Maelstrom Crystals & Patch 4.1/4.2

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Mmo-champion recently released/data mined the new epics that are going to be dropping from ZG & ZA, and according to their loot tables, these items will not be disenchantable. * UPDATE* According to a comment left below, the epics ARE indeed disenchantable in the PTR!!! Disregard this post!! What does this mean for the Maelstrom Crystal market?

It should remain the same, at least up until 4.2. Why 4.2? Well, 4.2 brings a new raid out, meaning that the current content becomes easy/outdated or what many guilds call "farm" mode. The current content will be more of a  " Hey can I get my alt in there for some easy gear? " - It's going to be almost like doing Naxxramas in Ulduar gear, which is makes it much easier.

If you're doing old content using new, better & higher tier gear, 80% of it is going to be disenchanted and either put into the Guild bank for the guild to use for their enchants or listed at the Auction house and sold for gold for the Guild. Either way, I expect Maelstrom Crystals to drop in price due to this. Most people will not need the gear out of here, especially if they'll have gear from the Firelands Raids that is going to be released with patch 4.2

If you're looking for ways to obtain Maelstrom Crystals, I did an article not long ago on how to obtain them, you can really craft these using very cost effective methods once you get started. It's an excellent way to make gold, especially if you meet all the requirements to use the engineering method

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  1. While the datamined item information shows its not disenchantable, the items actually are able to be sharded on the PTR.

  2. Woah.. woah What.. O.o That's really effed, let me edit this post!

  3. I can verify that they are disenchantable. MMO's datamined info shows differently but I myself have disenchanted them on PTR

  4. One thing though. On the PTR you can currently queue for just ZA or ZG as a random. In the random dungeon finder it has it's own category for "Zandalari Heroic Dungeon" or something. While this may be just for the PTR blizzard seems to have every intention of keeping this in the game. If they do you'll be able to chain run ZA and ZG without worrying about lockout and farm as many crystals as you want.

  5. New note----MMO Champion is reporting in 4.1 that Malestroms will be available via Vendor: "Maelstrom Crystals are now available for purchase with Honor or Justice Points from the associated commodities vendors."


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