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Hello everyone, I'd just like to make a quick and short announcement to the bloggers in the Wow Community. Don't worry, this isn't today's daily post, that will be posted at the regularly schedualed time of 8:00am. 

Any who, Just My Two Copper's next blogging carnival is coming up and the topic is How would you make gold if you had low capital? It'll be interesting to see what you guys come up with, it's really more of a topic to help out the people who don't have that much gold, yet wish to make gold like the pro's.

Bloggers, if you've never participated in JMTC's blogging carnival, don't be nervous, it's very simply to have your site posted in the Carnival, simply follow the simple outline that is over at the Blogging Carnival page and you'll be all set!

I hope to see a ton of great entries for this carnival, be sure too check out what my thought of the topic is, I did a post not long ago on how to make gold with low capital.

Readers, do you have any special/cool methods to make gold with little capital? If so what are they?

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  1. I'm VERY excited for this carnaval because a friend just convinced me to completely restart on another server with him, so i'm sitting at 65 with about 500g.

    So far I've been using Sinshroud's Outland Limited supply guide on the Constortium forums, and thats been doing ok. But its slow, unpredictable and hard to restock. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

  2. I'm not yet sure if I should even bother participating again, just in case you will again miss some posts. :P

    To add them retroactively is well and good, but most visitors are already lost by the time it's done.

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