Top 5 items to stock up for patch 4.1/4.2

Patch 4.1 & Patch 4.2 are right around the corner and I'm sure most of you are wondering what to stockpile for these upcoming patches, well, I'm here to help! Blizzard has made a ton of announcements regarding both of these patches, some big, and a couple smaller ones. Below are the top 5 things I believe will be "hot" sellers when the patch(es) are released.

  • Rare/Common Gems - Why? Because if epic gems come in either of these two patches you're going to want to have enough cheap supplies stockpiled to transmute them. As of right now, some of the rare and even the common gems are selling at an all time low, this probably won't be the case come patch 4.1/4.2. Also, new gear is on the way, and a ton of people are going to need new gems for their awesomely epic gear. I suspect that the demand for cut gems will be increased two, if not three fold.
  • Volatiles - Why? Again, if you're even going to transmute any of the epic gems you're going to need some cheap volatiles. They're currently low-medium on my server, this will most likely change come 4.1/4.2.
  • Honor & Justice Points - Why? With the new addition of being able to buy Maelstrom crystals from vendor you're going to want some honor & justice points in stock. You're going to want to dump these asap ( patch day would be best ) to yield you the maximum gold.
  • Enchants - Why? New gear is coming from ZA/ZG & Firelands, people are going to be wanting to get it enchanted. Right now enchants are still relatively low, if you have some extra cash around buy some of the cheap "good" enchants to flip once 4.1/4.2 hits. You'll also want to stock a nice pile of belt buckles and leg/spellthreads - for the same reason mentioned above. We also have the upcoming Midsummer Festival - they updated the loot tables to ilvl 353 cloaks, so cloak enchants will be in demand at the time of the festival.
  • Parking Alts - You'll want to park some alts at the Cataclysm 5 man boss locations, why? Their loot tables are getting upgraded and if you're able to find one and kill one, it could make a couple thousand gold.

    Those are I'd say the top 5 things to go/stockpile before patch 4.1/4.2 - I decided to keep one small thing off the list for a future post which I think you guys will enjoy.

    What are your top 5 items that you will be stockpiling/doing for the upcoming patches?

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    1. Transmutes will quite likely be limited to one a day, so not sure if its a good idea to stack up loads of gems.

      Apart from that nice post.

    2. Few crumbles to think about.

      At the beginning, even with the option to purchase them for justice/honor currency, crystals will still be expensive. I say above 500g the least. Many will know they will only get cheaper and cheaper. They refrained to buy them in the past, they can wait a bit longer.

      4.1 was suppose to have a new raid. With any new raid, there will be a currency "downgrade" from valor to justice. Blizz said that the Firelands raid will be release very soon after the 4.1 (precicesly because ut was intended to go live with 4.1).

      Having that in mind, purchasing Maelstroms with justice points at least, will compete with other options like buying new upgrades that used to cost valor. Or buying BoE boots (ex valor purchased) to sell for a few thousands.

      Think about it !

    3. The VP to JP conversion isn't going to occur until 4.2. Blizz has said that this will go on the PTR immediately after the release of 4.1, but it will probably take at least a month after 4.1 before 4.2 goes live. Plenty of time to buy maelstroms with already-capped JPs and cap again multiple times over in preparation for the conversion.

    4. I don't understand what you mean by "5-man boss locations." Are you planning on soloing a Cata instance boss or something? Or did you mean rare world spawns?

    5. That last point you made... Even tho I have multiple 85s, I still feel new. What does that mean? Would like some elaboration on that, please.

    6. # is regarding the Cataclysm Zone bosses - Read this post/follow these two links

    7. That's exactly what I was trying to say, Grump. I didn't wanted to explain further, cause it looks pretty obvious to me. That is why I said "Think!" : we will have maybe 1 month before people will have other things, more profitable to spend their JPs on.

    8. Camping the bosses isn't the best idea, imo... because you'll need a group to help you take them down. They're not easy kills.

    9. If you already have the lvl 21 guild perk "have group will travel" you can summon a few guildies, if you see a rare spawn ;-)

    10. I am still stockpiling Pyrite ore in case the epic gems drop from prospecting it. Even if it doesnt I will still get the rare gems and a good supply of Volatile Earth, so its win/win either way...

    11. Stocking cheap uncommon gems is also a sweet idea due to Fire Prisms. As soon as epics hit, I expect every 500+ JC who's paying attention at all will start making theirs daily.

    12. "IF" Fire Prisms are given the option to drop epic gems, do you think that if we stocked up on them now, but did not loot them, the loot tables would change?

      Or would they have the same loot table as when they were made? (prior to the epic gem addition)

    13. This is nitpicking but I think you mean rare and uncommon gems. Common items are white-quality. Uncommon are green-quality. :)

    14. I said common because the uncommon gems are the "common" gems that you receive when you prospect ore :P

      Confusing, I know, Lol.

    15. But rare is a designation in the game for blue-quality so I would think you would also follow the proper name for green-quality gems (uncommon).

      Small detail. I'm sure everyone who read it understood what you meant.

    16. @Anon Fire Prisms are unique. You can only have one at a time thus can't be stockpiled. The gems to make them can but not the prisms themselves.

      I think epics coming from fire prisms is a nice way for Blizz to control their entry into the market.

      Also if that was true I'd expect to see more people with multiple JC toons for multiple prisms per day.

    17. Blahhh Flux!! Lol, yeah I know what you mean, I simply worded it differently

    18. Stockpiling rare gems...bad ideea.If the epic gems will be available from transmutes, they will also be available from prospecting.So, stokpile pyrite ores, which will drop anyway rare gems.Even if you have only one character, and that one is an alchemist...the rare gems prices will be much lower after 4.1/4.2 than now, just because every serious JC will prospect pyrites and focus on selling the epic gems and dumping the rares in AH.And anyway, with a certain cooldown for a transmute, why stockpile:D?
      Also...volatiles?What if the transmute will be rare gem+herbs?

      Anyway, the only thing i am stockpiling now is pyrite ores, herbs and volatiles...but i have diferent reasons to stockpile volatiles and herbs, not transmute.

    19. I'm in the camp that doubts volatiles will be needed for the transmutes, and that it will instead be herbs, as is the cast with the uncommon -> rare transmutes.

      For one, there are six gem colors, and only five volatile elements.

      Best/worst case scenario, they'll all transmute with Volatile Life, driving more bots into the herb market than will already be there.

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