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Not long ago Markco offered to you guys the best gold tip that you will ever read. Well I read that post and thought.. well that's some good advice.. but it's not really the "best" advice out there. While that tip is an excellent one no doubt, I have to respectfully disagree because I personally think that there is something that's more important when it comes to making gold.

Knowledge. Without it, you're not going anywhere. Information is the KEY when you're making gold. The more you know the better. If you don't know what the price for X item is, you can't really make a profit. Knowing that there is a upcoming patch and knowing that that patch is going to release epic gems is what and can make you thousands of gold. Knowing that a certain item is going to go up in price soon is what can and will make you thousands of gold.

If you don't do your research you're only cutting yourself short, If you don't read blogs, forums, tweets, etc, you're losing out on information that could potentially make you rich. You simply need to do your research if you're somewhat interesting in making gold within this game ( and any other game/real life situations ). You wouldn't invest in a stock if you new nothing about it.. right? You read up on the company.. check how they've been doing.. etc etc, well it's the same concept here.. you read upcoming changes, you read the forums for past trends, etc etc.

There are tons of sites that put this information out there.. you just simply have to go out and look for it. There are the JMTC Forums, The Consortium Forums, My Twitter account, Markco's twitter account, the tutorial page at the top, Hundreds of blogs that put out great information daily, there are even podcasts ( CTA & AHJ )out there that you can listen to while you play! You can even have someone teach you everything if you use the WoW Coaching Program.

I was reading some of the comments on one of the recordings that I posted about two weeks ago, and one really struck me. What the comment basically said was that you can't take advice from anyone, that you should only be taking advice/tips from people that you personally trust. I completely disagree with that statement but I can see where the poster is coming from.. but honestly what do you have to lose? A tip is a tip even if it's from a "non-trusted" source, you're only cutting yourself short if you choose not to listen to this or read someones blog just because they aren't trusted. I personally take advice from anyone that's willing to give it to me, from there I can choose whether or not to follow someone's advice based on what I think. I guess what I'm trying to say is that any advice can be good advice regardless of the source.

You need to look for the information. You can't have someone else do it, you personally have to take the time and read/listen to the ideas and tips that are being put out there. It's not going to come to you, you have to go out and look for it. The information is there, the question is: Are you looking for it? Are you reading it? Are you listening to it? 

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  1. True words MageS,but in the end what really matters is what do you do whit the information.
    If you mold it to your reality , because lets face it, some things work independent of the server, and some thing just do not work because you do not understand,care,tried how to do it.In the end there is a Zillion ways to make gold in this game, you just have to choose the ones that work for you.

  2. You are correct. No substitute for knowledge. I would caution anyone from making inferences or educated guesses--just realize those are risky ventures.

    Recall at the end of WoLK when the speculation was that very soon the CD for Epic Gem xmutes would end. A large number of players bought Eternals and base gems in anticipation of the change. Since the CD remains, many of those players are still holding thousands of gold worth of mats.

    ((Also read: << this guy is still holding....)), lol.

    Make sure you actually have knowledge and not just speculation.

  3. off topic but what is
    could this be the new ore?

  4. the best gold tip I ever got was Googling Markco's 22 steps to auctioneer.
    The second best tip was learning Quick Auctions 3 and now I don't use QA3. I use Zero Auctions.
    The third best tip was to learn how the wow economy works you really need more professions. yes you need about 5 (I can't get to 6 without another toon) 80-85 lvl characters and see how the profession sticking points determine suplly and demand.

  5. Knowledge really is one of the best possible tips for making gold that you could give people. Applied knowledge is even more powerful.

    Knowledge is the centerpiece of my whole gold-making strategy. I pick a few items, watch them for some time and figure out what prices I can buy at and what prices I can sell at. After that, it's just implementing my knowledge in the AH and watching for news and patches that may affect the prices of the item on my server.

  6. Every time you link to your twitter the link never work's for me =/
    Am I the only one? x

  7. I will just modify your tip slightly. Knowledge is key....but learning how to continue to aquire new knowledge and apply it is what lets people adapt to a changing market.

  8. Great post MageShadow. Knowledge is power, and to get that knowledge you also have to play the Auction House frequently. I didn't even know about gold blogs when I started playing the AH, I just jumped in and started finding items I was familiar with when they were listed low and then I would resell them for a little more gold. I got to about 6000g this way, but got stuck. I started to look for information on the web and found Just My Two Copper along with several other really good blogs. I have made over 300 gold in the last 7 or 8 months and also spent quite a bit of it too.

  9. Scientia potestas est-old latin saying roughly translated meaning knowledge is power ;)
    And I gotta agree with you,like raddom said,once you analyze the market,see how it functions during the week,during weekends,on peak times etc and you put the gained knowledge to use
    Although once you gain enough experience by playing in the AH you can more than often dart into risky situations and come out profitable.
    So it's a tie between knowledge and experience for me,even tho experience comes with knowledge

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