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Well Just My Two Copper has you covered! A couple years ago I was the same guy, struggling to make gold, never having enough gold for my epic fliers, always wanting that travelers tundra mammoth but never having enough gold, trust me I've been there and done that. Now I'm here to help you guys out, there are so many free resources that you can use to help you make gold with ease. I will list a couple of the options that you can use if you're looking to get a question answered or if you're looking for a tip for X profession below.

The Just My Two Copper Forums
This is by far one of the best resources out there. Looking for a gold tip? There are hundreds upon hundreds of tips here. Looking to get help from the gold guru's? There's a section for that. Would you like to read up on some speculation about the up and coming patch? There's a section for that. Looking for a tip on how to make gold with your favorite profession? There's a section for that, for everything else, there is the IRC ( Sorry I had to xD ) There simply is so much awesome information on these forums that you don't really have to go elsewhere.

If you want you can even become a premium member to the forum and receive special access to the MVP, Premium members & the option to create your own gold journal! The cost is $15 for life.

Just My Two Copper IRC
Another great resource that is available 24/7. What the IRC is for those who don't know, it's a live chat room that you can connect to 24/7 and chat with other people. Here you can drop by or hang around and ask any questions that you want, seek any type of help. There are hundreds of people in the channel all day long and they're all extremely friendly. 

Just My Two Copper Weekly Q&A Meetings
For those who are new and this is your first visit to the site, Just My Two Copper holds weekly meetings every friday night at 9PM where you can drop by and ask any of your questions and they'll be answered live. It's a great way to get gold tips from the experts. The best part? It's free and if you can't make it to the meetings, they're posted the following day so you're able to listen to it.

Tutorials Page
The last of the free resources available here at JMTC. There are multiple links here that are just simply awesome. There are addon guide links, profession guide links, economic guide links, the information & linked posted there is top-notch. If you haven't used this, I suggest you check it out, it's an excellent free resource that's available right before your fingertips.

20k Leveling CoachesAnother excellent resource if you don't want to look for information. You can pay someone to teach you about anything within the game. The rates are very cheap ( ranging from $1 per session to $25 ) and in my opinion it's very worth it, because you're being taught by people who simply know their stuff. They know exactly what they're doing.

That's it guys! Most of the mentioned items are free ( except the coaching ) and the information there is excellent. For those who don't know, In my opinion, Information is the best thing you can have when you're making gold, it's the best gold tip that I can possibly give you.

  1. Great tips there! I would like to add one, the JMTC blogroll. There are alot of great gold blogs out there (once again free!) that will assist you in quest for making gold, and it seems there is a new one popping up almost monthly.

    Keep smiling folks, and don't forget to go to the JMTC TeamSpeak meeting tomorrow night, and you have a slew of gold "pro's" at your fingertips! Get your questions ready and stop in!

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