Maelstroms will crash in 4.1!

Blizzard just recently updated the 4.1 patch notes and I noticed something extremely huge. Read an excerpt of the blue post below:


  • All trade goods available for purchase with Honor or Justice Points from the associated commodities vendors have had their prices reduced by 50%.
  • Maelstrom Crystals are now available for purchase with Honor or Justice Points from the associated commodities vendors.
So Maelstroms Crystals will and can be bought from a vendor once 4.1 hits, add in the fact that the new epics coming from ZA & ZG... man the maelstorm market is going to crash. If you have any Maelstrom crystals lying around I suggest you get rid of those as soon as possible, as whoever read that blue post has probably already started to dump their stock

The mass supply coming in 4.1 will make the good end-game enchants cheaper to craft. With everyone dumping their Maelstroms ( hopefully soon ) you might be able to snag some pretty cheap maelstroms and sell the enchants at their current price - It's a bit risky but the reward is worth it in my opinion.

As you read above, the prices for the other items will be getting slashed in half. This makes it a little more viable if you're racked up on Justice Points, especially those raiders who simply have nothing to spend their points on.

What are your thoughts on Maelstroms in 4.1?

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  1. Srsly i just used 15k g on lvling my enchanting so i could de and sell Maelstroms omfg i got owned.

  2. ZA and ZG epics cannot be disenchanted.

  3. Freak! What ever happened to blizzard not wanting to mess with the ingame economy. They are nerfing one of the best markets in the game if you able to raid, and have access to epics.

  4. Ignore my last comment, the cannot be disenchanted tag has been removed from Frostheim's Cloak since I last looked at it.

  5. I thought that ZA/ZG epics wouldn't be disenchantable? Was this just a PTR thing?

  6. The epics from ZA and ZG are not disenchantable. Also, considering the price of the rest of the commodities bought with honor/justice points, I'd think that the appointed price for maelstroms would be astronomical, as in about 2k apiece. Of course, that is not set in stone.

    The price for maelstroms will drop, but only slightly. This is my opinion.

  7. I'm confused lol. On the PTR the ZA/ZG Epics were disenchantable, did they change that? I'm going to have to install the PTR tonight and test it myself.

  8. They were datamined as not DEable. They are DEable on the PTR and most likely will be on live.

    Blizz's attempts to limit maelstrom availability this expansion have been ridiculous. They need to interfere less with the economy. If people are willing to level odd combinations of professions for a leg up in the market, let them, don't nerf them.

  9. That wasn't a nerf to Maelstrom Crystal availability, it was a nerf to an unbalanced money making profession combo. Anyone who's been playing for very long had to figure it was coming too. When anything (class, spec, profession or w/e) is so unbalanced that players are switching to it in droves, the nerf stick is going take a swing at it. The only thing surprising about it was that blizzard let it go for as long as they did.

  10. In regards to the above comments that expressed surprise that Blizz is "interfering" in the ingame economy, I have to ask....where have you been playing for the last few years?

    Almost every patch has brought at least a few market-altering changes. Some overtly intended and some not.

    The only real change is that Blizz now makes a lot of their alterations through ninja-hotfixes with no prior warning, leaving those with heavy investments vulnerable.

    So be happy they've announced this as part of a patch.

    And take heart that falling prices on any mats can actually result in a much more active and profitable economy. I help lots of people find ways to make gold on my they can afford all my expensive crap.

  11. It is really interesting to see so many people "surprised" by this change. It's the usual ebb and flow of an expansion.

    Epic crystals area always expensive at first, then slowly drop in price, then new raid / dungeon content brings more epics to DE... prices fall further.

    Next step will be a shatter for enchanters. Before the next expansion we will all be stockpiling Maelstroms to shatter after launch.

    C'mon people, there is precedent for this!

  12. this comes the day after i spent 23k for the 3 enchant to bracers. ><

  13. Try get your 5 games a week to sell the crystals before the price crashes.

    actually as an offnote, Tsunami decks are about 12k at the moment on my server. THe deck is 18k and this is a week from Darkmoon. Would prices increase when Darkmoon hits? I might buy one now

  14. I reply to the Anonymous who just spent 23k remember that this is for 4.1 not a new thing today.

    Personally I welcome the idea as the prices of enchants is ridiculous getting the recipes was a massive gold sink and then selling the scrolls a massive risk for small % profit.

    If it is true that the ZA/ZG gear is DEable that will bring the enchants down to attainable by all raiders not just the high end guilds who have been clearing the content for months. Meaning we can all start making profit from them.

  15. Patch 4.1 is still presumably a few weeks away. I see opportunities for the next few days anyway. People are seeing the posts about this on MMOChamp, and on my server they're dumping their Maelstroms. I usually see no more than 3 or 4 up at a time for around 3k each on my server, and right now there's 28 with a lowest price of 1750, because the hardcores raid T-Th here. Friday and Saturday are the big raid casual raid nights, when people go looking last-minute enchants, so I'll be buying the cheapest ones as I see them and making a few hundred gold profit, virtually guaranteed.

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