New Boe Epics & Boe Mount in Patch 4.1

This is probably one of the biggest changes coming to 4.1; rare elite mobs that are around the new Cataclysm zones are getting their loot tables buffed, most of them will be dropping ilvl 359 epic gear, and one rare even has the chance at dropping a rare BOE mount!

The bosses are spread around the new Cataclysm zones, they're not soloable I'm sure if you did it with a friend or two and then split the profit that'd be great gold. There are a total of  5 rare elite mobs, and each have a chance to drop an epic, it's unsure if it will be 100% chance drop, but you never know!

The items you can obtain are listed below

A wide variety of gear, from a pole arms to even a caster DPS dagger, and the great thing is that they're BOE! If you manage to find one of these guys you can rake in a quick 2-5k if you split the profit between your 5 man party ( they are supposed to 5 man bosses ) or, roll for the item and if you win you have a chance to win something worth 10-15,000 or even more, especially if you get the mount to drop.

If you don't know where the rare elite mobs are located, check out this awesome post over at MMO-Champion, it outlines where the mobs spawn and in what Zone.

Edit: The Mount WILL be useable in other areas and not ONLY Vashj'ir!!! This is according to MMO-Champion! Read more about it here - This will greatly increase the price for this mount!

What are your thoughts on these BOE's? Will the mount yield a good amount of gold since it's rare & BOE?

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  1. I think like we said at the meeting, the downside to the mount is that the only place you could really get some use out of it is Vash, and you already get a mount there (that might actually be faster, come to think of it). I'd bet they'd be usable in the small ponds around Org or the canals in SW, so the novelty factor might boost the price. And of course, there are certain to be mount collectors who would want this. Personally, I wouldn't pay more than about 10k for it, mostly because of its limited uses.

  2. I can't speak for all the newer rare elites, but unless Julak-Doom is going to be nerfed, he's not a five-man boss. I recently tried to take him down with about 15 players...and we still had issues. Admittedly, it was a pug....but still, not an easy encounter at all

  3. I agree about the mount. It has limited use. Unlike the turtle cant flash it in front of the Auction House (which is what most people live for). I still, however, think it will go for a primo price.

  4. Poseidon is currently an 82 elite that is easily soloable on the PTR. So no, these are not designed to be 5 man bosses, just a couple of them happen to require a few extra people.

  5. Is there some sort of way to know all of the rare elites HP and ability's? Like I want to see what I can solo and what I'd need some help on.

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