Making Gold With Low Capital

I often get asked how to make gold if you don't have much capital. In fact I've answered this question multiple times over the past week so it's inspired me to make this post about it. There are a ton of resources that you use/read that will make you thousands of gold per day even with low capital.

For starters there are multiple guides over at the Consortium Forums - they have a special section to top notch guides that are just simply excellent. One that really stands of for me is Sinshroud's Guide to Outlands Limited Supply. It's a great guide for those who don't have a lot of capital yet wish to make gold like they're pros. What the guide basically is, it points you and gives you a route to follow that maximizes your gold per hour buying vendor bought items. There is even a little summary at the bottom that states that you make roughly 5,000g per hour ( or the equivalent to ) by using this route/method. There are even videos that show the exact route that Sinshroud takes in order to maximize his gold per minute/hour.

Next is the ultimate auction house resource, The Undermine Journal. I did a post on this awesome resource not long ago, you should check it out if you haven't read it already. This can make you thousands if you set up notifications for rare patterns. It's a get rich quick strategy; manage to pick up a rare pattern for 5g and you're able to flip it for several thousands of gold. Bear in mind that this market is a bit lucrative, and some of the patterns take some time to sell; patience is virtue.

Need even further help? There are the weekly JMTC meetings. You're able to come on and ask your question and have it answered live by a group of professional gold makers. It's simply awesome if you ask me. If you're not able to make you can also ask your questions in the forum thread that's specifically set up for this.

How do you make gold with limited capital/resources?

  1. I just started playing the AH a little bit when I have time. Work has been really busy so I only have time to do TB dialies and browse the AH a couple times a week. So to get started, I put 300g on a lvl 1 alt and followed your Auctioneer guide. That alt has almost 2000g now and I've spent a couple hundred on bags and bank slots and stuff. I'm just using the Vendor and Resale searches in Auctioneer. Reselling stuff I don't want and keeping a lot of good mats and stuff for my alts or the guild. It's very low risk if you don't go crazy with bidding on stuff and it gives me something else to do in my limited play time.

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