a gold tip (Mageshadow's / Markco's Twitter Accounts)
  • Leave a comment on this post listing your favorite JMTC Post and why you like it so much/how it helped you
You get a total of three entries if you do the things listed above. Contest submissions must be sent in before Sunday, March 13, 2011. At that point in time I will count all the entries and number them & use a random number generator to pick the winners. Winners will be announced the following day. I will keep reminding you about the contest throughout the week in case you forget

If you can also drop by Saate's blog ( Massively Obsessed ) and leave a thank you comment & check out his newly redesigned blog ( which looks awesome ). He's one of the few bloggers that still surprises me to date, the content on his site is simply amazing and mind-blowing, it ranges from well written & in-depth guides to analysis on certain markets. Overall it's just a good blog to read when you have the time. Any who, I'll leave you guys to be, good luck and have fun!

15 comments: on "Just My Two Copper Contest Giveaway!"

  1. Hi Mageshadow

    how exciting, a contest! I love competitions.

    Please may we have a link to the right email/s and twitter accounts?

    thanks! GQ

  2. Hey Markco! I would like to enter the contest and I will also tell you my favorite post. I hope this link doesn't look too ugly. http://www.justmytwocopper.org/2011/02/cataclysm-tailoring-gold-guide.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+blogspot%2FvJDr+%28Just+My+Two+Copper%29
    Your tailoring gold guide helped me a lot with my tailoring and gave me many ideas on how to make gold. Thanks!

  3. Sure I'll edit the post

  4. Hey Mageshadow

    Thanks for the competition and I would like to say that the most useful posts for me has been before the cataclysm when Markco was getting everyone stocking Saronite Ore.

    I banked 3 Guild tabs and have been selling it off at 70g to 130G per stack of bars, This has and will continue to have been a great investment, Thanks


  5. My fovourite posts are all those teamspeak meetings. I listen to them all, thanks for your work and good like to everyone with the loot cards ;)

  6. My favourite posts are all the teamspeak meetings. I listen to them all entirely. Thanks and good luck on the contest.
    (sry 4 my bad english ;P)

  7. Contest Entry!
    My favorite post recently has been "How to Turn 500g into 20k+ Gold".
    In addition to selling the rewards it's also been a free way to get rep with DMF on a few characters!

  8. Hey hey! Just entering the contest, and wanted to say how much I appreciated this site. It got me started on my own gold-making journey, and 500k later, I'm still having fun with it! Thanks, Chad

  9. I wanted to enter the contest and say that my favorite post hands down is:


    it's a great post on the theories of gold making, not some transient niche market.
    Thanks all.

  10. Hey guys

    I believe my most useful comment was the the making of cata flasks. at the time I had been farming herbs to stockpile and noticed flasks at like 250g+ each. This make me a ton of gold and so easily!
    Thanks guys!

  11. Put me in Coach :) I'd love to win something :)

    Uldum fishing post was my favorite :)


  12. Favorite Post? There's so many, it's hard to choose, but I am gonna have to say this one....because it won me a loot card!


  13. Hello! Thanks for the great work! :} I would like to enter the contest by saying that the Enginering - Making Choppers for 30% less was my favorite. It made me finally switch and powerlevel Engineering and now I'm making a pretty penny from it!

  14. Hey Marco and Mage,

    Please enter me in the contest. My favorite post was Marco's "I don't care about your opportunity cost"



  15. Hello Markco!!! I would love to enter this amazing contest and would just like to say how much you have helped me to start making gold with my engineering which i believed was still just for fun thanks alot!

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